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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Focus on Your Color 24

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Nov 8, 2011 11:45 | Go to Focus on Your Color

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Kimiiro Focus Chapter 24:

P1.T1: Loneliness is said to be the friend of
P1:T2: composition....
P1.T3: Photo024: Literature Girl and useless wings
P2.B1: Okay--- Listen, everyone----
P2:B2: We're going to take pictures for the Culture festival now.
P3.B1: Culture festival? // We're going to, too?
P3:B2: You're all club members!
P1.B1: You properly have to participate in the activities.
P2.B1: No digitals. // First think, then photograph.
P2:B2: Suuureee
P3.B1: Yeah.
P3:B2: Properly.
P4.B1: Properly, you hear!!
P2.B1: Photos like yesterday are
P2.B2: forbidden.
P4.B1: Inform Tsubomi-chan too. // I'm at the office of the camping ground.
P4.B2: Okay.
P2.B1: Geez~~~~
P2.B1: What's this?
P2.B2: Ugg.
[no text]
[no text]
P1.B1: He-- // Hey, what are you doing!?
P1.B2: What's wrong with you? What happened!?
P2:B1: Wah----!!
P3.B1: Wait!! // Listen to me, Tsubomi-chan!
P4.B1: You say something too.
P4:B2. What are you doing here? Hey?
P1.B1: Yuri-chan!?
P2.B1: Tsubomi-chan!?
P3.B1: Are you okay!? What happened!? // Did Senpai do that?
P3:B2: Senpai?
P3:B3: I didn't do anything!!
P1.B1: Really?
P1:B2: Eh...
P1.B3: Ah, yeah.
P2.B1: She was already like that when I found her.
P2:B2: Actually...
P3.B1: why the heck are you tied up?
P4.B1: Th-- // This... // Umm...
P3.B1: *sob*
P3.B2: *sob*
P4.B1: Wawawa!!
P4.B2: You remembered something unpleasant!?
P4.B3: For now, take a rest over there, Yuri-chan.
P4:B4: Uhhh....
P1.B1: Material for your novel?
P2.B1: ...Yes.
P3.B1: I'm in the literature club and we're having a training camp where we write our own novel...
P1.B1: Though I'm the only member of the club....
P2.B1: So I was thinking on my own, but nothing came up....
P2:B2: So I experimented a bit...
P3:T1: Maybe a crime theme? Like a kidnapping case...
P3:T2: Ah----
P4.B1: Ah, // wait a moment.
[no text]
P2.B1: Long live experiments,
P2:B2: ?
P1.B1: I took some memos of the scene where you found me.
P2.B1: And with that...
P2:B2: I think I got an idea!!
P1.B1: Eh? // We're taking photos?
P1.B2: Yep.
P2.B1: For the culture festival. // She told us to get a good piece.
P2:B2: Awawa. // I have to too!?
P3:B1: Let's ask the Prez about that.
P3.B2: Awawa. // Y- Yes.
P4.B1: What are you going to do, Senpai?
P1.B1: I mean your photo.
P1.B2: Have you decided on something yet?
P2.B1: Eh?
P3.B1: Ah... // Yeah.
P3.B2: Well... kinda.
P4.T1: I'm curious about that girl....
[no text]
P3.T1: What's she doing!? A ceremony?
P3.T1: Ah----
P3:T2: She's still trying to get ideas.
P4.T1: But to think she would tie up herself again and in a swimsuit.
P4.T2: Just what kind of situation is that!?
P5.T1: But....
P1.T1: She's sparkling like crazy.
P2.T1: She's so focused, trying her best...
P2:T2: Nice....
P2.B1: You're still trying // to get ideas, I see.
P3.B1: If you don't mind, I could help you.
P4.B1: What kind of novel are you writing?
P2.T1: I misunderstood.
P3.T1: Because of the rope
P3:T2: I thought it would be a detective or mystery novel.
P4.T1: But, to think it was....
[no text]
P1.T1: an erotic novel!!
P1:T1: God...
P1:T2: I offered help, but...
P1.T3: what am I gonna do?
P2:T1: D- Don't tell me...
P3:B1: Then... please go ahead.
P3.B2: Eh.. Hey... With what?
P4.B1: With the whip over there, you...
P4.T1: I knew it!!
P1.B1: Wait a min, Yuri-chan.
P1.B2: Let's be calm and get this clear!!
P2.B1: First question: What year are you in?
P2:B2: Third year of middle school.
P3.B1: Second question: What kind of novel do you want to write right now?
P3:B2: An.. erotic one.
P4.B1: Third question: What are we doing right now?
P4.B2: Getting S&M experience.
P1.B1: Ehm, sorry.
P1.B2: Except question one, I call bullshit. [the cardgame: Bullshit/cheat/I doubt it]
P2.B1: First, I think it's strange that a middle schooler writes an erotic novel...
P3.B1: Next... I think doing actual S&M for ideas is a bit...
[no text]
P1.B1: I was told that a million times already.
P2:B1: Is there a problem?
P1.B1: Is a middle schooler not allowed to have an interest in erotic novels? // Does it make one a pervert?
P2:B1: W- Well...
P2:B2: That is...
P3.B1: I'm doing research.
P3:B2: S&M is high level sex play expressing love.
P1.B1: Love is a needed emotion in life.
P2.B1: Is it weird for a middle schooler to have an interest in that?
P1.B1: My friends, my parents, my teacher and even the government, everyone denies me.
P1.B2: Why is that?
P1.B1: Say, Hanazono Ooiji-senpai.
P1.B2: !!
P2.B1: A bit ago, I saw your nude photos
P2:B2: in the hall in the school!!
P3.B1: Everyone was pulling back, but I was moved.
P3:B2: It was beautiful!!
P4.B1: I want to be like you.
P4:B2: With my novel!!
P1.B1: Does it make me a pervert after all!?
P2.B1: .....
P2:B2: You're right.
P3.B1: You are an pervert.
P4.B1: Your eyes that is.
P1.B1: You broke society's bonds.
P1.B2: You got the eyes of a great artist. [Note: Artist is written as katakana with "hentai" as furigana. Hentai usually gets translated as pervert, but initially means transformation, as in creating something new. Therefore artist.]
P2:B1: The same as mine.
[no text]
P1.B1: U--
P1:B2: Umm...
P2:B1: Originally, every person has a pair of free wings.
P3.B1: But common sense limits the sky we can fly in.
P4.B1: Flying in a sky different from everyone else, gets you treated as a heretic.
P5.B1. But you know, that sky
P1.B1: is really broad.
P2:B1: And is full of freedom.
P1.B1: What you need is courage and strength to fly alone.
P2.B1: If you fly high, with time people will follow you.
P3.B1: Flying in a different sky means to fly high.
P4.B1: High...
P4.B2: Higher than other.
P5.B1: I... I want to fly.
P5:B2: As high as you do!!
P1.B1: Good, then let's fly together!!
P1.B2: In the broad sky!!
P2.B1: What's the matter, Senpai?
P2:B2: I got... a bad feeling...
Side: Bingo <3

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