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+ posted by PROzess as translation on Dec 1, 2011 21:31 | Go to LOVE SO LIFE

-> RTS Page for LOVE SO LIFE 31

Reserved for Japanzai

Love so Life Chapter 31

Page 01

Chapter 31

Page 02

A three month old....!?
Yeah. They want to take care of it for a week starting next week...
While her husband is out on a business trip, // the wife got a lumbago.... (Seems like she can barely stand...)
Is that so... (How unfortunate...)
A three month old... that's just about when they hold up their own head....
Yeah. No baby-food either, yet. (Only milk)

Page 03

Shiharu-chan, you haven't seen a three month old baby yet?
No! It'll be my first time!
Friend is coming?
Yep! Starting next week.
Be friendly, okay.
And with that
Then... I'll leave it to you.

Page 04

(Okay,) Kids (Gather around)
This is Takahashi Akari-chan. // Be nice to her~~

Page 05

So small...!
Shiharu-tan, want to feed her milk? (It's about feeding time)
There's powder milk in the kitchen. Will you prepare it?
(Y-) Yes!
Body temperature....
Good <3

Page 06

Here, your milk.

Page 07

Want to drink too!!
Me too!
Now, put him on your shoulder and give him a light claps // so she makes a burp.
Like this?
(Will it work?)

Page 08

Power out?
Aoi-kun, Akari-chan is small, but not a battery. // Try and touch her, she's warm.
(And she's breathing.)
Sho warm.
Okay, since she fell asleep, let's put her into the baby bed.

Page 09

She's indeed so small
that it makes you think she's a different living being...
But in the past
there was a time I was this small too...
How mysterious...

Page 10

You don't need to give her any snacks---
Here, toys.
Let's give her something else since that's hard and dangerous---
Akari-tan // snacks // toys // no want?

Page 11

(Ehm) Akari-chan is still small, so she can't eat the snacks. // And she can't grab the toys with her hands properly, so she might get injured..
But thank you, you two. // You're nice older brother and sister.
Older brother,
older sister!!

Page 12

(Okay) Hold on tight.

Page 13

A- Are you okay?
Where does it hurt? (Let me see)
That startled you, huh. // Pain, pain, fly away~

Page 14

(*pat* *pat*)
The bath felt great // since it was so hot today, right?
Shiharu-tan, you won't do splash splash?
I'll do it at home, so don't worry.

Page 15

Nice big brother and sister!

Page 16

Can you give it to me shortly?
Put your legs one after another in these tunnels!

Page 17

*clatter*, Legs are passing through the tunnel~
Now you just raise it to your stomach--
Yep, yep, good!
Did it...!
Me do tunnel too
Okay, let's practice.

Page 18

You see, the clatter in pants. Shiharu-tan is amashing.
Passing two tunnels I was in my pants.
(Hoo. that's great)
I have no clue what they're talking about----

Page 19

Raising child from year 0 on.
You sure like studying, Shiharu.
The center has a three month old baby at the moment.
3 month!!
So, exactly how big is that?

Page 20

Do you have memories of the time you were small, Rio?
No... (Not really...)
Ah but, I remember that // my mother told me I that I would run off wherever
(Rio, 3years)
whenever she took me with her to shopping...
Seems I couldn't stay put back then. // What about you, Shiharu?
I'm the same. I only remember parts.

Page 21

Like the warmth I felt when she hugged me...
Or how secure I felt then.
Sometimes I played sleeping, because it felt so good...
So in place of the busy mothers in this world, // I want to become a childcare worker that can give the kids that feeling of security.
I see!

Page 22

How nice~
I want such a dream where I become the support of others too~~
(Rio, more quiet...)
Maybe I'll try various jobs over the summer vacation <3
Well, that's only if I don't get any detention~~~!
(I just don't learn~)
You girls! // You're too loud!!

Page 23

The fifth day since Akari-chan came. // The other kids completely grow attached to her---
Atari-tan, lesch play.
Play with me.

Page 24

(Round 1)
A- Akane-chan, if you cry here...
(Let's go over there and talk)

Page 25

Did Akane-chan's loud cry startled her?
That startled you, huh.
Pain, pain, fly away~

Page 26

I will pat her.
Oh, my.
What a good older sister.
I'm sure

Page 27

If you look back on it, the early years
are over in a flash
Specially because of that

Page 28

to treasure
this time....

Page 29

Akane-chan, where are you going with that picture book?
Will read it
to Akari-tan
Shiharu-tan, zis won't hurt Akari-tan?
Ah, // Yeah!

Page 30

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#1. by The1 ()
Posted on Dec 1, 2011
About time some great dude took over and started translating this cute and lovely manga ;)

With you on the seat I wouldn't worry about having enough translators on it, go go go!
#2. by PROzess ()
Posted on Dec 2, 2011
As usual, my translations aren't the problem.
I backed up enough already.
But there are delays because we have no dedicated cleaner and because I don't want to release because of the folks on Mangafox^^
Just tonight, I got a thread about it closed on Mangafox (with a warning for ban again :P)
People can be so ignorant....
#3. by The1 ()
Posted on Dec 3, 2011
They don't care, you know the usual deal with gayfox.

It's just how it is.

If I had the skills I require and still wanted to do scanlation I would take my releases and put them on a online reader where you can't extract the pages and if you tried to save the font page you would only get a transparent.png :p That's just how nice I would be to those who "wants" a copy for "themselves" for the "collection". xD

Sadly I don't have the skills to do so atm so nothing to do about :P

I didn't know they needed a dedicated cleaner for this one. Though I can see why they do...it's a shoujo with nice sfx, lol :P

#4. by PROzess ()
Posted on Dec 3, 2011
As you know though I don't do SFX :)
And I got a few cleaners now.
Now I have to see if the typesetter can keep up with them.
But it won't increase the release rate anyway.
I'll let the staff read the chapters and once a month or so, I release one chapter public.
#5. by The1 ()
Posted on Dec 3, 2011

Good good, I'm busy so I wouldn't care...I think I'm still behind a few chapters. Maybe when it's summer I will reread it from the start and catch up.

/me is in process of making movie recommendation app to Facebook as assignment for class

So be evil, be very evil >D
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