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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Hajimete No Aku 132

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jan 21, 2012 18:42 | Go to Hajimete No Aku

-> RTS Page for Hajimete No Aku 132

Reserved for Whale-chan

PM me if you have any questions regarding the translation.

Hajimete no Aku Chapter 132

Page 01

Hello, everyone. The beauty of justice, Kurosawa Akira here.
The busy summer vacation is over and we're already 2 weeks into the 2nd term----
For me, the Vice Student President, the 2nd term is a busy time.
That's because we have the school's two biggest events, // the culture festival and the sports festival.
(Student Council Room)
(The main character this time is this girl, Kurasawa.san!!)
I was forced into the position, but it's worth it.
Well, I guess it's in my nature.
Now then, today too with energy---
A shrill scream from a girl!!
What's going on!?

Page 02

Y- You can't--- Don't change clothes here!!
Mh? But the president told me to wear this.
Nice!! Nice stripping, Oogami-chan!! // You're a goddess!!
*click* x2
(For some reason Oogami-chan is changing clothes!?)
Chapter 132: Kurosawa's splendid day
Ah, Kurosawa-senpai!! Please stop her!
Let's be energetic.

Page 03

So, this round face guy is the student council president, Kimura Yoshihito.
(Uwaaa. My digital camera----!!)
He's a pervert true to his desire. It's mysterious how he wasn't recalled up till now, when he's doing his job just casually.
And this girl is Midoritani Hanako, the secretary.
Sorry, that I couldn't stop her...
She was also forced into the student council.
She's shy and not good with boys. She's trying her best to overcome this,
Hana-chan, comfort me!!
but she's targeted like this. How unfortunate. Seems her phobia against boys will get even stronger.
Well, that's all the members---

Page 04

What you're you doing!?
This is the student council room! Go fool around somewhere else----
Ah, let me introduce her. She's our new member, Oogami-chan!
Well, you know, we hadn't had an accountant, right?
Her specs are too great to ignore!
Her grades are in top nation-wide! Her fighting talent is on par with yours, Kurosawa-san! And her boobs!!
And what's more her obedience, where she cosplays without a single complain!!
I have to add her to my harem!!
I got lunch tickets, you see.
Greedy, huh...

Page 05

Well, with that I'm now a member, but I'm not familiar with the student council.
We were kinda hostile before, but this must be some kind of fate---
Please guide me, Senpai!
Mhm... It cannot be helped. We won't get anywhere when I always only see her as an enemy---
And she even saved me back in the case with Shinohara-----
As her senior of the student council, I need to guide her, not only because out of gratitude!
I understand. Fine. // I'll instruct you strictly!
That's my vice! Such a kind soul!
Fufufu. It's only obvious. I'm the Vice President after all.
Then, please take care of the work for today together!
Leave it to us! Let's go, Oogami-san!
Kurosawa-senpai got the tedious jobs again.

Page 06

So, what do I do?
For today, we're preparing for the sports festival.
We might be the student council, but we got a lot of trivia jobs.
I see.
We get permissions, we give permissions, make calls or assign jobs. // Though the accountant has some other jobs too.
(Principal Office)
So, let's get all needed permissions for the sports festival here.
Excuse us.
Eh... Huh?
Looks he's not here.
Can't be helped, should we wait for a bit?

Page 07

By the way, the 2nd term has the sports and culture festival----
And the student council manages most of the sports festival, so it's an opportunity to show your skills...
*slash* x3
(Note) Kurosawa
Wha... // Wha...!?
I see, so this is the training room of the regent of this school or so, huh.

Page 08

There's stuff to train your edge-hand-hit and those are the previous masters without doubt!!
The school's boss who commands you and Akuno...!! I bet he's strong!
You're wrong!! Stop it!!
Damn!! She's even crazier than Akuno!?
Stop, stop---!!
It's because of the "Nebiros"... or rather, she's just a brawling idiot!!
What? Someone's here?

