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Kono Oneesan wa Fiction desu!? 8

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Dec 15, 2011 20:53 | Go to Kono Oneesan wa Fiction desu!?

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Kono Oneesan ha fiction desu Chapter 08

Page 01

Narumi-san failed her escape... Her frustration knows no end!?

Page 02

It's so hot..

Page 03

Somehow... I really showed some unsightly behaviour...
So pathetic~~
To top it...
I got comforted like that... // Just who is the elder on from us...
In the end // it looks like he kept it a secret from Sensei that I tried to leave.
To be honest... It's quite hard to face Jun-kun now, since I'm so embarrassed.

Page 04

But // that's hardly possible during Summer Vacation~~~!!
Ah, // Narumi-san.
W- // What?
Actually, // it's summer vacation! Go out enjoy your youth~~
.... // Well... actually...
I don't understand this part.
Could you teach me?
Ah... You see,
you do this....
Ah! I see.
Good I asked you. // I was stuck on it. You really helped me.

Page 05

Guess so~~
Something like this is a piece of cake!
Only for my studying I was never told off....
Oh, come on~~
You worry about that too much.
Could it be... he's being considerate to me now?

Page 06

The name is done!!
Good job~
Ah, good job.
When this job is over, // let's go to the beach. // The Beach!!
Have a swimsuit ready!!
A swimsuit... // you say?
If I wear one, I can bury the last disgrace...
Mh? You don't have one?
Then go buy one!
It's okay!! // I'll pay for it! // Just go buy one you like!
Is that okay?

Page 07

BUT! // It must be a sexy one!!
Then you lean forward,
and do
this, okay~~?
Female Cat Pose!?
No way, Sensei...
And also this...
Copies... and
a digital camera?
Take // care // of // it~~
Sure, sure.

Page 08

...So well,
like this.
Going by the contents of the copies, // you take reference photos of the background.
I see. Even I can do that.
But there are a lot of backgrounds this time...
Will you be okay?
It's not like you're going to draw them....
No, // I might pull that off when I give my best!?
I have a bad foreboding.
No way.
Yeah, figures!!

Page 09

Let's see... Other reference places around here....
Ah, // I'll go take them.
My job!!
Make sure you take enough spare ones.
Leave it to me!
Ehm... Left is..
She's really serious about the basics.

Page 10

I wonder why she quit her previous job...
From what I heard from Hiroko-san, // she was a normal office lady.
Instead of this rather specific job, isn't she more suited to that?
Maybe she screwed up big time?
You're fired!!
Well, no use fretting over that.
And asking her wouldn't be nice...
What's important is the present.

Page 11

What's the matter, Narumi-san?
If you need help, just ask.
Ah, // No, well...
Ah... You mean the people... // Don't worry about them and just keep taking photos.
But, look.
It's an obvious big failure, therefore
Okay, Okay.
Let's... // go to the next.
That... // was her idea of a big failure?
Hah--- // So damn hot // I'm thirsty

Page 12

She's weird.
Hey, hey, how's // this?

Page 13

Yeah, // it's cute.
Very cute, Ririko <3
R- Really?
But // It's no good...
Eh? // Hana-chan, you...
If you want to tempt the boys
you need to wear at least this!!
Impossible x100

Page 14

Hey, Ririko.
You want to stay friends with him forever? // Right now, in his house....
there is staying // a beautiful // older girl // with a nice body!!
In the end Yoshikawa is just a // MEN!!
You think a perfectly healthy highschool boy could resist such a temptation?
B- But he...
Hey, // You like this better too, right?

Page 15

Komiyama? // Where do you come from?
!? Yoshikawa-kun.
You too want to see // Ririko wear this, right?
This one? // You plan to buy this?
Eh!? // Well, you see!
Don't. It doesn't suit you.
... // I know, right?
I knew it, yeah I knew it, but I'm still shocked.
The one you wear right now suits you better.
It's cute.
Cute Cute Cute

Page 16

....It's cute?
Yeah, very cute.
I'll buy this!!
Ah, need to change!!
I'll go pay for it.

Page 17

Aren't you treating Ririko a bit too much as a kid?
Eh? // Really?
Well... // Do I?
I might really...
That wasn't my intention at all...
Well, she doesn't dislike it.
So it doesn't really matter.
Ah.. yeah... but I'll be careful.

Page 18

Even if she looks like this
she's still the oldest from us.
I didn't mean it like that...
By the way...
what are you doing here?
A single boy at a swimsuit shop for women.
Damn. Narumi-san!?
I'm over here.
You could have come over here.
I didn't want to interrupt~~
Interrupt what?

Page 19

I made my choice.
I'm // going home.
Take your time, Jun-kun.
Hey, wait. // I'm coming too.
Okay, see you.
Why didn't you stay.
I still have things to do.
Hey, Hana-chan.
Does a sexy one suit me?
...Jun-kun is

Page 20

treating me like a child!?
If that's so
that's humiliating!!

Page 21

...As if.
I won't get angry because of something like this.
I'm an adult after all!
I don't think he's making fun of me anyway.
Yeah.. He's different from them...

Page 22

You can have this.
Eh? // R- Really?
This is a beer.
Just one though. // The ban is only lifted after I observed you enough.
I don't get what's so good about it, // but if you drink it with a limit
I won't say anything about it...
So fast.
How about you enjoy it a bit more...

Page 23

Aren't you glad now.
Another one <3
Eh? // A- // Already!?
Please~~ <3
No. // You're a fast drunk!?
Could she actually be quite weak to alcohol!? // Ah, or is it because she hadn't one for a while?
Rather, isn't this dangerous...

Page 24

Am I... // an adult?
What you think?
....You are?
Thought so, you are
..."different". // What does she mean?
Geez... She drinks like an adult.
I don't get it.

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#1. by The1 ()
Posted on Dec 16, 2011
heh, I see you found this one too ;)
Oneesan, I tell you, I'd done her a looooong time ago. :P
Yeah, from the start of chapter one :D
#2. by PROzess ()
Posted on Dec 16, 2011
Who says I wouldn't too?
/me blushes

Well if some groups think they can slack off, then I will just jump in xD
#3. by The1 ()
Posted on Dec 16, 2011
oh oh you are the Batman of Scanlation world, lol
#4. by PROzess ()
Posted on Dec 16, 2011
BaDman fits better :P
#5. by The1 ()
Posted on Dec 16, 2011
#6. by PROzess ()
Posted on Dec 16, 2011
roflcopter oO
#7. by The1 ()
Posted on Dec 16, 2011
And it's out, damn you tankman! xDDDDD
#8. by PROzess ()
Posted on Dec 16, 2011
You see, the slackers just needed a poke and they release :)
#9. by The1 ()
Posted on Dec 16, 2011
That or a translation ;)
#10. by PROzess ()
Posted on Dec 16, 2011
They didn't used mine, so in this case they were just slacking off^^
#11. by The1 ()
Posted on Dec 17, 2011
Divas...I tell you DIVAS! xD
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