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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

AKB49 - Renai Kinshi Jouretsu 17

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Oct 15, 2011 20:26 | Go to AKB49 - Renai Kinshi Jouretsu

-> RTS Page for AKB49 - Renai Kinshi Jouretsu 17

Reserved for Sense-Scans

PM me if you have any questions regarding the translation.

Akb49 Chapter 17

Page 01

A trainee doesn't know songs besides those on the set list, right?
And she didn't do any practice.
Chapter 17: Unity Power
Huh? Yuuko's under changed?
They think such a quick stand-in center can dance it?

Page 02+03

She's dancing it!!
P- Perfectly...
The audience is fixed on her!!
Hee---- like that, huh....
She's not bad!

Page 04

But I won't...
let it be so easy!
She's keeping up to
Itano-senpai's dance!!
Her dancing isn't losing out to the regulars.
When did she practice it!?

Page 05

She's totally different from me!!
She's not fading out! She's not falling!!
It's like...
she become a part
of the tornado!!

Page 06

We are the // Team K!!
No mistakes...!
She danced it perfectly...!!
That girl is a trainee too, right? She's called Okabe..
Why is the under of an under keeping up with K's dance...

Page 07

So a trainee
isn't so bad after all.

Page 08

T- Thank you...
The self-esteem renewal you copied from Team K....
your way of having the "Originality" born from a clash changed the trainee.
But I hate owing favours.
I'll change the trainee with the things I can do myself!

Page 09

....Still, Team K is singing "Become a rolling stone" every time. It's an important number.
Right now, where reuniting is needed because of the case with Sayaka-senpai, isn't it obvious one is on stand-by being able to sing that song?
With a bit more practice, I could have "eaten" them....But Team K is impressive after all..
Even I got tired... I'll go home and get a got rest.
We didn't do this song at the lessons. // You practice it for a situation like this, right?
Yes, a bit on the Shinkansen.
Lala~ Lala~
That's "Become a rolling stone"!?

Page 10

A song like this
I can remember in the one hour it takes from Nagoya to Tokyo.
Listen. Today's Team K wasn't the real Team K.

Page 11

AKB's number 1 performer, Ooshima Yuuko wasn't there.
Just by having her in the middle, K's tornado grows bigger a few times!
To fill the theatre with ticket prices higher than the regular means // to win against those regulars!
I'll at least admit that you have the guts for it.
But the opponent is enormous. // You won't defeat them with half-assed lessons.
Do it properly.
You're not pulling our legs right now, but....our hands!

Page 12

Because you're
the center of the trainees right now.
These girls // might make it...
The under of an under
To got that far.

Page 13

Looks like the trainees have it.
Unity Power that is!
For today's show... wasn't the MVP Okabe?
Just with one song, she captured everyone.
Compared to her, you know that girl... // who was up first.....Urakawa was it?

Page 14

Mh...? No, I don't think she was that bad.
Huh!? Are you for real!?
Well, her desperate try touched my heart.

Page 15

Why at that time----
Good work.
Good work.
I spontaneous broke down
crying, I don't know.
Mh? She's still continuing?
Since that day, she has been dancing in the pause of lessons.
If we you talk to her, so won't hear you at all.

Page 16+17

The regular's representative song is all
she hears!
Somehow, she changed.
I also.... might want to change like her...

Page 18

Let's continue too!
We're not going to lose!

Page 19

...If that was for myself, for Yoshinaga or for everyone.
Hey, Minori!
Man! Are you listening!? Geez!
If it was regretful, sorrowful or miserable... I still don't know.
But there's one thing....
that's certain...
Hey! It's 10 p.m. soon!!
The crying me back then
Eh!? // Really!?

Page 20

Let's go,
Ah! // Yeah!
was without doubt
an idol----!!
Somehow... it looks like Minori only hears Hiroko, no?
(Yeah, yeah)

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