Page 09

Y- You girls----
To think you two swung that way...!! Kyaa!!
Uhh... Why must I suddenly suffer like this---
Well, I'm glad we somehow could fool our way out of that...
Okay, where's next? Ehm.... Going asking the Baseball Club for cooperation...
Are you even listening to me?
Oh, no! Basically she's the same as Akuno...!
Making her fit into society is also the duty of justice----
Here, huh.
Okay, let's go---

Page 10

We're the student council. We demand you to help us on the sports festival.
Why do you have to be so threatening!!
D- Don't joke around. You're threatening us!?
That's why we said we wouldn't help!! We're not in the mood for it!
They're rebelling.
It's a rule that the sport club provide some hands, but...
it seems they lost in the 2nd round of the summer tournament,
so they're in a bad mood since then.
Just leave us alone---!!
We're drowning our sorrow in diet cola!

Page 11

Oh, so you're just sore losers.
Getting all depressed just because you lost in the second round.
Well, but we're saying there's still need for you sore losers.
C'mon, cry in happiness, losers.
Don't fuck with us---!!
What's with her!! Like hell we'll help!
Actually, we're crying already!!
Don't act almighty just because you got a huge rack.
Damn, that's why I hate beauties!
Actually, date me!
....I see, she also knows...
how a loser feels, huh...
As a senior, I ought to...!
Well, calm down guys.
Huh!? You stay out of this, flat-chest!!
Then why don't we do it like this?

Page 12

I just need to throw this?
Yes. With all your might towards me.
Okay! Hit it out, Yatabe!!
Show them our real skill!!
Fufu, helping them when we can't hit her pitch, huh?
Then I'll shut them up by showing them my skills..!!
But I have never done baseball before---
No problem! With your physique, you'll make it even if you have no experience. // I, who fought against you, guarantee it.
You're... believing in me...!?
Okay, leave it to me.

Page 13

Fufu... Just recently we were enemies and to think that we're a battery now.
There are sure interesting happenings in this world.
I wonder how others see us?
Well... I'm sure, we're...
already real friends----

Page 14


Page 15

....N- Nice pitch.
T- That... was a really... good pitch....So good I want to return it with all my might...!!!
(Bring it on)
The next one will be even more powerful!
U- Umm, we're sorry. We admit defeat...!
We're really sorry...!!
And with that, we gained the support of the baseball club. // Today's work is done. I'm tired...
Well, good job.
Nothing less from you, Kurosawa-san! You got their support!!

Page 16

Haha, you're giving us the right credit! [the opposite of "You're giving us too much credit"]
Well--- You have done well too, Oogami-chan!
That's the girl I got my eyes on!
Okay! I'll buy some juice for the welcome party!
Cola for me! Without carbon dioxide!
Ah, then I'll put the these documents away.
So tired.
Geez, what a ruthless day----
Oogami-san left her clothes laying around----
Geez, she's so crude... Can't be helped...
But well, I think we got closer.
I feel like I gained something important for my justice---

Page 17

What's this...!? Her nutrients going into some useless place...!!
Can I really get along with her!?
Might be impossible..
N- No, no. With time, I'll also fit in.
I can't give up! For my justice....!!
Right, I'm sure in about a year, I'm also this size!
Ufufu! // Just kidding---

Page 18

Ah... No...
This is....!!
Don't mind?
Uwaaaa, she was an enemy after all---!!
Looks like being the Vice President isn't easy.
(That was Kurosawa-san going splendidly through the comedy of a wrecked day.)

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Bomber D Rufi, Nanaya Kiri, AxelHUN

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#1. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2012
Thanks for picking this up PROzess. I'm sure you'll be the hero of the net while I keep my 'villainy' mantel, lol.
#2. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2012
Me being a hero at this point is as likely as you becoming the richest man alive :)

But hey for my buddy whaley, I would jump down a bridge.
#3. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2012
As soon as you said that it started raining money. :-P But yeah, whale-chan is cool peeps. If Aku hadn't spun into serious harem country I woulda kept it up. Seeing that you're a whole rank above me anyway the series is in better hands I think.
#4. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2012
You sure know your flattery :)
/me blushes
#5. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2012
It's not flattery if it's the truth.

