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Translations: One Piece 839 by cnet128 , Gintama 605 (2)

Nozoki Ana 81

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Dec 16, 2011 20:25 | Go to Nozoki Ana

-> RTS Page for Nozoki Ana 81

Reserved for Japanzai

Nozoki Ana Chapter 81

Page 01

Chapter 81: Despair

Page 02

You're not at fault, Kido-kun...
Everything is her fault.
I, who was holding the secret----
should be getting blamed...
Why did it turn out like this...! // Emiru!!

Page 03


Page 04

Rie-chan called me... // She knew about you two...
I heard everything
from Emiru-chan too...
I also saw...
the "hole"...

Page 05

I... see. // Everything...
I would have liked it to tell her myself....
No matter what I may say now // might prove to be useless....
But I'm really sorry... // Madoka-chan...
I'm really...

Page 07


Page 08

M- Madoka-chan,
wait a sec....
Hah // Hah // I...
got better at kissing compared to the beginning..
Even the sex... // It came to feel really good, right?
You're not at fault, Kido-kun.

Page 09

You were threatened about me.... // The one at fault...
is the one laughing beyond that "hole"...
only that woman...
...That's not it!!
I- I was // always a coward....
You need to blame me more...!
What a fitting view for the last night.

Page 10

You're showing me a last "peeping", right?
Hot sex between you two...
Why's she provoking her now...
Don't tell me...!
You... cast a spell on Madoka-chan too!?

Page 11

You're purposely making yourself out
to be the bad guy...!
You're controlling others like that...
You did the same with me numerous times....
Now you're letting all of Madoka-chan's anger
channel towards you...
And pretend to be fine with that....!
I... // won't it be ever again...

Page 12

I won't be your weakness anymore...!
I- I don't mind being peeped at.
I'll proof it now...
I vowed to give my best only for
Madoka-chan from now on...

Page 13

But that should be after she scolded me for lying // and then forgiving me... right?
Emiru is taking all the blame and I'm getting of the hook....
M- Madoka-chan....!
Like I could accept that----!!
Don't stop me....!
I don't want to run away
from the hole or her...!!

Page 14

I knew it...
That if I cover for Emiru...
it'll hurt Madoka-chan deeply....
That not even a million words from the stupid me...
Nn... // Nng
are enough to explain the mysterious woman named Emiru-----

Page 15

I thought we came a bit to understand each other...
But I didn't image she would wish for a ending like this... // Never....!!
Yeah...Thought so...
Emiru is no longer peeping from the hole---

Page 16

Emiru ended the "peeping" by herself... // That's why she won't peep at me ever again....
...Nn // Nng
Just because... you peeped from the hole....
doesn't mean... anything // will... change...!!
It's me, who loves.... // Kido-kun....!

Page 17

Love him from the bottom of my heart....!

Page 18

You're not... reacting to it at all..
Guess we're both not in the mood.
Ehe... // I was too hasty....

Page 19

Anyway, let's cover the hole. // And then we have a talk...
I need to clear up Emiru's misunderstanding...
...Don't cover it.
The plan was to continue until graduation without getting exposed, right...? // If so, don't cover it yet...!
I don't understand the feelings of having a // twisted relationship like this at all....
But I do understand the feelings she has // towards you, Kido-kun....

Page 20

I won't cover the "hole"...!
I want to show you off that Kido-kun is mine // and make you despair...!!
That was----
an event just one month before our gradation,
the time limit
for our "peeping" Emiru originally set....
(Nozoki Ana Vol 9 End)

Page 21

Page 22

Extra Chapter: For now It's not standing.
For now It's not standing.
It's so peaceful in the extra....
Let's take a look at the real volume.
(Let's pretend we didn't see that...)
For now, let's get naked.

Page 23

...Eh, WHY!!
Ah <3
Nice comeback. // How about we two make a combo?
Of course you're the straight man. // Hit me 100 times <3
HEY! (That's your idea of a joke?)
Ah <3 // Ah <3
The volumes was too shocking, I don't get it up.
You impXtent!
Preview, that way

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