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Translations: One Piece 920 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Evergreen (Kasukabe Akira) 2

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Nov 26, 2011 13:32 | Go to Evergreen (Kasukabe Akira)

-> RTS Page for Evergreen (Kasukabe Akira) 2

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Evergreen Chapter 02

Page 01

A nostalgic Summer Story
Chapter 02: A case

Page 02

I was saved by Awaya Nika.

Page 03

Wha-- // Wha-
What's going on!?
Awaya Nika, who I thought existed above the clouds [as the radiant sun she is-.-]
knows about someone like me!? Why did she so suddenly....!?
So close!
You're okay now.
Close! I'm dying!!
Is this a reward from God to me, who endured troubles and shame to swim 25m!?
Or could it be! She'll say things like "I have always been watching you"....

Page 04

It's like that----
She feels sorry for me because of my scar.
Figures. She got a good look at it earlier.

Page 05

Good thing I noticed it before making a big misunderstanding.
...Right. As if I would be this lucky.
I'm sure she only helped me out of pity on a whim.
The me
who's such a pitiful, weak and shameful existence...

Page 06

Across the shower room is the changing room.
I'll get you there. Nobody will get to see you there.
So hot---
Ah // Ugg, again I...!

Page 07

Ah...! // ...Um.
No good. I can't explain it.
I feel embarrassed, sorry and sad. I'm a total mess.
Everything is white.
She was just congratulating him and he fights back.
What's his problem?

Page 08

S- // Sorr--
Wrong. // It's wrong, really.
There's no reason to blame her for the pity.
It's me who should apologize.
Just by standing in front of you, I feel ashamed.

Page 09

I'm the worst----
I'm really the worst.
She saved me, but not only didn't I thank her, I even hit her hand away.
And now I'm running away.
This might
have been my only chance ever to get close
to the Awaya Nika, who I admired for so long.

Page 10

What was that!? What happened!? // I don't get it. What was that, On-chan!!
The pres is in a pinch...!!
I don't really get it, but this is no good, right?
It's an emergency!!

Page 11

Don't go, On-chan. // You better don't go now.
Right. It seems // to be about a topic discussed between boys...
Hotaka is changing right now. // Full nude!
You'll be mistaken for peeping!
He ran away...
What was that just now?

Page 12

Actually, who was that? What is he to Nika?
Right, right!!
He took your towel, didn't he, Nika?
the worst...!!
Sensei, what do we do?
Okay, folks! Get into spirit and let's start practice.
He skipped it.
He sure did.
He escaped it.
Do your warmups and then into the pool---

Page 13

Hey, Awaya!!

Page 14

Then, please take care of the laundry.
Hotaka! I'm going now!
Wake up so you won't be late!
I couldn't sleep at all.
This scene is burned into my eyes...

Page 15

In time like this I wanted to see that "nightmare".
Dying with a single stab into the heart fits // me.
Because I'm the worst guy ever.
The towel...
In the end I took it back home without giving it back...
it has a woman's touch.
So cute...
I'm // a creep...!!

Page 16

Damn!! // Because I'm this unmanly, I can only do horrible stuff like yesterday!
Oh, Hotaka.
Morning, Granny.
Please wash this too.
I thought you wouldn't get up at all. But you're pretty energetic.

Page 17

Hotaka, // is this from a friend?
Doesn't matter! // Forget it!
Just looking at makes me cry.
I need to hurry, wash it and return it and then...
? What?
Nothing... // I'm sure it's just a coincidence.
I'll prepare your miso soup.

Page 18

Right, yesterday was all just a coincidence.
She's a far existence I can't get close to, to begin with.
What am I worrying for about loosing what I can't have anyway. // Normally I would think like that.
What a face I'm making...
A horrible face after crying all night. // And exhausted.

Page 19

It resembles the picture of my dead father.
Pres, I say!

Page 20

The magazine is done. You don't need to check it through?
Hey, // Pres.
Soga-senpai, // was the Pres like this the whole time?
(I'm bored~)
Yep, since the morning.

Page 21

He doesn't answer not matter how often you ask. He didn't eat his lunch. And when the teacher called him, he was let off the hook after the teacher saw his face.
Hotaka is completely off to the world of dead.
I see... He must be really hurt.
It's that case from yesterday.
I still don't understand it, // but I understand the depth of his suffering just by watching.
They're having pool class!
Your beloved Swimming Club, Pres. // The hordes of swimsuits you can never stop staring at...

