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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Cock Robin wo Korosu no wa 1

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Nov 9, 2011 16:17 | Go to Cock Robin wo Korosu no wa

-> RTS Page for Cock Robin wo Korosu no wa 1

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Who killed Cock Robin Chapter 01

Page 01

Page 02

Page 03

Who killed Cock Robin?
[Same line as above just in Japanese]
Found you <Cock Robin>
I, said the sparrow,
[Same line as above just in Japanese]
Become mine.
With my bow and arrow
[Same line as above just in Japanese]
Or else, you’ll
I killed Cock Robin----
[Same line as above just in Japanese]

Page 04

Page 05

Page 06

Chapter 01
Hurry up // We’re going to be late again!!
Are you listening, Hidaka Kishi!!
W- Wait for me, Kimiko. (My hair is…)

Page 07

Got my bag and cell. // Now I just need…
Coming!! I’m off, Mom, Dad.

Page 08

Can’t you wake up a bit earlier? // This hurry every day, I…
Listen to me!!
(Wah!?) Eh!? Why are you angry?
Of course I am, when you’re listening to music while I’m talking to you!!
Sorry. It’s just…

Page 09

There is an unknown song
I don’t remember putting in that I’m curious about…

Page 10

Geez—What are you doing.
What was that just now….?
Argh, there’s not time. Let’s hurry.
Ah, // Yeah…

Page 11

*ding dong*
Hidaka! Nana! You’re barely safe!
Yo, Hitaka! Coming together today again? // What could be the reason for you two oversleeping?
(What are you saying, Tamura….) She just woke me up.

Page 12

He said // it so easily. I’m envious…!
Guess it was my imagination…
*ding dong*
---is the plan! Understood?
Don’t space out!! Going to special sales is the basics of living alone!!
Y- Yeah… I- It’s like a war… (I wonder if I’ll survive it…?)
Will your life be alright, Kishi?
Yeah, I got able to cook…