Though question; For Otsumekata-chan, will you be keeping my naming convention or....? I realize I took a LOT of liberties with the series (while keeping it as accurate as I could.) I'm not saying you've gotta stick with what I had since it's your series now but it may be easier for the fans?
#6. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2012
Otsumekata-chan, who?

I haven't read any of the previous chapters...
I'll translate the names as I see fit and the proofreader will change it if necessary to keep unity.

But, yes I agree with sticking to previously translated names to avoid confusion.
#7. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2012

Oooh okay. She's a robotic maid who's like Kyouko's double. Otsumekata litterally means 'the second one', so I figured I'd go with 2.0-chan. I'm open to any questions you might have about why I went with certain things (like Jiro & Yuki's way of speaking and whatnot.) Though it's absolutely fine if you want to dump them for whatever suits you best. Er..do you have a translator forum? It might be easier to discuss things there. :-P We're border lining on 10 comments. If...anyone cares.
#8. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2012
Translator forum?
Wut? You mean a translator thread here? Then, no.
And I don't see a problem about posting here^^
I mean, it's about the series.

And as I said, I haven't read any chapters, so I likely won't adapt your "way of speaking" for certain characters.
Again, that's up to the proofreader, if he wants to put in so much effort.

And 2.0-chan sounds pretty reasonable :)
I like it. When it pops up, I will use it :)
#9. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2012
Heh well whatever works. I did take a lot of liberties with things since I'm not one to simply reiterate the Japanese when I translate. I translate manga in English for English speaking fans so I'll use euphemisms from the language when appropriate. Of course I tried not to change the meaning too much, and leave liner notes when I end up raping a joke or something.

Glad you like 2.0-chan. :) I don't recall seeing her in the last few chapters (Still reads raws) so you may not have to deal with that soonish. Does this mean you'll be doing the series here on in?

And fine by me~ We can keep commenting here. Although I hate what it's become, it's still a kid I spent three years with. So I'm just worried about sending it to school so to speak~
#10. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2012
The point of translating is to convert the text into something the aimed audience understand, so naturally literal translation are no good.
I'm using english euphemisms too, though not much as I would like, since I'm no native speaker T_T

As for continuing, Imperial will continue to search for a new permanent translator for this. I will just pinch in until they have. I don't know yet how long it will last.
I might get bored of the manga in 2 chapters.... or in 20, who knows. We'll see.
But it's a plus point that's just 18 pages :) I like weeklies better than monthly.
Even if by chance they should actually have more text than a monthly.^^
#11. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2012
You know, I think we'll get along just fine. :) Its annoying when people are like 'dude that's not exactly what was written'.

Makes sense. I just wish it would go back to being a slice of life comedy and put harem on the back burner. I wouldn't have minded keeping it going if it were like that. Whether you do 2 chapters or 25, I wish you luck. :)

Weeklies are nice except if they're Gintama. Gintama is two months worth of weeklies in a 19 page dosage.
#12. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2012
Yeah I image Gintama to be difficult.
All these references would drive me crazy alone^^

Kudos to you that you're keeping at it :)
#13. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2012
I am crazy. I've been doing Gintama for a good 4 or 5 years. I'm actually writing this from my cell in the Happy homes insane asylum.

In all seriousness, you're awesome. You've got like 800 translations, and you seem to be able to read seinen which is something I can't. :-P That's part of the reason why I only do shounen. (Though the other part of that is I like shounen better.)
#14. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2012
Well with enough effort anyone can get to my level.
I'm aiming to be a professional translator anyway.

And actually I'm close to 1000 translations. There a few titles that are too "risky" too add here, if you understand what I mean :)

And I'm the total opposite :) I don't like Shounen, but Seinen :)
At least translation-wise. Seinen titles got better plots imo.
I'm all for dark plots :)
Though the majority of titles that I have read are Shoujo :P
I'm just a sucker for romance :)
#15. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2012
I'm the opposite of you then. :-P I don't like romance, and while I have read some seinen, I'm a big, stupid kid so I love shounen adventure and action stories.

