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Nanboku Seitokai Sensou Oneshot : Nanboku Seitokai Sensou

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Nov 26, 2011 15:46 | Go to Nanboku Seitokai Sensou

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Nanboku Seitokai Sensou

Page 01

Come in.
The girl in question arrived.
(Wait a mom)
Then please follow the plan.
The Teacher told me to come here.
Yes, I was waiting for you. Nice to meet you, Transfer Student // I welcome you.
I'm Tanaka. Tanaka Rena.
I'm the Student Council President, Honoka Nanami.

Page 02

Ehm... "South"?
I was told to go to the South Student Council... And...
Right. There's a south and north one. And this is the "South" Student Council.
I take your "and"
is about why you were transferred here
and had to come here, right?
Tanaka Rena-san, 2nd year, enlisted in the firing squad. You won the interhigh two times in a row. You're my only hope, so I purposely had you come here.
Your father and my grandfather are old friends.
When I heard your father had trouble with his business, I immediately made him an offer. // To lend him a hand, and exchange have you...

Page 03

wage war
She transferred to--- a battlefield. A fight, waging their uniforms, is about to begin!!
against the North Student Council.

Page 04

Get ready asap.
Hey, eh? That's no good...
A battle in school!?
Rest assured. That's how our school is.
This girl will explain the plan. Listen closely.

Page 05

It starts.
Good morning, everyone.
It's Sunday, September the 21th. Time for the 122th battle.
Will she meet
Let's have a safe battle without injuries.
my expectations?

Page 06

I heard you were called on the Pres' whim?
You're pretty famous. They're saying a quite skilled girl transferred over.
But I didn't hear anything about this.
The trigger for this was a rather simple and stupid reason:
They wanted to wear sailor uniforms.
When the school was founded 50 years ago, the topic of a revision of the uniform reuglation came up and split the school in the Sailor and Blazer Groups.
That's all.
With the school's motto of respecting the student's will, the matter was left to them and the Student Council also split into two parts, South and North.

Page 07

Shooting people for that ridiculous reason?
The Students are enlisted into either the "South" or "North" Student Council and wage a war.
our debts.
Ridiculous reason, huh...
If you value your family
shoot when the moment comes!!
For my family...?
Guess I'll have to do it...
I won't get a test-shoot, huh.

Page 08

Same time, West First Floor Battlefront
Two girls, barricaded in the back // are giving us a hard time!
What are the girls outside doing!
They're being held up by the South's helicopter.
Cover me.
I'll push through to the sinks.
I'll count down.... 3....

Page 09

Idiot. You're leaning out too wide.
Got one.
Good job.
Tch... I'll go on the next magazine switch.
Ready a smoke grenade.
We got 2 left.
Once it's clear, stay on stand-by at the corner.

Page 10

It was a battle with brutality.

Page 11

Down the corridor they're currently changing from morning practice, like scheduled. We'll surprise them.

Page 12


Page 13

Ouch. I surrender.
You gave us a hard time on the corridor.
All clear.
Good, situation clear. Get out the captures.
Commander! The curtains, the windows are open!!
Ah, the window.
They changed here?

Page 14

Page 15

Hah Hah
Damn... I shot on reflex... What do I do, I really shot them...
...The battle is over.
Cease all action immediately...

Page 16

I want to take a shower.
Geez, Sailor uniform again.
Okay, handing out the uniforms.
These are paint bullets, so no one dies!!
What the---
What the---
School Rule 12: "The battle will be a mock-battle with paint bullets. It starts in the morning and ends at 8am...."
(We're in the same class)
Actually, I wanted to wear the blazer....
Private Aabi Girl's Academy. Currently recruiting students.

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