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Focus on Your Color 18

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Nov 8, 2011 11:43 | Go to Focus on Your Color

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Kimiiro Focus Chapter 18:

P1.T1: I wouldn't pose like that, if it weren't for you.
P1.T2: Photo 018: Please [star symbol] Cameraman
P1.T1: Ooji is pressed with two-timing charges!?
P1.B1: What do you want?
P1.B2: Who are you!?
P2.B1: Peeking into his room, what relationship to you have with him?
P2.B2: Re- Relationship!?
P3.B1: Well, I'm...
P4.B1: his childhood friend.....
P5.B1: An intimate acquaintance.
P1.B1: Nice to meet ya,
P1.B2: Ms. Super Popular Idol, Hirano Ayako-san.
P2.B1: !?
P1.B1: Wh- What do you plan on doing with that photo?
P2.B1: That depends on how you two proceed,
P2.B2: you see.
P3.B1: So, what do you say, Hanazono?
P4.B1: You'll be IN BIG SHIT TOO if I expose this, right?
P4.B2: Fufufu
P1.B1: Uwa, she's merciless. // What a nasty statement.
P1.B2: She's the devil itself. // B- But she's kinda cool!!
P2.B1: You don't learn, huh, Shinobu-san.
P1.B1: Please lend me your cell phone.
P2.B1: Ah, Ran-senpai? Yes, Ootake here. // Ah, yes. Yabunaga-san is doing bad things again....
P3.B1: She said your suspended from the club for a month.
P3.B2: *beep*
P3.B3: Nooo waaaay~~~~~!!
P1.B1: Anyways, get off him!!
P1.B2: Why!?
P2:B1: You're just childhood friends, right?
P2:B2: Don't tell me you actually love him?
P3.B1: Eh!?
P4:B1: O- Of course...
P4.B2: th- that's not it....
P1.B1: Then what does it matter what I do to him!?
P1.B2: Don't bother us!!
P3.B1: I said get away~~~!!
P3.B2: Again, why!?
P3.B3: Just because~~~~!!!
P4.B1: Kyaaa!!
P2.B1: Are you alright? // !!?
P3:B1: Oww~~~~
P1.B1: Hey, Hanazono-kun!! // What's with this girl...
P2.B1: !!?
P1.B1: You can't do those, you two.
P2:B1: I'm pleased to see you're going that far for me.
P2.B2: But you shouldn't fight. Get along <3
P1.B1: Besides getting rough with a model is nonsense.
P1.B2: If you really have to settle this, then as a model contest.
P2.B1: Okay, then it's settled, // let's have a model contest.
P2:B2: Yeah, let's do that!!
P2.B3: Onto the photo shoot!!!
P1.Box1: Certain place in Tokyo: Hirano House
[no text]
P3.B1: Hey, Hanazono-kun. What's this!?
P1.B1: When I saw you two fighting, it just hit me.
P1.B2: That woman on woman is quite nice <3
P2.B1: Please go at her like earlier.
P2.B2: Eeh!?
P3.B1: What are you saying, Ooji!?
P4.B1: This is a photo shoot for a photo album.
P4.B2: So // please cooperate, Sumire.
P1.B1: Yeah, // YURI
P1.B2: is a big hit right now <3 [small text] Like AKB [/small text] [Note: AKB is an all-female theater grp]
P3.B1: Okay,
P3.B2: please go on!!
P1.B1: "G- Go on"....
P2.B1: Hey....
P1.B1: Onee-sama~~ Bite the other side <3
P2.T1: She's totally up for it!?
P3.T1: !!
P4:T1: ...I see, you want to settle it, right?
P1.B1: Great, Sumire!!
P2:B1: That's good!
P3.B1: So, what about you?
P3.B2: You're going to lose like that.
P4.T1: .......
P2.B1: *bite*
P2:B2: !?
P1.B1: Fine, bring it on.
P2.B1: I'm also an actress, you know.
