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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Cock Robin wo Korosu no wa 2

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Nov 23, 2011 14:19 | Go to Cock Robin wo Korosu no wa

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Who killed Cock Robin Chapter 02

Page 65

*Ding dong*
Kishi, your bento---
Cock Rob—Hidaka Kishi!! Come with me.
Ow! What are you doing!! // Don’t pull--!!
Chapter 02
The day the transfer student Saedano Minami appeared before me,

Page 66

I was dragged into an unbelievable story. That I was chosen as the target for a killing game---
Let go of me! // You’re screwed up.
I just thought it was a bad dream…
Why… just why would you transfer here?
Aww~~ // What’s with that transfer student--!!
They’re so lovey-dovey. (I’m envious)
The all so quiet Hidaka suddenly climbed the stairs of adulthood. (How unexpected)
Hey <3 You having fun here?

Page 67

Chapter 02
Eto-chan’s stage is starting~

Page 68

Why I transferred you ask?
2nd Science Room
Pretty dull, aren’t we…
The 15 people, with special powers, contracted with the birds that appear in the song. // Leaving me and you aside, the other 13 will come to kill <Cock Robin>, meaning you.
Along with the song a similar explanation should be included in your Media player.
(But) I don’t remember anything about contract with birds. // Believing that is…
Believe it or not, but the birds will come to kill you…. And quite soon.
….For a moment let’s take it as the truth, // why are you “left aside”?
When you’re a bird too, then wouldn’t you after my life too instead of protecting me?

Page 69

I don’t trust you!!
I- // I’m going back. Kimiko and the others misunderstood the situation again.
Not trusting a girl who tells you she’ll “protect” you… // Stupid virgin.

Page 70

D- Don’t misunderstand. It’s not like this.
We might be all alone here, but we really didn’t do anything….
Hidaka Kishi…. // Have to bring you….
!? // It hurts…. What’s up…?

Page 71

What’s this feeling…
It’s like back then….

Page 72

A bird already made it’s move! Those guys are being controlled. // You know!
!! // Stop it Saedano!! Don’t hurt them.
A bird is attacking you, you know-----
Like I care! You’re going overboard!
Don’t do anything anymore!!

Page 73

I see. You want to throw yourself into a pinch while refusing my help.
Not like I don’t understand that desire.
Give your best.

Page 74

What a crazy bitch.
Anyways, I need to do something about this! But…
What do I do?

Page 75

Reminds me, when Kimiko turned crazy, Saedano said something.
The birds have special powers.
This girl is being controlled.
It’s not like I trust her.
But if that’s so, the real opponent is that bird(?).
I need to find him and do something about him… But what?
Is there a hint in here…?

Page 76

Hidaka… Kishi…
Need to bring… // … quickly…

Page 77

What now. I need to find the puppet-master….!
At this rate, I’ll collapse from the blood…
Small time out!! (Sorry, guys) // I need time to think!!

Page 78

Aha // <Cock Robin> is so cute~~
But can’t do. Before any hindrances appears, I…

Page 79

The police!?
Someone called them!?
At this rate, they’ll just get injured. Even I’ll…
Get done in?
Somehow I need to get away and get to the schoolgate.
If I get the police to help me…..!!

Page 80

It should reduce their field of vision.
And what’s more
At the same time it’ll cover the smell and vision of blood.
Then I can slip away!!

Page 81

Page 82

M- // Ms. Police Officer!!
You are!?
Please help me. In the school…
Everyone is….
They turned crazy and getting injured. // The blood…
Are you okay?
We got a report of having a suspicious person at school…. // What happened!?
Suspicious person?

Page 83

Him... That’s him!
Where is he! He’s controlling everyone!
Oh, god.
What am I saying.
Somehow, he seems to be after my life. // So he’s controlling everyone at school…. Even I think
Wasn’t it me who told Saedano “I don’t believe you”?
No way she’ll believe me now.
It’s a messed up story….
….I understand. I better call for reinforcements.
Don’t worry. I believe you.

Page 84

This person is controlled by Eto too after all.

Page 85

I’ll be killed…?
If I kill Cock Robin, I get one wish granted. No matter what it is. // I’ll ask to become a super idol, release a CD and play a live at the Budoukan <3
Everyone turned against me.
There’s really
Ah, Eto is the Idol Tsubaki Eto-chan.
I better introduce myself as “Lark”? Nice to meet you, <Cock Robin>. // And now, fare….
Really not a single friend

Page 86


Page 87

Hah! What a stupid face you’re making. // It’s such a great pinch…

Page 88

You need to enjoy it more!!

Page 89

She saved me…?
I was watching and thinking you would pull out your strength with a bam again when you’re at your limit.
….Eh…? (Since when?)
From the beginning. The guys in the school didn’t try to kill you, so I thought it’ll be alright.
Wha!? I was at my last breath here…!!
C’mon, don’t cry. // I would have come out if it got really dangerous.
Because I’ll protect you.

Page 90

I also took care of the other guys. They’re all unconsciousness now.
I’m sure, he can only control one person as it were his own body. // His plan was to catch you with the masses and let the police officer finish you.
(Well,) It ended all well. // Good, isn’t it?
Why are you protecting me?
I told you to “Do nothing anymore”….

Page 91

Whatever you say,
Even when you don’t acknowledge to be <Cock Robin>, // Even if you can’t control your power,
Even if you’re a wuss who gets useless through blood, even if you’re obviously screwed in the head, even if you’re dominated by your future woman, I don’t care.
It’s more fun this way, right?

Page 92

….Come again?
A game to kill <Cock Robin>? Who cares!
I’ll protect the powerless you, from the attack birds! This way
The game is way more exciting!!
I forgot.
She was like this….!!
What a lame declaration!!

Page 93

When I just though I won---!
The freak of all people had to interfere---!!
The one who’s talking is the “Lark”, huh. // Hah! Says the person, who’s creativity only follows one pattern.
Heh, pattern? Then,
How’s this?

Page 94

I know this girl is precious to you. // There are plenty of ways to use my power.
…Listen to me, <Cock Robin>.
I have to become a super idol, no matter what.
Become the world’s number 1
You want to become a star? Impossible.
There are plenty of girls with the same level of talent as you.
And all those who made fun of me will----
!! // …Stop.

Page 95

….What? // What’s with you?
For a moment just now…
Since when have you been there?
What… What’s this. // ….I can’t see….!?

Page 96

!? // Kimiko!!

Page 97

Page 98

Actually, it might have started long ago…. But to me
This “end” was the “Beginning” of everything.

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