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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Umi ni Sora Oneshot : The Ocean meets the Sky

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jan 2, 2012 22:07 | Go to Umi ni Sora

Reserved for Yuri Project

PM me if you have any questions regarding the translation.

Umi ni Sora

Page 01

Oh no, a new student fell into a hole!
Those guys from the science club still didn't close it yet!
Are you okay?
I'll go help now.

Page 02

So beautiful....

Page 03

Wait, that's no important now. // Are you okay!?
Did you build me?
That was my absurd meeting with her.

Page 04

(Science Club)
Why don't know how either,
but you awakened one of the science club's
three relicts, the Automat.
I want you to take responsibility for that and join our club and take care of her.
(By the way, the other two relicts are a never withering plant and our endless funds.)
(I don't care)
N- No way. In middle school I belonged to the humanities faction!
Science is one of my biggest flaws! It's impossible!

Page 05

Now that puts us in a bind.
If we're supposed the look after her, the problem arises
if we can keep our vanity towards a female android or if we have our way with her.
I'll join!!
(So don't get closer~!!)

Page 06

Do you have a name?
I don't quite remember... What about you?
Ah, right. I haven't introduced myself yet. // I'm Takano Umi, lively 15-years.
"Umi" as in sea, that big water puddle? [TL/Note: Yes, Umi is jap for Sea...]
Yes. So you know about that.
Have you been there?
I might not have been there in person... // Ah,
I might be 15 too.
You mean, you were build 15 years ago?

Page 07

Then, the person who build you graduated long ago... // I wished he had left a manual behind...
It might be around here..
Are you okay!?
I'm fine.
You're not!

Page 08

I think I found something that looks like it...
(Sora Note)
So you're called Sora.
....Might be.
Nice to meet you.
(WAH!! Hand! Your hand!! Where is it!?)

Page 09

With that, my days of fixing up Sora began.
Thanks for the food.
(How's it?)
(I made it look the notebook said)
(Might be good.)

Page 10

But I wonder what your creator was like.
She's a legend. A rare genius, who created this club.
Rumour says, she's working for the DARPA now.
Yeah, and she was the only female club member ever, besides you.
What gloomy activities you must have had...
A woman, huh... I wonder if she resembles Sora.
(Somehow there don't seem to by any pictures.)

Page 11

what's up, Sora!?
Isn't she after your food?
(Ahh-- <3)
Don't explain it while taking photos!!

Page 12

(Oh no!!)
Might not be so good...
Isn't this the first time, Sora actually wanted something?

Page 13

I know.
Hey, Sora. // Do you have the desire to do something yourself?
If it's to grant Sora's wish
and not just to fix up her broken parts, I'll be more motivated!
Stuff like "I want to stand up and walk".

Page 14

I want to go to the sea.
I want to swim in the sea together with Umi.
(A though hurdle!!)

Page 15

It might have been a reckless challenge... but
I couldn't resist her smiling face.

Page 16

You're reading quite a lot of books lately, Takano-san.
You were a real bookworm in middle school, huh.
Guess so.
There's a girl waiting for my growth.

Page 17

To gain knowledge you can immediately apply feels so great.
By Sora's comments, I immediately understand what's right and wrong.
I even explain as much as possible to Sora about her body, so we can think stuff up together.

Page 18

It's my win?
It's still 5 - 5. Decide the next topic.
Stuff you like about summer. I might enjoy thunderclouds.
Thunderclouds are great.
They look like shaved ice. Actually their upper part is ice.
Then I'll go with wind-chime. Though this room hasn't one.
What was that?
Would be nice if my mechanics would include a wind-chime.

Page 19

Lately, you're not looking too well, Umi.
What are you saying, I'm fine. // Here, I'll put it back in.
I'll go drink some water.

Page 20

Am I that easy to see through?
Are you... Takano Umi-kun?

Page 21

Ah, I see. So that's how you call it.
Thank you. // Ehm.. Could it be...
(Too much of a resemblance)
Like you think, I'm the creator of that Automat.
The pager I set to it 15 years ago rang so I came to take a look.
What's a pager?
Sorry for being so old...

Page 22

The reason I came to my alumni school from so far away // is because I was interested in the girl who activated that engine.
Because back then, I couldn't do it...
I don't know how I did it // and I'm still troubled over it.
Mh, so she wants to go to the sea, huh.
I fixed up most of the mechanics, but...

Page 23

Umm... // Why did you unite the engine with her brain?
To use the plasma, which develops during processing, as the power source...
It's output is far too weak. She can't even stand with it.
And when you apply extern energy her brain gets damaged.
My ideal form is a continuous shining bright blue light of intermingling fate
while restlessly flickering together with the scenery and people. [This line and above are a poem and might be totally wrong translated by me-.-]

Page 24

I'm a fan of Miyazawa Kenji. Have you read his works? [He wrote that poem from the previous page]
The movement of the heart becomes the body's heat and let's components tremble. // I thought science and poetry are impartibly.
And that a body holding intelligence should be quite fragile.
Humans appear strong, so you mistakenly believe they can live alone.
That's not related to Sora.
Guess so...
It's easy. Just switch out Sora's heart with something more powerful. // Technology is more advanced now as it was back then.
I can develop a system to export and import her memories again,

Page 25

But that...
would kill the current Sora... // She wouldn't be the same anymore.
If you change a bulb, it doesn't change the fact that it's spending light.
I made various experiment while building her.
If you switch out her heart, it's like a dreamless sleep to us humans.

Page 26

you could only activate her once, right.
You can't mix poetry and occult.
It was a complex bug, that's all.

Page 27

Time for me to go back.
You're not going to see Sora?
Doesn't look like I have the right to... I didn't even give her a name.
Oh, right.
I'll give you my card, since I haven't introduced myself.
I'll be in Japan a lot this week.

Page 28

Good for you, "Sora"....
That such a nice girl woke you up.

Page 29

One might have fallen right now.
Say, Sora, how much of your past memory do you still have?

Page 30

I might not remember at all....
Sometimes I would smile, sometimes cry... // But...
I might have been scared of sleeping....
I'm sure... I'm sure you couldn't sleep because every day was so enjoyable...

Page 31

Right now, it's so.
It might be a long road ahead,
Hey, Prez!? I told you not to take pictures!
but even at a slow pace or a detour, I'll give it my all.

Page 32

I'm sure what bonds Sora and me
But photos are the basics of creating memories!!
is something that lies beyond poetry.

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