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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Soukai no Eve 4

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jan 4, 2012 00:30 | Go to Soukai no Eve

-> RTS Page for Soukai no Eve 4

Reserved for Death Toll

PM me if you have any questions regarding the translation.

Soukai no Eve Chapter 4

Page 01

(That's the proof of their connection...)
I'm so happy...
Fourth Night: Unknown World
I'll treasure it!

Page 02

(Sender: Shiina // Yahoo~ // Looks like I'll be really late, but the weather is so great (^o^) The sky is so blue, which leaves me with a good feeling. It's the same beautiful and deep blue as the strap, you gave me yesterday~)
A circuit high school bus is missing?
The bus is gone? Isn't it a hijacking? // It's such a big thing, someone is ought to have seen it.
The driver is alright?
He said when he turned around from picking up garbage from the road, the bus was gone...
Shiina was on that bus too...
Can you believe this? He said the thing he picked up was a "Crocodile of size unknown to man". // How could something like that be in the middle of the city.

Page 03

After this mail,
I couldn't contact her anymore...
The bus vanished somewhere---
The students on board are missing. // And no one knows if they're safe...
Shiina is one of them...
She takes good care of others,
smiles a lot
and is quick to sulk when you speak to her without looking her into her eyes.
Geez! Ryou-kun! Are you even listening to me!?

Page 04

just be safe...!!
(Sender: Shiina // Ryou-kun, I'm okay, but I want to see you...)

Page 05

(Ryou-kun, I'm okay, but I want to see you.... // From Shiina)
She's okay. // I'm so relieved...
Excuse me, I'm a relative...
She's alive...!

Page 06

She's okay!!
Shiina is somewhere out there!

Page 07

We're alive...

Page 08

----Two nights passed. // Outside... there are some scary animals.
Help has yet to arrive.
We ate all of our food.. // Though we have left a bit of snacks..
Ryou-kun.... // What should I do...
Eh, you went to the neighbouring town library for this?
'Cause you were saying how much you wanted to read it.
(It's my thanks for helping me with my homework.)
I would have just given up on it with time...
Waiting just doesn't suit my nature.
...You just thought that I act without thinking, right?
No... I just thought you were amazing...
I love that part
about you.

Page 09

Just sitting here won't solve anything. // When you talk about my only strong point...

Page 10

Looks like the worst is over now---
so I, Watabe Shiina, will go out scouting!
What the? // Just when we had that horrible attack!
They went away once the sun rose, didn't they.
So we better act while it's safe during the day.
Mhm, // you got a point....
We need to secure some water too.... Then I also will...
You stay here, Yuki.

Page 11

I want you to look into if the bus still is able to move.
And when something scary appears again, you can fend them off with your speciality, the Tsuki. [Tsuki is a Kendo move, where you aim for the throat of your opponent]
(With my bamboo blade.... huh.)
Someone else
who wants to go with me----?
Well, figures.
Then I'll go alone. // Give me your empty bottles, girls!

Page 12

I'll accompany you.
W- // Why are you going, Anna-senpai?
Just let those go that want to go.
Aw, geez, if we had a boy now
we could just leave it to him...

Page 13

I also // want to join the scouting!
You're the youngest one here,
so stay here with me in the bus, okay?
I'll listen to what you tell me
and abide by our promise.

Page 14

So you too have to listen to what I say, // okay?
Ayu-chan, // let's go.
...What was that, geez... // Even Anna-senpai...
(She just should left it to her...)

Page 15

But are you sure about this, Ayu-chan?
You could have just stayed with Izucchi.
Should I carry the bag?
I- It's fine!
Ah, // Umm,
I I'm in a sports club, so I'm quite confident about my stamina. (Let me carry it!)
I see. // Please do then.

Page 16

And... Anna-san? // Thanks for coming too.
(Though it surprised me)
Just Anna is fine.
I thought if your school sends out one, // then our should send one out too, to be fair.
(Besides) The ones feeling the most hungry, // were my juniors.
That's right!
..... // Ah.
Reminds me, I still need to offer you an apology.
Huh? // What?
Over? What is over? The apollo? [meaningless stuff from Ayu as he mishears the polite spoke line of Anna-.-]

Page 17

a member of the flower arrangement club....
(Ehm, so what...?)
Oh, I know!
(Because I mentioned the sport club before for my stamina)
You're saying sorry now that you're not part of a sports club?
(T- That was hard to tell!!)
Y- You're quite the airhead?
(I get told that a lot=
What is that so called airhead...?

Page 18

Sorry, sorry. // I just thought by myself that you're quite complicated.
(And inaccessibly)
I get told that a lot.
The flowers sure are beautiful. // The green too... During day it resembles paradise.
Yeah, we might find some fruits. // Then if you only can get some water too...
then all would be... well...
Ah, right. Right here
I sensed some strange presence before...

Page 19

*little chicks squealing all over panel 2*
(From the bushes, something....)
Oh, my...
(Wah) So cute!!
Hey, wait....!

Page 20

Shiina-san! // It's water!!
I found water---!!!

Page 21

Wah--- what clean water!!
That settles our water problem!
Let's hurry and fill up the bottl----
A- // Anna??
It's because I haven't taken a bath in three days. // I at least want to freshen up...
(Yep, yep)
I understand!

Page 22

I'll go in too----
Kyaa, so cold.
You come in too, Ayu-chan--
U- Um- U- Umm--
I'll fetch water over there----!!
No need to be that embarrassed...

Page 23

But // this feels really great~
We have to tell the others about it too.
(It was impossible for me, because it was too embarrassing)
Thank you // for showing us the water.
Where are they taking it?

Page 24


Page 25

Sorry for the wait! // Shall we go?
Just now, // over there
Let's go?
A high up spot?
From there we might spot some man-made // stuff like
electric cables or smoke from a village---

Page 26+27

We had a bit of hope // that we might see a airplane in the sky // or a boat on the sea.
Remember how I referred to this place as paradise before?
Saying how beautiful it is.
"Flowers bloom, fruits ripen"
"A river flows calmly"
"But there were"
"just two humans"
[Box:] But there was nothing.
"And god created man in his own image, just two"
"Just Adam and Eve and no one else-----"
Here is---

Page 28

no one besides us....?
(Before their eyes lies the beautiful, yet cruel reality!!)

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