P3.B1: My pride won't allow
P4.B1: me to lose against you.
P4.B2: Ah <3
P1.B1: Fufufu. Seems I found your sensitive spot <3
P2.B1: ......Nice!!
P3.B1: Good going, Ayako-san!!
P3.B2: Keep it up.
P1.B1: N- No, wait. Time out!!
P1.B2: No time out. Sumire, you have to be a bit more serious here.
P2.B1: S-Serious? In this setting....
P1:B1: N- No.
P1.B2: Ah.
P2.B1: My? You wanna join too, Tsubomi-chan?
P2.B2: Wah----- Wah----
P3.B1: EH!?
P3.B2: M- Me? With them!?
P4.B1: Hiii~~~~ Impossible!!
P4.B2: At this rate they're going, getting married will be impossible~~~!!!
P4.B3: Ah.
P4.B4: No.
P4.B5: Ung <3
[no text]
P1.B1: Ehm.... Do you love Ooji!?
P2.B1: Why
P3.B1: `B- Because your eyes... // Your eyes are...
P1.B1: filled with seriousness.
P3.B1: Eh!?
P1.B1: But that's rather cruel of you.
P1:B2: Eh!?
P2.B1: It's you, who lifted my fire.
P2.B2: And now you ask "Why?"...
P3.B1: What a bad girl....
P3:B2: Punishment is needed.
P1.B1: Ah <3
P2.B1: Fufufu. What's with that moaning?
P2:B2: You still want to excite me?
P3.B1: Haa
P3.B2: Haa
P3.B3: Not really....
P3.B4: Hey <3 // Ahh <3
P1.B1: Stop, Ayako-san... // F- For real... stop....
P2.B1: Not all. Go right ahead.
P2:B2: My, my. Truly amazing~~~~~
P1.B1: How could you Ooji!!
P1.B2-3: Haa
P1.B4: Just what are you thinking?
P2.B1: Ayako-san also... // turned....
P2:B2: crazy already....
P1.B1: A girl who is giving herself to the burning passion.
P1.B2: And a girl who desperately tries to cling to sanity...
P2.B1: What an epic taboo.
P2:B2: That's exactly the kind of photo I was seeking....
P3.B1: My art!!!
P1.B1: Ayako-san.... please cross it.
P2.B1: The line of
P2.B2: taboo.
P1:B1: It's Hanzono-kun's order.
P1:B2: It's fine, isn't it?
P3.B1: Good....
[no text]
P1:B1: Not bad, Sumire-san.
P2.B1: You could also // become an actress.
P4.B1: How about you try out my world?
P4.B2: I'll think about it.
P2.B1: Wah. A Ayako-tan kiss scene!!
P2.B2: Oh, holy shit!!
P3.B1: The other girl is quite cute too.
P3:B2: Besides, is that Hanazono really a high schooler? [small text] Damn pervert. [/small text]
P5.Sign: Hirano Ayako Signing Meet
[no text]
P1.B1: Actually, I was quite uneasy.
P2.B1: I heard
P2:B2: that you were just a first-year high schooler.
P3.B1: So I thought up my own plan for a photo shooting....
P4.B1: but in the end, it all went like you wanted it to.
P1.B1: S- Sorry. I guess Yuri was....ehm... // not good after all?
P3.B1: Good or not,
P3.B2: it was embarrassing doing the signs.
P4.B1: Why did you take that photo!?
P4.T1: !!
P5.T1: Wah, she's angry!!
P5.T2: It wasn't a good idea after all...
[no text]
P2.B1: Wide open <3
P3.B1: Guess it was a bit too radical. // Never thought they would use it.
P3.B2: S- Sorry!!
P4.B1: Well the fans were surprised, // so it's fine <3
P5.B1: By the way, you got some time? // How about we go to that store again? [small text] I heard they got some new clothes. [/small text]
P5.B2: You should buy something or they'll throw you out...
Side: In the end, a kiss has to be with someone you love.... right?

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