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Translations: Gintama 616 by Bomber D Rufi , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Nightmare Maker 6

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Oct 11, 2011 23:28 | Go to Nightmare Maker

-> RTS Page for Nightmare Maker 6

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Nightmare Maker Chapter 06

Page 01

The sixth night: Raising Praise

Page 02

Ahahaha // Kyaa. Stop it.
Geez--- // Mitsuru-kun---
Now you have done it---
Kya--- (Ahahaha)
Wait up, Serina-chan~
Nah <3 // You won't catch me, Mitsuru-kun.

Page 03

-----Puh // That was close.
T- // Thanks, Mitsuru-kun.

Page 04

M- // Mitsuru-kun.
No. Not here.
(Firm, they're so firm...)
Ah, // Ah... // So embarrassing. Everyone's looking...
Then // it's fine if I do it elsewhere!?
Up we go.

Page 05

(Ah, so envious)
(They're lovey-dovey)
Aw---- Idiot. Dummy.
I'm telling you it's embarrassing with everyone looking---- // Let me down.
(Oh, she's really cute)
Just let them look.
Rather, I want them to look. // To let them see how much I love you.
Geez... That's unfair.
If you say that... I....
Kuh---- So cute---- // Damn cute----

Page 06

M- // Mitsuru-kun...
I love you, // Serina-chan....
Mitsuru-kun... <3 // Me too----

Page 07

Mitsuru----- // Stop that alarm and get up! // You're going to be late for school!!
Aw, it was just at a good spot...
I'll pass <3

Page 08

Ah, // Mitsuru-kun <3 // Hah
Ahh, no <3
Hah // I'm coming. Serina, I'm coming <3
Ah, I can't believe it. // To think you were like this, Takamura
Ufufufu <3 Feels great <3 // C'mon, lick it <3
are the best!!
Ah. Ahn. Geez, Takaya <3
You're surprising the baby. (Ah <3 Ah<3)
Come to papa----

Page 09

Akari-chan, // you think this is because of the machine giving them a good dream?
There are 7 machines. Matches the people absent.
Eh? // But there are 8 absent.
If you include Uchida.

Page 10

There's no help if even the creator gets drawn in.
Uchida isn't such an idiot.
I don't think he's the guy to immerse himself in such a fake world.
...That's why I'm not really worried.
Ah, sorry. // I wasn't talking bad about Takaya or anything. // So...if it offended you...
Ah, no, no. // I know you didn't mean it like that.
It's just... it's different for me and Takaya.
Why did you reject him....

Page 11

Because we're good friends.
Sensei--- I have a headache----

Page 12

S- Sorry.
I was... dozing off a bit. // Sawada-kun, was it?
Doze off?
Ah! Looks like you have a bit of a fever.
Let's measure it.
S- // Sensei // isn't full awake yet.....
Besides under her white coat...
N- No- No bra!?

Page 13

I'll give you some painkillers. // Let's see if your headache gets better----
S- // Se- // SENSEI!!
S- Sawada-kun!?
I knew it. // I KNEW IT!
I knew it!!

Page 14

Sawada // -ku---
Hah---- // Hah----
What has gotten into you? Sto----
What's with this appearance!
What's with this smell! // With this wetness!
Don't tell me... you have been masturbating at school!?
Damn. That's hawt. You're so perverted, Sensei. // I loved you, Sensei.

Page 15

Nng // Nn...
M- // My dream's becomign reality...?
Hah // Hah-----
Ahh!! // St-
No!! // This is just wrong!!
I- I was fine with it just being a dream.
Ah <3 // Ahn <3
Aww <3 // It feels so good <3
Ahn <3 // Ahh <3
AH-- <3
Because it was a dream, I could accept // whatever messed up situation.

Page 16

A- // Accept...
U- // Uchida-kun----!!!

Page 17

I'll... I'll definitely perfect it.
A perfect dream machine!!
There's no meaning in a stupid invention that only makes the girl I love sad.
I'll definitely put a smile on Akari.
I'll make her think
that having dreams is a good thing.....

Page 18

I so want to see it.
The machine you built is the best, Uchida.
Akari's bright smile.
Speaking of things I want to see
(Ahhhn <3)
just a good ol' perverted dream!!
I want to see it. I so want to see one----!!!

Page 19

Uchida-kun, // you're the best <3
Ah // Hyaan
Your dreams are really the best <3
The best <3 Best <3
Ahn // More... give me more <3 // Ah<3

Page 20

Nn // Nng <3
Nnh // Nng... <3
Fuah // Ah
Feels... good <3 // Ahn
I always want to do it // always
Ah <3 // I'm coming.
AHHHH <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Page 21

Nn // Fuh
Let's devote ourselves to the dream. // Hah
Nn // Always together----
Nn // Nn<3
Nm // Uh <3
Ah // Yahn <3
You want there...?

Page 22

U- // Uhh~~~~ <3
Ah // Ah // UH
Nn // Uhn // Uha
Okay. Do as you like... <3
Hah // Hah
Hah // Just... like you desire...

Page 23

I- // I'm sure... I can grant....
your desire.
Nn // Nng <3
Ahh // Ah <3
I'm the more suited girl for you instead of Fukami-san.
Ah, love. // Love you.
I love you, Uchida-kun <3
You'll come to understand that.
Ah // Ah
Ah---- <3

Page 24

You'll come to understand------
Hah // Hah
Hahn // Hah....

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