Risky? Oh right. I can imagine that. Someday I would like to take a Japanese class somewhere. So far I've taught myself through translations and reading and watching Japanese media without subs whenever possible. It's probably why I'm not so great at stuff without furigana.
#16. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2012
How can you no like romance T_T
All these sweet stories you're missing out on....

And I self-taught myself at the beginning too through Anime. Then I started using text-books by myself and once these weren't enough anymore, I took classes.
Now I'm studying Jap and Korean at uni-.-
Impressive how far I have made it, considering I just picked jap up on a whim....
#17. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2012
I no like romance. I don't get romantic in real life, so no need for me to read about it. I'm aiming to be single forever.

See, I'd like to take classes but I don't have the money for it. >_< So I have to learn through anime and manga (sometimes Newspapers.) I'm surprised how far I've gotten too, considering that I can read a lot of stuff without help (as long as I have furigana.) Even names are becoming easier for me.

I'd like to study Korean someday too. :)
#18. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2012
I just need these stories that melt my heart <3
Though I have read so much stuff already, it's becoming hard to find any good stuff nowadays T_T

And Korean.... yeah, well, it's a nice language...But I only took it because I had to had a 2nd languages for my Japanese Translator course.
Now they changed the course and I don't need Korean anymore, that's why my motivation is down in the dumps...
I'm pretty decent with the grammar, but my vocabulary totally sucks....

And what you mean with names? I mean, if there are furigana, what's there so hard about names? Or am I missing the point here?
#19. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2012
In seinen they don't always have furigana for names. Same for news papers and blogs and stuff. I'm saying I can usually make out a name even without furigana.

Yeah once you read enough of a genre it can be hard to keep finding stuff that tickles the fancy. lol I should be translating myself right now, I just picked up a new Shounen. (I have too many projects going on....jack of all trades, master of none.)
#20. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2012
Oh, I was assuming that it was referring to shounen names, since you said you don't like seinen^^

I'm happy that I have a more laid-back schedule regarding scanlation now.
In my prime time I translated around 20 projects for like 10 different groups at one time... Was really tiring.... And it doesn't even get much appreciated....

I'm just screwing around with a few series and granting favors to people I like, like whaley :P
#21. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2012
I've always been super laid back. Gintama and Boku to majo no jikan are the only series I do on a schedule. (Gintama weekly and Boku to majo no jikan every month.) Otherwise I just translate what I want when I want. It's not bad. I'm closing in on 600 translations at least. I envy people like you that do like 30 translations in a week. >_<
#22. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2012
Oh my, 30 tls in a week?
These good times are long over :)

It's a wonder if I actually get to 30 in a month nowadays.
Though I don't miss it. I'm quite busy with my university stuff... Exam coming up next week and I'm starting to write my bachelor thesis.... Classical Japanese, yay~

Well, we're doing this for the fun :) So any pace is fine.
#23. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2012
Ahahah. Well I'm lucky to get three out a week between two jobs.

Anyway I think you went offline, so see you soon or something. It was fun talking. :)
#24. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2012
What makes you think I went offline?^^
I'm just translating some "risky" stuff right now.
But yes it was fun to talk :)
#25. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2012
lol oh. Didn't know.

Just finished translating what I had too. Imma put it up now.
#26. by kewl0210 ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2012
Apparantly all the help I gave you didn't count at all towards your education, Rufi. How many scripts of yours have I edited at this point? About 100...
#27. by Deritof ()
Posted on Jan 23, 2012
.... Can't find the Raw nowhere... .___.
#28. by The1 ()
Posted on Jan 23, 2012
I dun care about shounen, shoujo, josei, seinen or hentai....as long as it got <3 girls <3 in them (oh and a good story (sometimes even good art) :p )

Muahahahhaha that's how great I am ;)
#29. by Nanaya Kiri ()
Posted on Jan 26, 2012
Thanks so much for picking up this manga (stuff got interesting later but I didn't how the plot was exactly moving)......I know you kinda picked it up as a side request but I hope you start to enjoy it.

again, I thank you so much for your translations
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