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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Tokyo Girls Destruction 6

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Nov 10, 2011 21:01 | Go to Tokyo Girls Destruction

-> RTS Page for Tokyo Girls Destruction 6

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Tokyo Girls Destruction Chapter 06

Page 01

Don't take off... the handcuffs.
(A shred of light for Kumi... Tag with Towa.)
This collar and handcuffs
are my punishment!
For me, who couldn't do anything about Towa's death....
I couldn't answer Towa's expectations....

Page 02

I couldn't follow her order...
...There's one thing I don't understand.
Eh... And that is!?
Those words from Hamon...
Even I can't kill a member from the Student Council.
When I got put into the cell, I didn't know at all that Towa was in the Student Council....
Could be... she entered it after that...
....Student Council....

Page 03

Tokyo Girls Destruction
Chapter 06: Shadow of Eternal

Page 04

As you know, I'm a fugitive. I can't be with you during regular hours.
After school, I'll definitely come to help you!
I wonder what that was... I was kinda attracted to her....

Page 05

W- What? You still want something from me...!?
No, meow~ Please don't be so wary of me, meow~
I'm reflecting on what I did, meow~
Sorry, meow~ Please forgive me. // Forget and forgive, okay, meow!
Please, meow!!

Page 06

I want to join the Amesu Faction, meow!!
Amesu... Faction...!?
I don't have a badge, but I'll do anything for you, meow!
If you tell me to say "Woof" then I'll do so, meow. // So please, meow.
Okay... I understand.

Page 07

Really, meow!?
Thanks, Amesu-san, meow!!
...But stop with the "faction".
Then what would you prefer, meow? Amesu Group?
No... I mean...
not that kind of relationship, but
Just call me Kumi.
Because I'll call you Mineko.
O- Okay, Kumi, meow!

Page 08

But I must say, aren't you injured even more than before? // Are you okay!?
Yeah, yeah. This much is nothing, meow!
I see...
Damn... When I wanted to steal your badge, Burai Sachiko nearly killed me!!
So when I kiss up to you now like this, she won't be after me anymore and I'll get even protected!
Also by doing so, I'll make Kumi drop her guard, which gives me a chance to steal her badge....
Kukuku.... Amesu... Be prepared, meow~
Then, may I ask one thing of you already... // It's time already.

Page 09

Food, right? Let's go!
Thanks, Kumi, meow.
Notice faster!
Wow-- I'm stuffed. Stuffed, meow.
It's been a while since I ate this good, meow~
I want you to tell me something....
Tell me about the Student Council here!

Page 10

S- Student Council!?
Why do you want to know about them, meow?
I want to go and ask them about my sister.
Well, sometimes you see them during school events, but usually normal students can't meet them, meow!
Can't meet them... Why!?
H- Hey, calm down, meow.
The Student Council is the top of this Academy. Managing everything and with even greater power than the Teacher.
It's only composed of girls with a lot of badges and rumour says the school rules are also set by them, meow.
There are a lot of girls aiming for their badges, so it's for their safety that you can't meet them, meow.
Still, you can't underestimate their strength, meow.

Page 11

Rumour has it, that they're bundling power with tons of girls, who wear that subordinate brassard. meow.
No way... Then what should I...
Three ones, meow.
Those who have three or more badges can meet the Student Council. And with permission they can even join them, meow.
An exception are also the Class Reps of each class, for various trivial matters, meow.
By the way, there's one only first year with above three badges...
Our class rep!

Page 12

Who's our Class Rep?
H- Hey, stop it, meow.
She of all them is...
Please, Mineko! // Tell me who our class rep is!

Page 13

Did call for me?
W- When did she...
Forgive me. I haven't introduce myself to you yet, Transfer student.
First Year, Fog Class Representative,
Yagiyuuin Hime.

Page 14

Yagiyuuin-san, please!
Can you ask the Student Council about my sister... Amesu Towa?
You're abrupt and vulgar... Don't you
know any shame?
There's no way a simple Class Rep can meet the Student Council just for "that"!
The Student Council has that kind of free time.
J- Just for that? My sister's death is just that?
I'm telling you, no one has the time to tend to your situation.
Your sister only died!

Page 15

Bitch! That went too far....

Page 16

Please top it, Amesu-san.
Both sides will be punished in a fight during regular hours. // I don't want to be put into the cell because of you.
Leave it be, Kumi!
She's dangerous!
The transfer student wants to pick a fight with the Class Rep?
No way.
I know she was fearless... but that's the real deal.

Page 17

She only has one badge
But from the first-years, her strength is without a doubt in the top 5.
On the first day of school she joined the Kendo Club.
And it says she was asked to hand over her badge as proof of her loyalty.
What's up, Freshman!?
Hurry and hand over your badge. // Else you can't be our comrade.
Not a comrade, but a slave!!
Wild and vulgar...
A bunch of worthless.

Page 18

It says she beat up all the upperclassmen, meow...
And because her expression didn't change at all during that time
she became feared as the "Ice Yagiyuuin", meow.
Got it, meow? She's really dangerous.
..Please take it back!
The insult to my sister!

Page 19

Why you ask...!?
You guys just don't know about the bonds between sisters!!
You don't know anything about my sister... about Towa!!
How endless kind and loved by everyone she was!!
Not like she'll
come back to life, if I know about it.

Page 20

W- Wait, we're not done!!
...Let me ask then,
are you saying you understand // everything about your sister?

Page 21


Page 22

You okay?

Page 23

Who's next!?
Who do I defeat next,
What's up?
Ah.. nothing.

Page 24

For now, let's go back to the dorm...
You're not coming inside?
Yeah... This far is enough.
Do you have anything else to do?
No... It's not like that.
We shouldn't stay together more than necessary....
Is what Towa said.

Page 25

B- But Towa was your friend, right?
... I don't
want to experience the same feeling again...
Earlier... she mistook my name.
Who do I defeat next,
I guess it was on the spur of the moment...

Page 26

Now for a diversion.
Huh? Huuh.
It's broken?
----So, yes, my shower suddenly stopped working.

Page 27

I'm to use the public bath today!?
Looks no one's here.
Quickly while I'm alone!

Page 28

Been a while since my last bath....
....It's only been a few days since I came here...

Page 29

So many things happened at once, I lost my sense of time...
I wonder if Towa took a bath here too.
In the past, we used to take baths together.
So nostalgic...
The Towa I know....
Are you saying you understand
everything about your sister!?

Page 30

It pains me, but she's right....
The Towa I know...
and the Towa Burai-san spoke off feel somewhat different!!
Like the order or how she told Burai-san to keep distance...
Somehow it's giving off a cold vibe....
Did she change somewhat by living here!?

Page 31

No good... I won't get any answers just by thinking about it...
The key to it is the Student Council after all....
Eh? Someone's here.

Page 32

What should I do...
If I get found here...
...Was it my imagination?

Page 33

I somehow have to get out without getting noticed...!
I know!
When she's busy washing her head...

Page 34

Eh... Eh... Ehh~~!?
W- Wh- What...
about washing-----!!
(Unable to flee----Is this girl a friend or enemy....)

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#1. by megalokocr17 ()
Posted on Nov 12, 2011
Hi PROzess, you don't translate all page 4, just this part:

Page 04

As you know, I'm a fugitive. I can't be with you during regular hours.
After school, I'll definitely come to help you!

and here in the raw left 3 bubble to translate.

thanks for your hard work o)
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