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Tokyo Girls Destruction 8

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jan 10, 2012 17:31 | Go to Tokyo Girls Destruction

-> RTS Page for Tokyo Girls Destruction 8

Reserved for Lazy Ass Scans

PM me if you have any questions regarding the translation.

Tokyo Girls Destruction Chapter 8

Page 01

Who are you...
A pal of these guys?
N- No way...
(The worst timing----!)
When she finds out that's Burai Sachiko...

Page 02+03

Chapter 08: Compensation of kindness
those two will end up fighting!!
(Volume 1 goes on sale on 14th of January!!)
Don't know who you are,
but I can tell clearly that you're no average student!
So what's the deal?
You coming at me or not?

Page 04

Sasarano-san, run!!
I- It's dangerous here!
Huh? As if I, with my fighting over dose, would be afraid of a fight and turn my tail!
You stand back if you're scared!

Page 05

Page 06


Page 07

Not bad!!
I haven't meet anyone as strong as you since I came here!!

Page 08

S- Stop!

Page 09


Page 10

Geh... *cough*
Damn, my eyes...
Go back for today!
Please, just go!!

Page 11

T- Thanks.
don't need me.

Page 12

I made her angry...!?

Page 13

Where's she...?
W- Who knows...

Page 14

Burai-san didn't come to the room yesterday...
She's angry after all that I chased her away when she specially came to help me..
After that, Sasarano-san was still in trance and not accessible. To clear this misunderstanding I need to explain it to her properly.
I have to stop her from fighting Burai-san...

Page 15

Amesu-san, class is already starting.
Where do you plan to go off to?
W- Well...
Ice Yagiyuuin!?
Next class is hold together with the Wind Class,
so please tell everyone.
Ah... Okay...
Wind Class!?

Page 16

If it isn't Amesu!
Wah, you look so pretty.
I don't really like tight clothes.
Well, more importantly,
it's about the fellow from yesterday.
Do you know where she went?

Page 17

N- No.
That... Ah...She just vanished..
Be quiet.
Class is starting.
Y- Yes.
Then like I explained, split into your groups and start practicing.

Page 18

Then I'll drink first.

Page 19

...Excuse me.
I feel a bit unwell..
O- Okay.
What's with her suddenly?
GEh, damn SWOT.
She acts all big, but her legs gave in so easily. [From sitting in Seiza]

Page 20

Uhh... Ohh..
S- Sasarano-san...? // Are you okay?
M- My stomach...
T- To-

Page 21

What happened to
those two...?
I'm... completely empty now...
I... feel finally better..
Where the hell did that pain come from...?
I thought I would die..

Page 22

I'm Yagiyuuin from the Fog Class.
Well, that aside,
seems like you had some trouble too.

Page 23

What you mean?
What I mean is...
you better be careful around
that girl Amesu Kumi.
Now excuse me.
Hey! Wait...
Amesu did...?

Page 24

Can't be...
We're late because of changing clothes, meow! Go, Go, cafeteria!
H- Hey...

Page 25

Sasarano-san didn't come back after that.
So I couldn't tell her the truth...

Page 26

Are you okay, Mineko?
That hurt, meow!! Where do you have your eyes!?
Who do you think we are, meow!!
You no-badges shouldn't look down on the Amesu Faction, meow!
S- Stop it, Mineko!
You're a no-badge too.
What's the Amesu Faction?
Now you said it, meow! You won't be forgiven later even if you apologize, meow!!
Listen and be in awe, meow! The Amesu Faction is backed by...

Page 27

that Burai Sachiko, meow!!
Stop it already, Mineko!
Don't sweat it. They will be scared, meow.
Did you hear that?
Sara-san! Did you hear that just now?

Page 28

I indeed heard it.
Both Burai-san and Sasarano-san are important to me...
that's why I don't want them to fight each other...
The talk about you being backed by Burai Sachiko.
(A dangerous outburst----!)
Explain yourself, Amesu!

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