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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Hammer Mermaid! 2

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jan 28, 2012 17:48 | Go to Hammer Mermaid!

-> RTS Page for Hammer Mermaid! 2

What a sweet swimming lesson <3

Hammer Mermaid Chapter 02

Page 01

How I came to know about this club...
Visitor Survey // Name: Okada Keiichi // Age: 20 // Occupation: Student // Contact: // Address: Tokyo
From a friend... That one. // Me.
Motive for coming here...? // Diet.... Not that.
Advancing your swimming skills... Guess that's it?
The reason I came here...
is of course to overcome my fear of water, but...
I wanted to know
that girl better.
What's her real intent...?
Chapter 02: Warm water bubbles

Page 02

Thank you.
You want to tour our facility, right?
Ah, yes. // Also, umm... // Is Instructor Mizushima-san here?
Mizushima... you ask?
Let's see... I'm sorry, but today she works at the evening....
I see...
When she isn't here... // I better come back tomorrow.
Umm... Tanaka-san...

Page 03

Instructor Honami.
Could it be... he's here for a tour!?
Ah... Yes... // But he seems to be acquainted with Mizushima-san...
M- Mizushima-san!?
She's so popular...
Even though when I'm her senior, // I'm a klutz, unreliable and have a smaller chest...
At this rate I'll be fired because I'm useless!!

Page 04

I can't let her take all the individual lesson students.....!!
Excuse me!!
UWA!? // Since when were you there!?
He's pretty dense...
I- I'll show you around!!!
Eh? // But I want Mizushima-san...
D- Don't say that. // Please let me show you around!!

Page 05

O- Or am I not...
good enough....?
Her bodies is lacking in a few areas but she's quite cute....!!
I'll start the tour at the pool.
We have a wide pool with five 25m courses.

Page 06

And this is the pool for children. // It's pretty shallow, so even small kids are safe here.
And when you want to warm up your cold body and just relax,
we also have a warm Jacuzzi Pool with a temperature of 39°C.
Guh... I get nervous around water after all. // Last time I fell into it too...
Furthermore, // we also have a dry sauna and a lounge....
this way are our excellent shower rooms...!!

Page 07

I- I'm sorry...!!
I- I thought I would die...!!
I guess a useless Instructor like me should be fired, huh...?
No, no, no...
My hate for water is just abnormal...

Page 08

I can't get into the pool, or rather can't get close to it. // I can't even plunge my head into the water!!
N- No way! // You're even more useless than me!
What are you doing about baths!?
I'm somewhat okay with warm water. (I use a shampoo hat though)
A- Amazing!
That's not the part where you are impressed.
then, Okada-san,
why don't you start getting used to the water by relaxing in warm water?
Eh...? // What do you mean?

Page 09

Are you okay?
Y- Yes... // As long as it's not in my face...
The rental swimsuit fits you perfect too! // Okay then, relax and we start by paddling with your legs...
No... Actually, what's with this posture....?

Page 10

Ehh? I- Is it weird?
Rather than weird... // It's pretty embarrassing...
I- It's okay!
We're the only ones using the Jacuzzi. // Now then, try paddling.
H- How is it?
It's still fine.
Really? Then a bit more...
So... So extreme!!?

Page 11

Hey...!! Wait...!!
The splashes are hitting my face...!!
T- That was too extreme, // Honami-san!
I- I'm sorry....
...Hey, wow.
Her breasts...!!

Page 12

I thought I'll drown...
I- I'm sorry. // Are you okay...?
Yes... somewhat.
Rather, don't you need to get away? // You're sticking so close to me...
!! // I see...!!
When I hug you like this so you won't drown, // you can move faster, can't you...!?
Wh- What----!!? // What's she saying...
She's a natural airhead!?

Page 13

Well, it's great for me...
It should be fine... Not many people here on a normal midday....
They wouldn't look over here, right...?
Okay then.... // hug on me tightly please.
U- Uwa...
What a special swimming class...!!

Page 14

Good morning.
Ah, Mizushima-san.
Earlier, an acquaintance of yours called Okada-san came by...
Eh? Okada-san?
It's hard alright!
S- She must have noticed it. // Why won't she say anything...?
Actually, she too is... // kinda fidgeting around...?

Page 15

I'm sorry...
Eh? What is it?
Just when you were all fired up to learn...
I'm here having weird thoughts...
T- That...
No! Actually... // the pleasure is a great distraction!
It's like I can forget all about the training. Can I continue for a bit longer?
Y- Yes!

Page 16

By continuing you mean there!?
AH.... // Hah... Ah
My small breasts, which are losing out to Mizushima-san's, // are being sucked.
And a hard thing is poking me down there...
I- If it's a distraction...
If I can make you happy...

Page 17

She's going this far.... // She's a super airhead!?
I- It's okay. // Please move...
What you mean move? // For the training or...

Page 18

Ahhn // Move... Move in there.
Ah <3
Please screw the p*ssy of the useless instructor // who has sex with a visitor while calling it training.
It's so warm inside her! // It's so damn wet... This isn't the water, right...?
Ah... // Ahh...
Honami-san, // I'll take such pleasurable lessons every day....!!
Ahn <3
We can't dirty the Jacuzzi.

Page 19

So release it all...
Ah <3
inside of me....!!
So you're coming here for that kind of goal, Okada-san.
!!! // M- Mizushima-san...!!?

Page 20

W- Well, no... this...
I understand.
When you became able to swim
I'll offer my
everything to you.

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#1. by muitb ()
Posted on Jan 28, 2012
Thank youu really much ...manga is epic !
#2. by The1 ()
Posted on Jan 29, 2012
Dude... I'm 120% sure that you are doing this title for it's exiting plot and totally not for the swimsuits :p
#3. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jan 29, 2012
Too bad.
I'm doing it 400% for the swimsuits, 200% for the sex and 10% for the plot :)
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