Page 13

I forget my media player in my desk.
I’ll go fetch it. Wait at the gate for me.
H- Hey!
The time sale will end!!
~~~ // Geez!!
What… does he think I do this for….

Page 14

He’s just so dense!!
Did I really put this in?
“Who”, so it’s

Page 15

“Who killed Cock Robin?” // “I, said the sparrow”
“With my bow and arrow I killed”
Found you.

Page 16+17

<Cock Robin>right.

Page 18

Never saw her before. She’s beautiful.
The game started, <Cock Robin>.
But somewhat, she’s…
Ehm…. // I think you got the wrong person. I’m… not Robin, you know? (I’m Japanese…)
I don’t think you have any time to play dumb. …I mean

Page 19

It’s a game to kill you.

Page 20

Kill… you say… // I don’t know what kind of game it is
Just now
But sounds dangerous…
The wound on my hand…
Does your wound hurt?
Mine too, <Cock Robin>

Page 21

Ah… But I’m glad.
Before you get killed by the other “birds”
I wanted
Strange…. Upon meeting her, my wound…
To be the first, to…
My wound hurts!!

Page 22

I’m a bird, but I won’t kill you. // That’s why, become mine.
Or else, you’ll

Page 23

I need to flee
I don’t know what’s
Going on, nor what she’s talking about // But
Why would the wound I got half a year ago……
Just by her touch. // Why…

Page 24

Why would the wound
Open up.
Hah // Hah

Page 25

You were taking so long. What are you doing?
Come here, Kimiko!
Eh? // Eh?

Page 26

…. // ?
H- Hey // what’s going on?
W- What’s wrong!?
Blood… I feel sick…

Page 27

Because you covered your mouth with your left hand. // You should have used the other one.
We weren’t like this for a while.
(Airplane burns up)
Not since then….

Page 28

She doesn’t say anything when she helps me
But… that’s what saves me.
What is? You’re staring…
Explain me already what’s going on.

Page 29

I think it’s a mistaken identity… // A girl I don’t know called me Cock Robin!!
Cock Robin?
a lot happened and I just ran away…

Uwa!! // F- For now, let’s hide, Kimi----

Page 30+31


Page 32

Page 33

What!? What’s this? // H- Hey, you….!!
What a troublesome boy.

Page 34

!? Blood…!!
<Cock Robin>…
Don’t get in the way.
I’ll kill <Cock Robin>.
She’s not a bird. My wound isn’t resonating.

Page 35

She’s controlled by a bird who has a manipulating power, huh. // Well, it’s the same either way.
A damn sneaky stunt.
You! // At this rate, you’ll be killed.
Move your ass already. For me, a wound like this, isn’t really---
It’s no good… // I’m…

Page 36

I’m afraid of blood….!!
When I see blood, I get dizzy, // feel sick
And can’t move….

Page 37

… I see.
The enemy is controlling your woman and I’m injured. // Escaping is out of the question because you can’t move.
It’s a big pinch.
How can you calmly analyze the situation now….!!

Page 38

Kuh // Fufu…
Ahahahaha // I can’t hold back….

Page 39

What a fabulous pinch <3

Page 40

She’s strange alright.
You know benzine?
C- Call the police!!
It’s a kind of alcohol that gets used for bleaching. // It got a high fugacity and vaporized in a few minutes. And with a small spark it ignites.
While I’m already explaining,
Let me tell you about the things you can’t do with cell phones, too.

Page 41

Don’t put into water. // Don’t use it when broken.

Page 42+43

Definitely keep it away from fire!!

Page 44

Oh my, // I wonder if it broke.
But I must say, a strange woman.
20 more minutes until your turn!!
Ah // Ye~s <3
It’s over.

Page 45


Page 46

Alive, huh. // Well with this blood loss, you won’t be saved anyway.
What do you… plan to do…. To Kimiko!!
Let me tell you how the world is you stepped into.
Stay quiet and watch…. Ah, right… You can’t move even if you wanted to. (Ahahaha)
No good.
This girl is insane!
You, who controlls this woman! // You can hear me, right!
At this rate….

Page 47

<Cock Robin> is mine.
If you want to kill him, stop your sneaky ways // and come out yourself!!
Kimiko will die…!! But I can’t move.
I’m scared!!
You can’t close your eyes.
I remember hearing this voice.
I’m sure.

Page 48

At that time
You have a strong desire, right…?

Page 49

My desire…
If so, raise your hand.
Not averting your eyes and not giving up
Grab it with your hands.

Page 50

Eh? // Hey…..

Page 51

Page 52

What was that just now!?
My power was nullified!?
<Cock Robin>…..
It’s your turn.
Ye~s <3

Page 53

Uh…. // What happened? That light….
What was that light!?
It came from over there!
Security, huh. It’s a pain if they find us…

Page 54

The room is back to normal.
And my and that girl’s wounds are gone too….

Page 55

Uhn~ Kishi….
The hypnosis is gone too.
His power….
Ah, it won’t open?
I’ll get the key…
I’m curious, but I guess I’ll save the fun for later. // But I’m the one who set sight on you first.
I’ll definitely make you mine,
<Cock Robin>

Page 56

It opened!
!? // What happened to you two? Are you okay!?
It properly came true, right…?

Page 57

That’s why, you…..
By me. Please forgive me.
I saw a long dream.
When I woke up with the feeling of having been talked to
I was in my own room.

Page 58

Kishi---!! // I’m telling you to hurry!!
It’s been a week since then.
It settled with me “collapsing from anemia” and being out for 2 days, I heard.
And Kimiko, who was with me, doesn’t remember anything.
Are you really eating properly?
Nothing had changed at school either….. Then

Page 59

Was it…. Just a dream?
Hidaka! You feeling better now?
? You have something sticking out your chestpocket.
(Let’s start homeroom)
Ehm--- Today we got a transfer student. // Come in.
I didn’t notice at all…

Page 60

Wow!! What a babe!!
(Saedano Minami)
She’s Saedano Minami-san. // It’s a sudden transfer, but be nice to her.
I- Is she a model or something?
So beautiful <3

Page 61

(Mh?) What’s up, Hidaka? You know her?
Then she can sit besides you!
Eh!? // No, that…
Can you give that back?
It’s my favorite lucky ribbon <3

Page 62

That night will be a secret between you and me.
Hidaka Kishi… You’re mine, you know?
W- Why are you…? Transfer student…?
Just who is she to you, Kishi~~~!!
Hidaka~~ You damn traitor!!

Page 63

N- No…!! // Just what is your goal…. (Eh, she’s gone)
Explain it.
I thought she’s a crazy girl.
I said it’s a misunderstanding----
Confused by the turmoil // I didn’t notice for a while.
“Who killed Cock Robin”~~

Page 64

“That’s me”, <Cock Robin>
That it was reality.

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