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Countrouble 24

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Oct 22, 2011 14:40 | Go to Countrouble

-> RTS Page for Countrouble 24

Reserved for Simple Scans

PM me if you have any questions regarding the translation.

Countrouble Chapter 24

Page 01

What you tried to do with Meiko-chan...
won't you do it with me?
(C- Could this be what starts with "Ki" and ends with "ss"....!?)

Page 02

My world starts moving with your "Good morning"
Chapter 24: Honesty and Dishonesty

Page 03

What I tried to do with Meiko?
That basically means what Asaka-senpai tried to do to Meiko on the first day of the culture festival when we switched bodies...
A... K- Kiss-----!?
S- Sorry for saying something strange...
Forget that just now...

Page 04

Listen to me, Yoshizawa-san!!

Page 05

The first time I saw you
was at the entrance ceremony when you read the welcoming speech----
Good... I'll tell her----

Page 06

You were really beautiful
and the dignified aura around you made you look so cool. I was entranced.

Page 07

Since then, I was always attracted to you,
Today I'll tell her----
got to know a lot of expressions of yours as we got closer
and they were all so cute
that I started thinking that I want you as my girlfriend.
I'll tell her my feelings----

Page 08+09

I don't care if the whole world hears me.
I love you so much---!!!

Page 10

I heard Matsushiro's voice----!!
There he is!!
We were looking for you, Kouta-kun!!
W- Wait!! I'm at an important point....
L- Let me go!!

Page 11

Now let our love blossom!!!
(Yay, Matsushiro~)

Page 12

can we talk....

Page 13

It's about Kouta.

Page 14

H- Huh?
What were we doing?
H- Hey, what's wrong with you!?
(Uhh... I can't marry anymore....)
Who did that to you!?
I finally confessed, but couldn't get a reply...
Guess this is my fate...
Here! Get changed already!
Y- Yoshizawa-san?
...Tch, just Meiko.
Well, my bad.

Page 15

Thanks, Meiko. You saved me.
Well, we're friends after all.
...Besides, why were they carrying you?
T- That.... was an event! An event! They do that every year!!
Hoo... First time I hear of it.
Actually, Kouta...
Ah, right, listen, Meiko.
You know, I just confessed to Yoshizawa-san.

Page 16

I know.
Aw, geez. Guess I was too loud. (Hahaha)
So it's good that I confessed and all....
but things happened and I haven't heard her reply yet....
Do you know where Yoshizawa-san is now?

Page 17

She went home long ago.
B- But we were together just now in the classroom..
I saw her leaving for some cram school.
Anyways, if you're free, hang out with me, Kouta.
Aww.... Guess the reply has to wait for tomorrow...

Page 18

Ug, no good... I'm really worried about the reply.
I won't hold out until tomorrow with this uneasiness.
Could you mail Yoshizawa-san and ask her for the reply?
C'mon, leave it be! // You can just get a reply tomorrow!
A once in a lifetime favour.

Page 19

O- Okay... But the culture festival just ended and she might be already asleep, you know?
....Mh!? Didn't you say Yoshikawa had cram school?
R- Right! Well, I'll mail her, but I don't know if she'll answer!
...Hey, Meiko...
Look here.

Page 20

How long do you want to make me wait!! Decide already!!
Ah, this is cute too~~
What's the deal! I sure hope you haven't forgotten that it's my birthday soon.
Uh... Now that you say it....
Now then~ What should I have you buy me.
Hold your horses! Who said I will pay!?
This is good!!
How's it?
Does it look good on me?

Page 21

Thanks for your purchase---
Next person please----
My money....
I'm completely dragged around by Meiko...
What am I doing...
When I just want to hear the reply from Yoshizawa-san quickly...

Page 22

Oh, Mogami.
Ah~ What's that? A present for someone?
Eh? Yeah. That's....
Could it be for Yoshizawa-san? You're quite close lately~~
Ehh!? Do we look like that!?
I thought for sure you would be together with her right now. Guess I was wrong.

Page 23

I mean
just a while ago, Yoshizawa-san was still at the school.
So I thought you two were still some committee work.
I wanted to call out to her, but she looked kinda out of it.... Huh!? Matsushiro-kun!?

Page 24

What's the meaning of this!?
I heard Yoshizawa-san is still at school!!

Page 25

Earlier you said she already went home, right!?
Eh.... Umm....
Did I say that?
...You know that I want a reply to my confession as fast as possible, right?
You know that I for a while now like Yoshizawa-san, right?
Y- Yeah....
Then why would you lie to me!?
Why are you getting in my way!?

Page 26

...Just a little joke! A joke!!
You fell for it completely!! You're so easily tricked. (Serves you right!!)
I see....

Page 27

Suit yourself!!
I'll go back to school now!!
Ah... Kouta, wait...
It's too bad, Meiko
I thought you would support me.
This thing...

Page 28+29

I'll just throw away----!!!
I was an idiot for trusting you!!
We're through!!

Page 30

Meiko is really the worst!!
I hurried back to school then, but Yoshizawa-san had gone home for real then.
In the end, I didn't hear her reply... It's all her fault!! She's always getting in my way....!!
Even jokes have a limit.
I didn't thought she was like that.
Aww... Just remembering it, makes me angry again!!

Page 31

*cough* *cough*
What are you doing!?
You're really stupid...
Normally it's forbidden to show "this" to humans....

Page 32

But see it for yourself
what happened in the classroom after he left it.
Y- You
recorded it...?
I record everything related to your love.
Find out the real reason why Meiko lied to you....

Page 33

W- What do you
want to talk about....?
Yeah... You see,
It might be strange coming from me, but Kouta is a good guy.
He's an idiot and a pervert, but... He seriously loves you.
So I want you to accept his confession...
Besides I know that you too....
love Kouta. Right?

Page 34

...Geez and here I was thinking what was coming.
So it's a spoiler to the reply of my confession~~
And Meiko is my ally after all.
Well~~ She should have just said so.

Page 35

I... can never date Matsushiro-kun.
(What did Meiko hear at the classroom after Kouta left it?)
(To be continued in Issue 12 with "Kouta dumbfounded, Meiko crying and Yoshizawa-san...."!!)

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