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Translations: One Piece 923 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Hammer Mermaid! 3

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jan 29, 2012 14:33 | Go to Hammer Mermaid!

-> RTS Page for Hammer Mermaid! 3

Don't mimic at home. It's dangerous.

Hammer Mermaid Chapter 03

Page 01

Keiichi! You're speeding up to much!
Oh, yeah?
(Towards her, Go!!)
Hang on tight!
What's with you... // Suddenly the hurry...
I'll offer you my everything to you.
Perfect! // It's certain!
No doubt!!
Mizushima Shizuku-san...
I'm telling you, you're going to fast!!
She fell for me!!

Page 02

Which means...
(His growing expectations <3)
C- Can't breathe...
C'mon... // It's practice to hold your breath <3
Ahhn... Your form // is perfect <3
I see some great personal lessons coming <3
Chapter 03: Sweat and body temperature

Page 03

Okay then, Okada-san,
let's start the special training already!
M- Mizushima-san... // This is...?
While their mothers are swimming, // please look after these kids.
Well... but I want to hurry and learn how to swim...!! // And then you'll...!!

Page 04

You have a deep trauma of water. It's too early for actual swimming practice. // Instead of overdoing it, we'll have you get used to the water first.
So play with the kids in the shallow kid's pool!
Well... You might be right, but....
She's right, Keiichi! // You can't even plunge your face into the water, so swimming is impossible!
Well, your mindset is pretty close to the kids, // so it's a good deal!
Saeri, you....
Listen, kids!
Big brother here hates water.

Page 05

So you definitely can't shoot him with your water-guns!
...eh, hey! // If you tell them that...
it's obviously they'll do it!!!
Give your best, Keiichi!

Page 06

Hah--- Hah--- // Geez... How far do they plan do chase me?
Kids are really scary these days... // Rather than getting used to water // this is going to deepen my trauma....
There you are!
O- Oh no!! // I attacked an outsider!!

Page 07

I'm sorry...!! // Are you okay!?
Y- Yes...
Aww... your clothes...
Ahh... // Please don't worry about it.
I'm wearing a swimsuit beneath it after all....
W- What----!!?

Page 08

H- Holy....!!
So erotic....!!!
G- Guess... // I did go a bit overboard after all?
Ah, no!!
Not at all!!
Hey, I heard him over there!!
Hah!! // The enemy!!
We need to run!!
Eh? Eh... // W- What's the matter?
Later. Come with me...!!

Page 09

Sauna Room
Hah--- Safe. // They won't find me here...
You're overreacting... They're just kids, right?
But well, kids can't enter the sauna alone due to the regulation.
Why were you chased by the kids to begin with?
A ring...
Would you mind telling me?
So she's married, huh...

Page 10

.... // That's how it was... // To overcome your trauma....
Yeah... // Why are you here, Miss?
Oh, my... // I'm long out the age to be called Miss.
No, no! // What are you saying!!
It's true... // I mean, I gained 4 kilos since I married... // My husband even told me he that I have no woman charm.
So for dieting, I came here...
Her husband has too high standards!!!
But... If I sweat this much, // I might lose a few kilo.

Page 11

That's true.
But, hell, // she good a fine body!!
U- Umm... // Would you please not stare so much....
Her plump lines... look so soft...
Well... your body was just too charming... // I couldn't help it..
Oh please, stop...
But... My body starts to heat up // when you look at me...
I wonder why... // This is strange...

Page 12

I- It's the same for me...
Looking at you... // makes me all hot too!
R- Really?
I don't know why, but my mind goes blank.... // I can't think straight anymore...!!
No good, my reasoning is...!!
M- Madam.
N- No... you can't... // Please don't look so much!
Showing this body of mine... // to a man at this point is just...

Page 13

No, Madam! // Slender bodies are all fine, but!!
Ah <3
Your soft arms and plump tights....
Eh... Eh...!?
And your flabby breasts
have a charm not losing to anything!!

Page 14

I mean, I...
Looking at your body... // made me...!!
No way... // You're desiring...
my body....?
It's so hard....
Uwa... So sudden!

Page 15

Her hot tongue... // is wrapping around it....!!
My husband won't even look at me anymore...
She's sucking it to the root....!!
It's been a while since I had any... // Ahh... Wonderful...
It's really hot... and lively... // My body is twitching...
Her husband really... // didn't give her any...

Page 16

In here....
She was waiting for it so bad...
I can't deny her // her request...!!
Fuh... // Ah....!!

Page 17

I'm so happy...
Ah <3
I wanted this so bad...!!
My body was feeling so lonely all the time...
I comforted myself, but...
Wow... // She's tighten on me so hard as she doesn't want to let go...!!
This feeling,
Wow... So tight.
This hard thing... is what I love the most...!!

Page 18

Right... // I can't survive without this... // More... // Hit it deep inside me to make up for the time I missed on it!!
Ah <3
Your body is so soft, Madam. // it's the best!!
I'm about to faint from the pleasure....
Don't call me Madam.... // Right now, please...
Being so aggressive... // on her slippery skin...!!!
call me Izumi....
I- Izumi-san.

Page 19

I'm // already...
Ah, me too...
Give it to me, // your lust...
Shoot it deep inside me...
Ah <3

Page 20

Damn... // Sex in the sauna...
is suicide...
A- Are you okay, Izumi-san--
What are you saying as the youngster here...
The real show starts now <3
Housewives aren't being half-assed....!!

Page 21

That's the instructor for you.
Such a beautiful form.
I heard Keiichi // came here alone not long ago?

Page 22

...Yes. // He came to tour the facility // and decided to join.
Hey, Mizushima-san, // did you say anything to Keiichi?
What do you mean?
I mean, it's strange. // To think he would join a swimming class when he hates water so much...
It's a good thing to try to overcome your own weakness.
Excuse me, I have another class.
(Her anger surfaces...?)

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#1. by muitb ()
Posted on Jan 29, 2012
awesome !! ty , can i ask if these series are weekly or monthly ?(in country of origin)
#2. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jan 29, 2012
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