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Klan 9

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Nov 22, 2011 21:17 | Go to Klan

-> RTS Page for Klan 9

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Klan Chapter 09

Page 01

Chapter 09: On the move 3
This hand only knows how to take.

Page 02

I’m not really into this kind of play.
Oh, my. But once you get hooked you’ll become addicted.
Then I would like some service.

Page 03

Can’t be helped. // How’s this?
My, my…
Oh? Ms. Glasses is rather innocent?
You may touch it, you know?

Page 04

That’s suits us just fine, right?
Y- Yes… Umm… All energetic it’s….
Easier to cut off.
That’s how it is. So you better answer our questions.
….What do you want to know?

Page 05

How deep is Asian Construction related to the Count?
Ah, you mean the foreigner Takubo-sensei brought with him.
Even if you ask how deep, we’re only in contact through Takubo-sensei, not directly.
Was Hidaka Hiruyuki’s suicide the Count’s doing?
Why would you mention the Count there?
That’s our problem, not the Count’s.

Page 06

----I see…
Then, do you
Know about the “Klans”?

Page 07

What’s that?
You have never heard it?
But you know “werewolves”, right?

Page 08

What’s with that out of the blue?
With werewolf you mean that monster that transforms on a full moon, right.
Yep. In legends they do.
What about them?
They’re not just fictional,
They exist in reality.

Page 09

Tribes that are the basis for legends all over the world.
They are called “Klan”.
Hey, hey. You serious? As if that’s possible…
It’s possible.
Not just wolves, but also lions, tigers and bears.
We have hunted them for a long time.
For generations now we’re enemies.

Page 10

And the current leader of the “Lion Klan” is
10th Count Linford, Godhope Grebes. [what the fuck is it with the names in this manga…]
Currently Asian Construction’s business partner.
As if I would believe that.
I heard the resort of Asian Construction // was attacked by a bear.
Why do you know of that?

Page 11

Over there is the home of the Asiatic black bear.
It’s not such an unusual accident.
The hairs that were found weren’t of an Asiatic black bear. // That was the a Werebear from the “Klan”.
---Well, you don’t need to believe us. But under the premise of their existence // I want you to give us information.
Fuck off! I’m not taking orders from anyone!!

Page 12

My, my.
You’re pretty dull.
Don’t you know what it means to go against----
Your kidnappers?

Page 13

S- Stop.
I get it!!

Page 14

I- I’ll do as you say!
I’ll listen to you…!
Let’s get along now,
Saeki Kanji-san.

Page 15

You want to contact Count Linford?
That british man Takubo-sensei introduced to us?
But why… What about Hidaka’s son?
Chill out, I’m on it. // This is loosely related to it.
----Now let’s get a good price for
The information about Hidaka’s son.

Page 16

…Are you really fine like this?
You’re standing out quite a bit!!

Page 17

Of course, that’s what I want.
Else it would be no different from hiding somewhere.
Actually I would like to go at the Count immediately,
But if we directly go at him now, I’m afraid we would lose.
But if we attract attention like this, the Count’s underlings are sure to pop up.
Then we’ll turn the tables and get information out of them, huh.

Page 18

---We can’t attack from our side
And take back Fuuko?
The Count is really strong.
Your Hamul is strong enough not to lose to his,
----but you still can’t control it.
We need time right now.

Page 19

…I hope
Fuuko is alright…
She is.
He wouldn’t have kidnapped her if he wanted to kill her.
So I’m sure she’s alright!
….Thanks, Renee.
I’ll trust your words.

Page 20

But, Renee, Umm…
Wasn’t there a different way?
Eh? But isn’t this the best way to attract attention?
“Foreigners” really attract attention here, right?
Look here…The reason you attract attention
Isn’t really because you’re from French….

Page 21

It’s okay. If we do this for a few days, someone will show up, if we want it or not.
I’m sure the Company who kidnapped your sister is searching for you too.
They don’t think I’ll hand over the documents that easily.
The count or Asian Construction… Who’ll it be.
We’ll captured them once they show up!
Yeah! I don’t like being chased.
That’s for sure. We’ll show them hell!

Page 22

It’s the start
Of our counterattack!

Page 23

Miss Morle, do you know
What’s meant with “punishment”?
Forgive me, but I don’t understand the meaning of your question.
“Punishment” means violence.
Basically, // you cannot bestow it if the other party has a bigger strength.

Page 24

If you had known that, you wouldn’t have failed the other day.
It might be that Alesha has forgotten
What “great strength” is.

Page 25

And there wasn’t a need to remind him so far.
Where are you going?
Nowhere special.
Just giving out some punishment.

Page 26

…Sorry, Fuuko-chan.
I want you to reunite you with your brother quickly, but it’s not going well…

Page 27

What does the Count plan to do with such a little girl?
Guess I really should run away with her….
Seems the man in question arrived.
A confrontation is inevitable?

Page 28

Yo, Alesha.
Welcome. I expected you.

Page 29

Even know I think of you as a brother.
Why don’t you grow out of your rebellious age already?
It’s not a rebellious age. // It’s a rebellion.
----You think I would forgive that?
This isn’t about forgiving, is it?
Well, you’re right.

Page 30

….. // The princess is asleep?
She’s a strong girl, but exhausted from worry. // I don’t want to wake her up.
Certainly, I wouldn’t want to scary a little lady.
Come with me, Alesha. I prepared a place.

Page 31

Reserved the whole place? What luxus.
Nothing much. We at least need this much, right?
It’s been a while. Let’s get wild.
You sure are enthusiastic about this.

Page 32

No way.
You are not going to use your underlings?
Miss Morle, you don’t understand “men”. // We sort out things
By a direct confrontation.
Usually you don’t like dirtying your own hands.
Are you sure?

Page 33

I don’t mind.
It’s for my entertainment.

Page 34+35

You sure got strong, Alesha.
That’s a nice Hamul.
Hah! Aren’t you relaxed.
If you think it’s over so easily, you’re gravely mistaken.

Page 36

Our “levels” are different, Alesha.
Who cares.
If you take me as a child forever…
You’ll see pain!!

Page 37

My claws // aren’t going through…?
I told you.
That’s the different of our levels.

Page 38

Page 39

How’s that? Know your place now?
Hitting me comes with a price.
Stop your stuck-up attitude already, Count!
(Finally some blood. Where heads the battle to….!?)

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