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Klan 4

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Oct 23, 2011 19:02 | Go to Klan

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Klan Chapter 04

Page 01

He hope his father entrust him with---- He'll take it back!!
Chapter 04: Chaser 2

Page 02

---Help me?
Yes. Your Hamul is unstable. // Something happened, right?
....You can tell this much with Hamul, huh.

Page 03

Leave it to me. I'll lend you my sstrength!
These are important documents. Hold on them for me.
Wait, Tora. Where are you going!?
----To rescue my little sister.
Wha--! // If so, I'll come too....!!

Page 04

It might get a bit rough. // I can't involve a girl in this.
----Thanks for coming.
...I get it. Be careful.
Yeah. See you.
-----My, my.
What a gentleman.

Page 05

If it's like this
I'll just follow him on my own without getting noticed.
----If the opponent is just a human
I won't lose, you know?

Page 06

I don't want to----!!
Making me go to Karuizawa in winter. // It's super cold there. And even kidnapping a little girl. I can't stand this.
It's the count's orders! Stop your whining.
Even the fox hunting the lion's authority should know it's place.

Page 07

I'm in a fool mood, but you aren't even trying to cheer me up. Help me pack up!!
Do that much yourself! Idiot!!
You sure are in a bad mood, Alesha.
Seeing your face makes it only worse.

Page 08

You don't like having "girls abducted"?
But what if it's "saving the princess" from the evil guys? // The one who abducted her is him.
The son of the president of Asian Construction, Saeki Kanji. // He's rough and raunchy. We don't know what he'll do to her.
You won't do anything cruel to the princess after we saved her, will you?

Page 09

What do you think I would do to an innocent girl? // I wish you would trust me.
Alesha, in the past we were such good brothers.
Even now, I treasure you.
...Yeah, that's because in the past you were my everything. // It was misunderstanding on my side though...!

Page 10

I'm not a kid forever, Count! // I only stay here because I have nowhere else to go to!!
...Well I'll go save that girl! Because I hate brutal guys!
----Don't you get it, Alesha.
The only place you can stay at is at my side.

Page 11

Excuse me.
Ah, thanks, Miss Morlé. // Ah, right, did you see Alesha just now?
I don't care about.
More importantly, about the that certain case.
Ah, about these cute sisters, right?

Page 12

...I wouldn't call them cute....
I send one bear over to them.
You wanted them caught alive, but they might get killed.
----You only send one?
Miss Morlé, // that's not like you.
This will just mean we get one dead bear.

Page 13

They're no normal humans.
They're the last two of a human tribe
who has challenge us for centuries----
Answer me!!

Page 14

You being here means the Count is in Japan, right!?

Page 15

I don't understand Hamul. Turn back into a human. // Or else I'll have you suffer a painful death.
Such violence isn't good!
If you speak, we'll spare your life. How about it?

Page 16

You swear?
Yes, I don't lie.
....The count is in Japan. // To get a hold of the Tiger Klan.
Don't lie! The Tiger Klan is said to be annihilated.

Page 17

There are two kids, who don't know anything.
Don't know... anything...?
That's all you have to say? ... Well, okay.
We keep our word. // Bye.

Page 18

How careless!!

Page 19

Like I would be killed by the likes of you! // Make your testament!!
You're so stupid.

Page 20

Ahahahaha. Stupid bear!
How you like the Weatherby silver bullets!?
Those not abiding by the promise will get plenty!

Page 21

Now then...
It's been a while since I dismantled a bear.
I'll enjoy this!
A // haha

Page 22

That's enough!
Huh? I... // what was I doing just now?
...Oh no, Sister, you killed him?
Yep, I mean, he wanted to die.
C'mon, we're going.
Yes, Sister! // Forgive us, Mr. Bear.

Page 23

But covered in blood like this... // we can't get off the mountain.

Page 24

do you plan to search for the Tiger Klan?
Yes, I do.
If they're the count's enemies, we'll group up.
And what will happen after we defeated the count?

Page 25

You know already.
We'll kill them off.
...Even kids who don't know anything...?

Page 26

Isn't it obvious? We're fighting the Klan.
And because of the Klan, we're the last two
of an annihilated tribe-----

Page 27

Page 28

It's colder than I thought.
(Asian Construction Stock Firm // Karuizawa Resort)
----I hope I can get in easily...

Page 29

But I'm lucky that the moon isn't out.
Unlike in Tokyo, the night is pitch black here.
With that getting in should be a piece of...
You gotta be kidding!?
Such defence.... Doesn't look like we're still in Japan!!

Page 30


Page 31

A- // Attacking out of nowhere!?
For real?

Page 32

It's not a warning shot! They really want to kill me!!
Damn! Like I would get killed here!

Page 33

No way, even dogs....!

Page 34

Page 35

Page 36

Page 37

How do you like the clothes I prepared for you?
They look quite good on you. // With these clothes going out in November here is impossible.
W- Who are you?
I'm Saeki Kanji. The son of the company president
your father was working for.

Page 38

Let's get along well, Missy.
Kanji-san! We have an intruder!!
Huh? Just leave it to the guards?

Page 39

The guards chased a guy who seems to be Hidaka's son outside...
Aren't you glad your brother came.
And there's another intruder. A blonde foreigner woman.
Nice. I'll go treat her nicely.
We'll play again later, Missy.

Page 40

...Tora's Hamul disappeared.
He lost consciousness, huh.
You seem cheeky but you're a fine woman.
Yo! It's cold outside, isn't it Miss?
Come over to my place. I'll warm you up.

Page 41

----If you lay hands on me
you'll get burned, you know?
(Wearing an inappropriate smile, Renée's strength is!?)

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