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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Hammer Mermaid! 1

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jan 27, 2012 22:58 | Go to Hammer Mermaid!

-> RTS Page for Hammer Mermaid! 1

New swimsuit series!!

Hammer Mermaid Chapter 01

Page 01

A kid fell into the river!
Oh, no... He's getting washed away!!
A kid? // That's bad!
I need to help him....
---eh, huh?
Somehow I'm in pain! // I can't breathe....
What's going on!?
Am I drowning too?
Aww... // I...
will die here...

Page 02+03

W- // What's this?
Chapter 01: Sinking Man
Surrounded my lively mermaids
The Hammer Man is
O- // Ohh!!?
going to yield to which girl?

Page 04

Wh- // What's this lucky situation!?
Aww... If you get so close...
I can't breathe...
No good.. I'll drown...
I'm drowning....!!

Page 05

Ah, good!
I thought you were dead!
M- Mr. Landlord! // What are you doing!?
Huh? You don't remember?

Page 06

Well--- When I was cleaning my car, I splashed you with water. // Then you suddenly collapsed and lost consciousness. (Hahaha)
..... // CPR because of that...
Here, that's yours, right? // You dropped it.
T- Thank you.
A new bike, huh. Nice. // Let me ride it next time.
Haa---- I feel like I had an awesome dream.
But it's all gone now.
Oh, no!
I'm going to be late!

Page 07

Ah, // Keiichi! // You're late!
Making your senior wait is unforgivable.
Hey, what's with that attitude when I specially came out here.
And you're just my senior by one month at the work place.
Let's go already!
Sure, sure.

Page 08

You say go... but where to exactly? // Wear the helmet properly.
You'll see when we're there!!
I'll show you something great, so look forward to it!
Geez, I switched to a 100cc when I got a girlfriend... // but I couldn't impress her with it.
I'm not your taxi, Saeri.
Mh? You said something?
.... // N- No. (H- Her breasts....)

Page 09

Pipe it up, // driver!
T- This is...
a fitness club?
Right! I have been swimming here since last week.
This way, Keiichi!

Page 10

They have such a wide pool.
It's quite the trouble to maintain such a size, you know.

Page 11

What's wrong? // You look pale.
W- Well...
Actually... I can't stand water..
The sea or the pool are just no good for me...
Mhm, that's unexpected.
Aww....The surface looks like it just waits to devour me... // Am I already drowning?
You might hate water...

Page 12

But you love swimsuits, right <3
How's it?
Don't tell me your "great something" is this...? // Eh, when did I get near the pool...
Keiichi, // look at me.

Page 13

It's indeed... great!!
Saeri.... // She had such a huge rack!!
N- No, it's not just Saeri!
Now that I look closer, there are beauties in swimsuits everywhere...!!

Page 14

Damn! If I just wouldn't be bad with water... // I would come here every day....!!
That's right.
I lost two kilos by starting to swim.
Oh my, how nice.
The water!!
I'll die!!

Page 15

Are you okay?

Page 16

My chest hurts...!!!
God, you had me worried there!
Mizushima-san jumped in and saved you.
is this feeling...
I feel that my chest tightens when I look at her....!!
Could that be what they call "Love at first sight"!!?

Page 17

Ah... Mizushima-san is the instructor here...
Hey, what are you being dumb-founded for, // Keiichi?
....Kei... ichi?
Your brain still hasn't gotten enough dioxygen yet?
You said you hated water.... // but to think you would drown in such a shallow pool...
Well... I... // In the past I nearly died from drowning...
Since then, just having water hit my head makes me...

Page 18

Really? Then how do you wash your face? // Should we test it?
Wait, wait!! I'm serious here!! (I would pee myself!!)
I don't want that...
If you don't mind, could you // tell me more about that incident?
About when you nearly drowned....
Well... I don't remember it at all...
What? // She has a scary look...

Page 19

Well, yeah, Keiichi is quite forgetful.
Like about the promise to respect me as a senior, // or about the promise to drive me home every day...
I didn't promise that!!
Well, it's true... It seems it happened when I was in elementary school...
Apparently... I was so scared that my brain erased the memories of it...
the senior course is here.

Page 20

Ah, // yes...
why don't you join my class?
I'll try fixing your hate for water.

Page 21

What was that impulse before....?
Could it really be love?
And she behaved strangely...
She was in deep thought while staring at me...
What's more she invited me to her class. // Could it be she also feels the same!?
I'm kinda hurt.

Page 22

Hey... Saeri...
I thought I had you charmed completely, // but you only had eyes for Mizushima-san.
Or is it that you like one-pieces over a bikini?
What an unexpected maniac.
But... // what you love the most lies beyond the swimsuit, right?
Keiichi... // you're breaking a sweat there...
You're a good boy.

Page 23

So you can touch me <3
Hey! This isn't funny!
It's not a joke.
I feel like I'm losing to Mizushima-san when I don't do this....
Besides you don't have anything to do until your clothes dry...
Wah... They're sticking to my hands... // So soft...
That's the charm of big breasts...!!
Now that I have seen them....

Page 24

I can't stop...!!
Ah <3
Ah... Keiichi...
Great... // That's the face I wanted to see... // A face filled with lewd desire <3

Page 25

Well then,
let me do something even better...
You serious, Saeri... // It's you who's lewd.
Suddenly doing this...
Goes for us both, right?
You're this hard...
In this situation where we might get found at anytime
we're both getting turned on.

Page 26

My heart is beating so fast... // Here...
Can you tell?
From her
bouncing breasts and slippery tongue...
her hot beating is transferred....!!
Can't hold it. It feels too good...!!
Aha... // So much...

Page 27

You're not done with just one time, are you?
Hurry and make me... // feel good too <3
AH! // So deep all of a sudden....

Page 28

Yah... // Great...
Wow... // I'm already melting.
we got the perfect body compatibility <3
Yeah... That's right.
She's squeezing on me so tight, not letting go...
Ahn <3
It's rubbing in and out... // It feels really great...

Page 29

Coming... <3
Hey, // Keiichi.

Page 30

You knew Mizushima-san?
No... Saw her for the first time. (Why?)
She was giving off a strange vibe...
And she called you "Okada-san".
When I only called you "Keiichi".
(Foreboding of a storm...?)
What does that mean...?

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