Page 22

The lively naked bodies of high school boys the Pres loves so much...!
When you're both of the same gender, why is it? Just why is it that your heart beats so fast!?
Is it because the nipples are exposed after all....!?
Just what's wrong with him...
On-chan, that has the opposite effect.
Hey, talk to me too.

Page 23

What's this? Looks lame.
Our magazine. You were listening yesterday, weren't you?
(Let's see) "This Month New Guide by Yoshimatsu Hotaka"... // "A youthful comic interviewing teachers, Issue 6, Yoshimatsu Hotaka".
Everything is by Yoshimatsu Hotaka. // Rather than a magazine, it's a collection of his essays?
Give it back, Cabaret-senpai.
Oh no! Why do you know my desired job?
Do you want an issue?
No. I can't read the kanji

Page 24

Anyways, stop your mocking comments.
Whatever you think, to us it's a treasured club activity.
If we leave them here, it'll decrease, though just by one issue. // As long as there's a reader it's a perfect club activity.
Isn't it the adviser who reads it?
Stop your comments, oblivious to the situation. I'll get angry!

Page 25

Ah, how cocky.
How cocky for an underclassman
Anyway! With the Pres out of the picture like this, // the responsibility to upkeep the moral of the Manga Club falls onto me!
Other said I'm the law! I'm justice!
(Oh? What?)
I'll // properly
do the club activities! For that sake I will even be cocky!
Even if I have to set this room ablaze! Even if I have to burn all the Manga Books!
Even if I have to defeat The Pres' one-sided love he continued to adore
or flee or forfeit my life, while he's in this state I don't get!

Page 26

I, I will do our club activities seriously and a fully devoted heart.
Wah, Yes, Pres! You returned from the world of dead?
Can I...
Ah, sure...
He's back from the dead.

Page 27

How will I give the towel back tomorrow...

Page 28

---No, about that...
I don't think I'm really related to that at all. To go along would be...
Yes... That's... // Okay. Just once with someone from the house. Yes. Yes.
Pretty rare for her to sound that polite on the phone. // But it doesn't sound like from work
Mother, do you got a minute?

Page 29

---Hotaka, come here.
What now?
You remember the Granny from "his side"? // She often took care of you.
How long haven't I used that name? // Someday I started using that nickname to differentiate the two grandmothers.
The moment I spoke it out,
a cold chill run down my spin and my throat was dry like from drinking Roasted barley tea.

Page 30

"That's running away into death"
I recall these words my mom said leaned over the corpse of my father.
My father // died, leaving a big conflict between both our families.
At that time, nothing concrete was told me, // but even a child felt the "Adult Accident" from the hard words that were thrown around.
That my mother cut contact with the other family
I can somewhat comprehend. I, too, didn't get into contact with them.
I never thought my mother would touch the topic again.
...Ehm, why are we talking about this now?

Page 31

The hospital called. It seems she has been hospitalized for a long time. // Dementia seems to have kicked in too and her condition isn't good.
And then is looks // like she demanded to see you, her grandchild.
It's close, so why don't you go show your face?
Well, I can go anytime... // But what about you? Can you take off from the company?
I'm not going. Why don't you go on Saturday?
Then, Granny?
I won't go either. // You can't have one grandmother pay the other one a sick visit.

Page 32

...It turned into this after all.
while Gran was nice to me, I haven't seen her for years and it feels awkward...
But I'm her grandson after all.
I guess I have to go.

Page 33

I can't believe it. // To think I forgot my cell at school.
Cast Off
I'm already sweaty from going back home once and coming back now. // I'm envious of the swimming club who can go home all refreshed after a shower...
...5 Issues.

Page 34

Now then, where's my cell...
Ah, good. It was here after all.
Good, doesn't look like it was screwed with. // Our club members are just too indifferent to others.
Whatever. Let's get home and take bath---

Page 35

Just now...
Don't tell me // it was our single legendary reader?
I just took the key from the faculty room, so it isn't our adviser.
How's that Soga-senpai. We have a reader!!
4 Issues! // One indeed was taken!

Page 36

Good. // I'll find out who's our reader and cheer up the Zombie Pres...
Someone dropped a really cute thing...
It's Yonex's Catseal.
Don't tell me,
I'm a fan of the President's column.
The reader is a girl!?
A romance possibility for the Pres....!?
Show me who you are!!

Page 37

Nika! What are you doing?
Sorry, I'm coming.

Page 38

What an event
this is not the time to be dead!!
(The unexpected identity of the legendary reader!!)

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