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Klan 2

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Oct 13, 2011 21:41 | Go to Klan

-> RTS Page for Klan 2

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Klan Chapter 02

Page 01

Chapter 02: Escapee 2
Her glittering eyes are aimed at?

Page 02

----Thank you.
It's fine. Don't worry about it.
Rather, are these clothes fine?

Page 03

You have quite a good sense.
Haha... Actually, I don't know much about woman clothes.
I just bought a set a mannequin was wearing.
Fufu... I see.
Where's the underwear...?
(That was a bit...)
Sorry, that was impossible.

Page 04

Ah... Sorry. That's difficult for you to buy.
But... Really, thank you. You saved me.
N- No problem.

Page 05

Change of topic: So you can speak Japanese.
No, I cannot.
It's the Hamul effect.
"Hamul"... I don't really get that... // Huh?
Could I ask one more favour...
of you?

Page 06

You must have been really hungry.
Y- You know,
I'm not always like this! .. That is...

Page 07

after transforming, I'm always really hungry.
So much that I can't hold myself back when I turn back.
don't stare at me eating.
S- Sorry.
She's more embarrassed about being seen eating than naked...

Page 08

She's really beautiful.
I don't dislike being called beautiful.
Eh, hey... // Did I say that aloud?

Page 09

No, it's not like that. // The Hamul is leaking.
Hamul again... So what is that?
It's not like we're talking with words right now.
And because you're not used to it, your thoughts are being leaked.
I know that you had no bad intention.
H- How can I stop it from leaking?
You want a proper understanding on Hamul, right.

Page 10

Look at my lips.
Can you hear...
my words?
[original text, french I take?]

Page 11

? // ?
You don't understand it, right?
Right now, you're using Hamul unconsciously. // At the beginning it's better to speak in Hamul.
There are less mistakes.
Okay, I'll be careful.
Okay, then once again,

Page 12

Nice to meet you,
I'm Renée. Renée Marves.
Renée, huh. // I'm Hidaka Toranosuke.
Toranosuke? Can I call you "Tora"?
You don't like that, I see. I'm sorry.

Page 13

No, it's okay.
I'm just embarrassed being called that by a beauty.
Beauty, huh. Thanks. I'm happy.
You're welcome.
You're not going to ask for my circumstances?

Page 14

Like why you were in such a place?
Actually... I'm interested. // And in that thing called "Hamul" too.
...I guess you are.
It's thanks to Hamul that we're speaking now.
And we two, able to use that----

Page 15

are not humans.
We're existences called "Hamranmul".
I'm... the same as you...?

Page 16

Like you---a wolf...
You're probably--

Page 17

----Oh, no! I think the Count's subordinators are here. // Was I followed?
I'm sorry. Can the explanations wait for some other time?
! // Okay, but wait a moment.

Page 18

This is... money...?
You need it, right? I'll give it to you.
Y- You're quite nice. This is quite a lot...
----Being of the same kin
means helping each other, right?

Page 19

Thank you

Page 20

Thank you

Page 21

...But I must say
she was really beautiful...

Page 22

I'm glad the "package" came in use
It's called Hamul.
----"Hamul", "Hamranmul"....
Same kin... huh

Page 23

In one day, I heard the same stuff
from two people.
And she surely was a wolf when I first met her----
And if she says I'm the same....
then I'm too...?

Page 24

Good morning!
Let's be energetic today too!!
...Damn, I feel alseep.
---That was the weather report for the Kanto Region. Onto the next news.
Early morning today in Tokyo District OO a male corpse was found on Street OO.

Page 25

The man was Hidaka Hiroyuki-san, a business man.
Hidaka-san was asked by the Tokyo's Public Attorney's Office special investigation committee-----
...F- // Father...!?

Page 26

Long time no see, Tora.
I don't know personality-wise // but you have grown up.
W- What are you saying!?

Page 27

I hope you don't pout // or are being grumpy now that you're high schooler.
Showing up without notice, what do you want?
How cold.
Didn't you already abandon me?
Don't be stupid.
I won't abandon my son.

Page 28

Normally you forget that I am your son.
Whatever. For now eat, Tora.
Humans are more understandable to most things when they're stuffed.

Page 29

Tastes great, right?
Now then, I have something to tell you. // Listen carefully.
What's up so suddenly.
Look at this.

Page 30

She's your little sister.
Cute, right? Her name is Fuuko. // You're the older brother, so protect her.

Page 31

H- Hold your horses, Father. // Telling me so suddenly, I...
She has only you to rely on.
Got that, Toranosuke?
---I'll give this to you.
Don't let go of it.

Page 32

What's that?
----Important documents.
I put in a million yen safe-deposit charge too.
I'm counting on you.
...I get it, but
---you're really selfish, Father.
Going, leaving me behind and creating a new family elsewhere. // And when we see after a long time, you ask this of me?

Page 33

Fathers are always selfish. // Specially to their sons.
By the way, it sure got cold lately.
What the?

Page 34

Don't catch a cold.

Page 35

To my beloved son // You'll probably read this letter after I have died.
I peculated money from my firm and in fear of getting caught, I committed suicide.
I'm sure that what it'll say.
But I didn't peculated anything. I was framed.
I won't tell you to believe me, but I added some proof.
...How pathetic...
You were an able business man... // but only had me to rely on, huh...

Page 36

Once you know of my death, move to a new place immediately.
The guys from the firm will sniff you out soon enough.
---And please, take care of // your sister.

Page 37

....I have to clam down.
At any rate, Father left me some crazy stuff.
According to him, this place will be their next aim.

Page 38

I need to flee...!
Before they come here...!!

Page 39
Page 40

He is...

Page 41

...I came here on impulse...
An elementary school at lunch break sure is awkward.
Though a few years ago I was at one too.
----But a little sister, huh.
I never met her for real...
but I have to find her before I'm labelled suspicious!
May I should go to the faculty room...
Excuse me...

Page 42

You're Toranosuke-oniichan, right.
I'm your little sister, Fuuko.
Nice to meet you!
They met and he's at a loss--- Can he protect her, who was entrusted to him by his father....?

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#1. by muitb ()
Posted on Oct 14, 2011
ty for the translation !!! can i ask if u are going to do Hajimete Datteba , Fragile or Glamorous( + for some reason we have only chpt 2 QQ) ?ty agein ...good luck!
#2. by PROzess ()
Posted on Oct 14, 2011
I'll continue Fragile but it's only quarterly manga T_T So it will take some time until a new chapter comes.

Hajiemete is dropped. No signs of vol 2 anyway.

As for Glamorous... not sure... If I get some free time I might do it...
No promises though.
#3. by muitb ()
Posted on Oct 14, 2011
ty u anyway
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