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LovePlus - Kanojo no Kako 3

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Dec 28, 2011 17:27 | Go to LovePlus - Kanojo no Kako

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Love Plus: Kanojo no Kako Chapter 03 END

Page 01

(Rinko, who remembered her mom, opposes the remarriage of her dad. During that loneliness and confusion she meets you----)
Another side-story of the popular love communication game comes to an end!!
Final Chapter: Love

Page 02

(Examinee Sheet // Examinee Number // 0012743 // Name // Kobayakawa Rinko // Towano High School
I passed my High School entrance exam.

Page 03

Everyone around me is so excited,
but is it really such a big deal...?
can you see it in the mirror?

Page 04

Page 05

Thank you for your patronage.
(Feels so light now...)
What happened to your hair!?
What you ask? I cut it.
Cut it... Weren't you growing it out?
You said you wanted to look like mom...

Page 06

Mom has nothing to do with it.
Like I thought, my remarriage with Kiyomi-san still bothers you...
Not really.
It's not like that.
I just thought my previous hairstyle looked too childish.
... I see.

Page 07

You're going out? // Don't you think that's a bit too often lately?
Really? It's no different from before.
You don't really need to worry.
I have an idea! Let's celebrate your exam-passing with the four of us.
*shutting door*

Page 08


Page 09

I don't want to stay at home.
After school, I stop by the game center and convenience store.
I only get back home at night.
I have repeated this every day,
since that day.... when I suddenly ran out.

Page 10

It's not like Dad or Kiyomi-san are at fault.
That those two fell in love with each other
is a good thing...
but... what about Mom----?
What will happen with her...?

Page 11

(Entrance Ceremony)
So you can concentrate on your studies and explore club activities----
and generally lead a bright high school life, the whole teaching staff will----
Class Rooster First-years
We're in the same class.

Page 12

It's you after all! Do you remember me? We were in the same class back in middle school.
Hoh, she's quite cute.
You had long hair back then, so I didn't recognize you at first...
H- Hey, wait...
What's with her?
How cold.

Page 13

What was that? Are they idiots?
Why are they all laughing?
I hate spring.
Fresh meetings all around me,
but it doesn't concern me at all.

Page 14+15

I'm all alone in this world.

Page 16

Unfortunately, Rinko-oneechan isn't coming.
She's strong, interesting
and nice. I really love her.
I wonder what's up with her.

Page 17

Even if I go over to her house, she's never there.
I want to see her.
Sorry, Kai-kun.
It's because I can't forget mom...

Page 18

So no matter how much times passes
I am and always will be
in a different world....but
I don't mind that at all.

Page 19

It's so crowded.
What a pain.
Better take a book and go to the usual place to read.
A love novel.
Looks boring...
Well... might be good once in a while. (I want to get out of here since it's so loud)

Page 20

Uwa, perfect cliché of the prince on a white horse.
He doesn't exists, I tell you.
For me, he would need to be more like.... this...
He would need to love only me...

Page 21

Argh, how stupid.
That's of no point to me.

Page 22

That's how I met you----

Page 23

She's isn't coming today either.
When we even prepared a cake for her.
I want to play with her.
Why won't she come home.
Rinko is in high school now and busy. // You'll see her soon enough again.

Page 24

Let's set Rinko-chan's piece aside and start eating. // Help me get the plates, Kai.
What am I doing...
I need to do something
but I don't know what.

Page 25

I fail as a father.
That's not true.
You raised her as such a good kid after all.
But that's not due to me.
I...took work as an excuse and left her alone.

Page 26

And she put up with that
and managed everything on her own.
That's why I completely misunderstood her.
It should be more than obvious that she's
still so attached to Shizuka...
It hurts to get separate with a beloved person.

Page 27

But we can ease that pain.
Why do you think that is?
It might unexpectedly "family" that will become her salvation.

Page 28

I see...
As her father, I feel rather complexed,
but that might actually be so.
Thanks, Koyomi-san.
I'm really glad to have you with me.

Page 29

What should I do about the committee meeting...

Page 30

He might come today.
Aww, geez!
What's this!
Why am I only thinking of him.

Page 31

That's just weird.
Didn't I decide to be alone forever?
I see...

Page 32

This is...
My feelings are all messed up and I feel like I'm not myself anymore, but... it's warm.
I'm sure, dad also....
Then, I---

Page 33

Page 34

...Welcome home.
*fidget* x2

Page 35

For now, let's talk in my room.

Page 36

Take a seat.
It looks pretty neat here now.
When before it was just a big mess...
Yeah... Koyomi-san cleans when she comes over.
It's a real help.

Page 37

Ah... // But we haven't totally settled on marrying yet.
There's still your will too.
It's okay.
You can marry her.
R- Really!?

Page 38

I won't forget about mom.
She's my mother after all.
So... I might not be able to smile in front of the others.
I see... // That makes sense.

Page 39

I couldn't leave it in the living room in front of these two.
So I put it up in my room.
I haven't forgotten about Shizuka.
It's not like I can.
I remember it was a cold day.

Page 40

I knew it wouldn't be for long.
But I still chose to be with her.
I thought I had prepared myself for it.
But, you see...
I couldn't take care of her in her last moments.
I was far away due to work...

Page 41

I just can't forget about that day.
It's like there's a thorn somewhere in my heart.
And by meeting Kiyomi-san, I feel like the pain is finally easing.
Kiyomi-san and me need each other.
If you can't happily embrace the idea,
then I feel bad.
But I don't want you to force yourself to accept it...

Page 42

It's hard on me, when you force yourself.
After all, you're
my precious daughter.

Page 43


Page 44

Page 45

You know,
I finally managed to be honest.
Being alone was impossible.
But there was a person giving me courage.

Page 46

"Hey, about your world you mentioned before,"
"It wouldn't hurt to have one more in it, would it? Then I'll be the one."

Page 47

"So....don't go crying all by yourself, okay?"

Page 48+49

He found me
in this lonely world.
My most beloved

Page 50

Hey, Rinko. They'll show up soon! (Come down.)
Shut up. I know already.

Page 51


Page 52

(Her smile, which was thought to be lost, comes out naturally again. She fell in love with you like that----)
Love Plus - Kanojo no Kako End.

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