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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Idol A 1

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Nov 30, 2011 01:16 | Go to Idol A

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Idol A Chapter 01

Page 01

Chapter 01: Stupid Story
Just one more out!
Just one more out!
Just one more out!
-----Now! // Just one more out for two continuous no-hit, no run games!
On the mound stands Asamidai High School's Ace, Hirayama Keita, a third-year!
He raises his leg----
and throws!

Page 02+03

Chapter 01 Stupid Story

Page 04

Satomi Azusa, 17 years-old.
Currently on a raise in the popularity with the youngsters,
as a Gravure Idol for Young Magazine.
classmate and childhood friend of....

Page 05

Hirayama Keita, 17 years-old.
Ace of the Asamidai High School Baseball club with the number 4. // A new hero, who emerged in a regional tournament this summer.
E- Excuse us, // you're Satomi Azusa, right?
W- We're your fans! // Could we take a picture? // Ah, and a sign too please!
Ah, no... // Like I said...
I'm Hirayama Keita, 17 years-old....
Game set! // The second game with no hits, no runs!

Page 06

Huh, // where did she go?
Keita-kun, you were so cool! // So good!
Ah, Coach... // I need the toilet, so I'm going ahead.
Sure. But hurry.
Changing Room
Hurry up! // Your manager is searching for you.
---Geez! // The team kept making mistakes in the last half.

Page 07

Can't be helped. // To begin with, our team is---
Don't turn around!
Ah, // sorry, sorry.
The wig!
Yes, yes!
Take care of the rest.
Ah, // Azusa-chan!
Yees, // congrats to advancing into the best eight! // Give your best at the next game, too.
Off to work?
---Yep. Going to Okinawa. // I'm off.

Page 08

She's cute // as always.
I thought so before already, but doesn't she really look alike to Hirayama? // Now that you mention it...
They don't look alike at all! // Don't group such a flashy girl together with Keita-kun.
Ichihara Fujimi (17), Manager of the Asamidai Baseball Club.
Let's wind time back half a year...
Joining the Baseball Club?

Page 09

Satomi Yuuichi (45), Coach of the Asamidai Baseball Club.
The father of the Gravure Idol, Satomi Azusa---
Try out these clothes over there.
----Hey! // That's a sailor uniform!?
Notice that before you put it on.
----So, // here's the wig...
What you mean "OH"?
Well, // I always thought you looked alike when you were small, // but to think even at this age // you would look so alike!
----Good, that settles it!
Settles what?

Page 10

Both the father and the daughter love baseball.
the daughter was blessed with talent.
Satomi Azusa (At that time in 8th Grade)
140... km/h?
Plenty of it....
The team as it is right now, can never win the regional tournament! // We need Azusa's strength! // And it's the last chance for the 3rd-years // for the Koushien!
----But girls can't play in official games....

Page 11

Y- // You can't mean?
I can!
It'll be a big crisis if it gets known! // The club might even get abolished!
I'm aware of that. Please.
Do it for // mine and Azusa's dream!
I don't worry about it much, // but apparently other people see me as an unlucky boy...
...I get it.
OH. You'll do it!? // For MINE and Azusa's dream!
---Yes, // For Azusa's dream.
Thanks. Give your best, // for MINE and Azusa's dream!
I will, // for Azusa's dream.
----Such a stupid story happened.

Page 12

Kyaa! // Hirayama-kun!
You rarely do any hitting or pitching training, do you?
Yes, // because it tires me.
Oh! // That's the genius for you!
I, myself, have no experience with baseball. // ---Neither any talent...

Page 13

Azusa-chan! // We're starting the shooting!
Ah, // Okay--
*shutter* // *shutter*
*shutter* // *shutter*
(Two continuous games with no hits, no runs!!)

Page 14

Nothing less of my Keita!
Having such a big picture in the paper!
To think you had such talent for baseball. // You must have inherited the legs of me, who placed 30 in the school-wide marathon. // (Father) // What are you saying? // He got my spring and kick strength of me, who placed 6 in the city swimming tournament. // (Mother)
Get a clue. // I'm your son....

Page 15

Strike!! // Batter out!
That's my son! // My son!
From childhood friends to middle school students, // the time we see or talk to each other has decreased lately...
----Even more when she became a selling Gravure Idol. // Always surrounded by her passionate Fan Club at school, it become hard to call out to her.

