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Glamorous Special : One Room

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Dec 24, 2011 10:21 | Go to Glamorous

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Glamorous Special

Page 01

N- // No!! Don't lick there, Ogawa-kun!!
N- // Not there!!

Page 02

Haah.... Just a dream... (Surprised me.)

Page 03

Just where the hell did Ponta go!?
(Extra End)

Page 04+05

Page 06


Page 07

Today my girlfriend will come over to my room for the first time!!
Cleaning done!
Now I just need to wait for Sakura-chan.
I'm sure...
I wanted Sakura-chan to wear this...

Page 08

How does it look, Yuu-kun?
No, no. I can't ask her to wear this.
Aww, how long does she take...

Page 09

(I thought about surprising you...)
It was open, so I came in.
Since when are you here?
For a while now.

Page 10

The worst....
Sakura-chan saw the bikini
I bought on the internet on the spur of the moment.

Page 11

Looks the coffee is ready. // I'll go get it.
Y- // Yeah.
Could it be, he...
(So small....)
wanted me to wear this....
Sakura-chan, yours with sugar?

Page 12

H- Huh? // She's gone!?
Was she angry and left?
S- Sakura-chan!?
Stop, don't look!!

Page 13

I- It's embarrassing after all.
Embarrassing? Don't tell me, you....
put on that swimsuit!?
Y- Yeah.

Page 14

Ah, // Stop...
Don't stare so much.

Page 15

N- No good.
Now I'm too over-conscious.
After all, we're all alone in my room
and she's dressed like that...

Page 16

A- Are you okay?
Yeah, I just burned my tongue a bit.
S- Somehow...
her tongue looks so pink and soft...

Page 17

Going for it....
H- Hey, Yuu-kun!?

Page 18

Argh... What am I
doing to her....
U- // Umm...
You see...
You better go in the bath first....

Page 19

Living alone is all great....
(but the bath is so small...)
can I come in too?

Page 20

Excuse me.
S- Sa- Sakura-chan's butt
is right in front of my eyes!!

Page 21

It's so beautiful all white...
U- Umm, Yuu-kun?

Page 22

Hey, Yuu-kun!!
Y- Yes?
Let me wash your back.
She's so nice...
Sorry // for having such a small bath.

Page 23

I don't mind at all.
I mean.... // It let's me be this close to you.

Page 24


Page 25

M- My hands are
touching her
soft spots!!

Page 26

S- sorry, I got a bit cold, so I'm going out first...
O- Okay.

Page 27

Girls sure are delicate...
In front of my bed
lies the bikini she took off...
T- That means

Page 28+29

Right now, Sakura-chan
lies in my bed
completely naked!?

Page 30

She's asleep... Was she that tired?
Today my girlfriend came over for the first time.
I hope I can be a man worthy of her.
(1R End)

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