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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)


+ posted by PROzess as translation on Nov 1, 2011 12:16 | Go to LOVE SO LIFE

-> RTS Page for LOVE SO LIFE 30

Watermarks were a big success!!

Reserved for Japanzai

Love so Life Chapter 30

Page 01

Chapter 30

Page 02

(You eat a strawberry from the stem on.)
(The sweetness is said to stay in your mouth then!)

Page 03

Takeru-kun has another sister besides Mana-chan?
Yeah, I haven't meet her in a while though... // In the past, we played together quite often----
I think she's in middle school now.
Is that so! (Sounds fun)

Page 04

Reminds me, I saw Takeru-kun today...
(Ah--) Shiharu-chin!
Ah, // Takeru-kun, hello~
On your way to Sei-chan's house?
My? // Aoi, did your hair grow longer? (You'll get mistaken for a girl.)

Page 05

Ah... Y- You think so...? // I was too scared to cut it for him...
(What should I do...)
(Usually I have the Teacher at the day-care center cut it....)
(But that teacher is on holiday right now...)
(Eh----!?) Then, shall I cut it?
Tomorrow.... at around 4 p.m. Are you at Sei-chan's place then?
Y- Yes, I am.
Good! Then I'll bring all things needed!!
(Ah,) But we need to ask Matsunaga-san----
----Is how it turned out.
Ah---- It grew long for sure.
(And it's growing quite wild)

Page 06

I have no confidence in my cutting skills... // So shall we leave it up to him.
(And at the parlour he always cries.)
(Scared because he moves)
In the past, Takeru did quite the horrible things to his sister's hair, without having an evil intend,
but I'm sure the experience made him better.
Aoi-kun, tomorrow Takeru-kun will make your hair look cool-
(Isn't that nice <3)
Yes! You'll transform! Isn't that great!

Page 07

Next day
Mom, where's Mana-chan?
She's over at Matsunaga-san's house with Takeru.
Takeru was saying something about cutting Aoi-chan's hair.
Hey, Nanami---!?

Page 08

Takeru-kun, // is this height good enough?
Yeah, okay.
Now then....
let us proceed.

Page 09


Page 10

Get away // from Aoi-kun!!
Oh! How rare for you to tag along, Nanami~
Wrong!! Listen to what I say!!
Is she his other sister...!?
What are you going to mess with the head of a stranger!?

Page 11

Don't worry. It's not like he'll lose anything.
(For boys even a bald head is fine)
He'll lose!! // Because it'll only turn into a disaster if you take up the scissors!!
Besides... How dare you to continue like nothing happened // when you failed so many times on my head....!!
(4 years)
(Crimes behind their parent's back)
(7 years)
(10 years)
Umm... Nanami-chan...? (Can I call you that?)
Forgive me to burst in so suddenly....

Page 12

Thank you for always taking care of my brother....!
N- No, likewise here...!
I'm Nakamura Shiharu.
I'm Aoi-kun and Akane-chan's babysitter. // Nice to meet you.
What a perfect....
*cut* // *cut*

Page 13

Hey! Who told you to start!?
It's fine, isn't it. It seems to bother Aoi.
Nanami-chan, how about we let him try?
(Sorry, I used your Alice band, Nanami-chan)
(And it broke)
(N- Nanami, this letter is from a boy...!?)
Give it back---!!
(Fufu, today it's red rice <3) [Red Rice gets served on occasions that need celebrating]
*thumps up*
What are you happy for!?

Page 14

Ah // don't move, Aoi! (It's dangerous!)
Like zis?
Yes, yes.
And now?
A bit more.
Got tired of it.
(Ah, ) Aoi-kun!
Here, look! A doll play!

Page 15

(Hello, I'm Mr.Rabbit)
Nice, Shiharu-chin!
We're done!!
Look, isn't it cool.
(How you look it, Mr. Customer.)
Wah--- You feel better now, right Aoi-kun! // Looks good on you!

Page 16

Aren't you glad. // Now say your thanks to Takeru.
No prob!!
(Okay,) Shall we go home?
Nanami, Mana, let's go.
Hey, Mana! That hair tie is mine! // Give it back!
(It matches with my friend)

Page 17

S- Sorry. Takeru must have tied this.
You're not at fault....
but I suddenly take it away. Sorry.
Tch, what's with you. Allow at least this much. You're too stingy, Nanami----

Page 18


Page 19

Wha- // H- How cruel...
(What's with her...)
Why do I have to be called stingy.
(Dragged in)

Page 20

I'm sorry...
Can I... stay here for a while?
Y- Yeah!
Since long he's been like that...

Page 21

An idiot, selfish, no delicacy, not reading the atmosphere...!
Was there... // some bad cause...?
Bar Shiharu
Will you listen to this...
It was when I was in 4th grade. I had a memo pad with cute pages I liked quite a lot...
I treasured it so much, I didn't use a single page...
A colourful memo pad.
I have a bad feeling about this...
And Takeru

Page 22

(And then---?)
(Uwa, for real---!? Amazing---!)
scribbled useless stuff on all pages with a ball pen----
And if I said
Eh? But it was just laying around.
I'm angry.
I was "saving" it.
(Besides, does only really start to scribble on a pad found in someone else's room?)
(Y- Yeah, you're right....)
What should I do. She's really angry about this.
But it's just too cute!

Page 23

I'm back~~~
Ah, (Matsunaga-san.) // Welcome back.
----Ah... // Nanami-chan? Long time no see!
(Sei-tan, welcome back~~)
Sorry for intruding...
(Wah) He's as handsome as ever---
You got so big when I didn't see you~~~
I'm in kind of a fight with Takeru... // Can I stay here for a bit...?
Oh really? I don't mind...
You see, Takeru---
(So heavy...)
Ah... // can be a bit awkward.

Page 24

(Sei-chan...) You can just call him an "idiot" (It's so obvious)
(Sorry, Takeru)
He's looking after Mana properly...
but with me he was so tenacious and shallow.
just because he had no experience back then. // You were his first little sister after all...
He might have not shown it good

Page 25

but he kept taking care of you, not noticing you didn't like it, // because he couldn't help it since you're so cute.
(Ah,) You two, before sleeping, clean up your toys.
(Tricking her with a smile)

Page 26

Oh, no, where is my house?
How strange. Where is my parking lot.
(Amazing! You're amazing!)
(Wah, it's so clean now!)
Amazing, Nanami!

Page 27

You can write hiragana already!
Are you a genius!?
...I guess
it's about time to go home...

Page 28

I'll send you off.
(Thank you)

Page 29

(Hey...) What are you doing!
(You'll get arrested)
Ah!! Nanami!
B- But you weren't coming home at all.
(I was lonely)
(Don't you mean "worried")

Page 30

Let's get home!
(Sorry to have bothered you....)

Page 31

I'm glad....
Did you fight with your brother, too Matsunaga-san?
Of course... // We were both boys around the same age after all....
No holding back
(I don't remember why anymore though)

Page 32

I have never experienced it
but having a sibling you can fight with
sure is nice.

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