Page 16

Hey, Azusa-chan. // Long time no see!
Get a clue already, // stupid parents.
Ah! // It's SatoAzu!
Oh <3 // SatoAzu!!
Get a clue, // stupid boys.

Page 17

What's wrong with Hirayama? // He's in bad form today.
What are you doing, idiot... // Just do some running or we'll get busted.
Ah, well... // Watching made me want to try it out myself...
Here I go.
Okay, // that's enough.

Page 18

North Tokyo Tournament, Semi-finals----
Number 4, Pitcher, // Hirayama-kun!
Okay! // The stands are in an uproar!
---Oh? // There seems to be a stray cat at the bench of Asamidai...
Top of the 2nd, in the batter box stands they boy who leads the team with his pitching and hitting... // the big star of this tournament, Hirayama Keita!

Page 19

Azu! // ---Aw, nooo
H- // Hirayama!
A dead ball!
It hit his left knee!? // Supported by the coach, he gets guided to the bench for treatment!
So far Hirayama alone has shut out the opponent from the mound--- // Could this be a big pinch!?

Page 20

Page 21

Victory with only a single hit allowed! // Asamidai advances to the finals!
You // idiot...
Ouch. // Why?
It's only because you said you wouldn't switch with me anymore // when we don't let you hit once in front of a big audience...
---But you know... // I got a nice hit during practice today...
You got good timing as always....

Page 22

Okay, // I'm off.
Could it be // you knew it from the start?
I also heard bad rumours about that battery.
Eh!? // You mean they did it on purpose!?
Just unlucky.... huh.
I'm definitely not unlucky.

Page 23

Contrary, I'm friends with a popular gravure idol.
---And also...
You're not going to wash that uniform?
---Yeah. // I want to savour the smell a bit more.
Well, anyways, // when you become the Hero of the Koushien
my "Make Azusa-chan your bride Plan" // which I abandoned once, might get back into action.
The Koushien Hero // and the super popular Gravure Idol...
A really fitting couple!
Though it's impossible. // It's the same person after all...

Page 24

*shutter* // *shutter*
Are you all right, Azusa-chan?
You look a bit tired...
Ah, // not at all...
I'm fine.
An Ace, throwing over 100 pitches full power under the blazing sun day upon day----
*shutter* // *shutter*
with plenty
of rest in one day?

Page 25

Hey, // Hey, // Have you heard it, Keita-kun?
That flashy idol tripped on the stairs and injured her knee.
That's what she gets for being so stuck-up. // She was wearing an exaggerated big bandage. // That's just pathetic.
When you didn't even let a out a scream after getting hit by such a horrible dead ball.
She's a bad girl. // Stuck up and selfish...
She can't even honestly say thanks when she feels grateful...
----Right, right! // I knew you would see it different than the other boys! // I just don't get it why that stupid girl's so popular!
Haha... // Calling her stupid is going too far, isn't it?
You think?

Page 26

I'm sure she had some beauty operation. // Her cuteness isn't normal. // ---Or actually, if you look closely she's pretty ugly.
Okay, // let's go, Hirayama.
The finals----

Page 27

Page 28

Too bad, huh // about the Koushien.
Not really---
The Koushien is my father's dream.
I just wanted to pitch in an official games against boy with all my might.
Now I can concentrate on my work without regret.
The wig!
Ah, // yes, yes.

Page 29

Seems there are some interviews later,
just say some general stuff.
The Koushien....
is her father's dream?
Azusa-chan! // Hurry up!

Page 30

That's how the summer went---
And then
Besides her Gravure Idol career, // she also advances towards the TV and even a main cast for a movie----

Page 31

She became even more distant from me...
I got three request from professional teams to recruit Hirayama Keita.

Page 32

Class 2-3, Memory Collection
Minamitaryou Elementary School
*shutter* // *shutter*
The dreams of everyone in Class 3
I'm definitely not unlucky.
Guess this is about right? // The same length as Keita's hair...
Contrary, I'm friends with a popular gravure idol.
I'll definitely become a professional baseball player. Satomi Azusa
----And also....
24h-Store Owner. Hirayama Keita

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