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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Hammer Mermaid! 4

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jan 30, 2012 18:46 | Go to Hammer Mermaid!

-> RTS Page for Hammer Mermaid! 4

The first cliff-hanger!!

Hammer Mermaid Chapter 04

Page 01

Hey, you're still not done?
I'm coming out now.
Taadaa // How does it look?
(Bikini or one-piece, which is your type?)
Looks pretty good, doesn't it?
Chapter 04: Nice flow
A- Ah... It's nice. // And it's easier to swim in than in a bikini.
Seeing her in a one-piece is a fresh feeling!
I didn't took you here
to ask you about that. // Geez.
Well, whatever. I'll ask your body.

Page 02

Hey, Saeri!
I'm asking you: between this one... // and my usual bikini, which is more erotic?
You got into the mood, right? // Our body compatibility is perfect.
Hey, hey! This is the dressing room. // If we get found...
It's fine. // You say that, but
down here it's already...

Page 03

Uwa // Look, Keiichi.
The mirror is reflecting our perverted side perfectly.
Doesn't it turn you on?
I'm also...wet down there...
Wait, Saeri...!

Page 04

Aha <3 // It's soaked already...
No choice but to buy it now...
So you can dirty it all you want.
No, no... // We'll be found out for sure...
W- Wow...
The swimsuit is encroaching...
Her sticky lips down there are sticking out...
This is foul-play!!

Page 05

Back or front, I can see everything of her!! // What a great situation!!
I would be no man if I let this slide!!
... // Be quiet, okay.
You too, Keiichi.
.... // Fuahhhh!!!
Ah <3
Keiichi... It's in!!
Ahhh... // So good!!

Page 06

I can feel the enormous elasticity of her breasts on my chest.
Keiichi, // Kei...!!
Hey! // I told you to be quiet!!
I can feel her soft ass on my hands...!!
I like it how her slippery spot // is sucking on me non-stop...!!
It feels so damn good!! // I'm already close to come...!!

Page 07

Fuuhh... // Hah...
Ah <3
What's wrong? // You're done pretty quick today.
Could it be the one-piece is turning you on so much?
What are you saying.
I can.. // still go on.
Ahn <3 // Ahhh!
Fuh.. // Uhh <3

Page 08

Your sperm is stirring up my insides. // Like foam it’s penetrating my body...
Ah <3
I can't hold back my moans....
I love having sex with you.
Same for you, right? // You want to fill me up plenty, right?
You can do it anytime, Keiichi...
It's becoming addicting...

Page 09

.... / AH
MH~~~ <3
Thank you for your patronage.
Why me...
You dirtied it, so of course you pay.

Page 10

I spend too much yesterday...
I'm already tight on money because of the club fees...
Guess I need to increase my shifts next month...?

Page 11

Ah... // I mean, Okada-san. // Hello.
You are working here?
Ah, yes.
Together with Saeri. // Though she's not here today.
Actually, did she just call me "Kei-chan"?
You are on your way home from work?
Ah... No. I'm off work today. // So I thought I would do some shopping...
But I must say...

Page 12

So far I have only seen her in a swimsuit...
But in the end, I'm on my way home without buying anything...
but her casual clothes aren't bad either...!!
Underneath is that sexy body of her hidden...!!
Ah, right!
Why don't we go grab a bite together!?
Eh? But aren't you working...
No problem!
I'll be done quick. Please wait!!
I'm sorry, my stomach hurts, so // I'll be leaving earlier today!!
Eh? // Hey, Okada-kun!!
Excuse me!!

Page 13

Okay, let's go!!
Was that really okay about your job?
No problem at all! // Please hop on!
Okay... Excuse me.
Oh! // Her breasts <3
Please hang on tight!

Page 14

Hoo... We two // are actually pretty similar.
Yes. Just that I got a degree and started to work after graduating high school.
Pretty amazing that you're independent at such a young age.
Oh, no... I'm not quite yet. // My pay isn't that great.
I'm living alone, so every month is a challenge...
Before I thought of her as a rather cold person, // but she's actually easy to talk to...
Mizushima-san, how about another glass?
I can't drink though because I'm driving.
Mhm, why not. But just one more...

Page 15

Good! // We have a nice flow going!!
(I'm drunk <3)
So... how is it going?
You became a bit used to water by now?
Ah! Right!! // I can finally wash my face with water!
Really? That's great.
It's all thanks to you.
It's because you worked hard.
And it's also thanks to the kids.
Hahaha... // They continued to shoot at my face even later...

Page 16

These kids quite like you.
First time I see her smiling....
So cute!
in the past I was no good with water too.
Eh? You were...?
But... // A certain person changed me.
A certain person...?

Page 17

My... // first love...
When she gives me this look....
Damn! I'll... // get serious...!!
That's why I'm sure that
you also can overcome your fear of water.

Page 18

Yes... I...
I'll show you that I can overcome it for sure! // And then...
Can I ask one thing?
Why are you so concerned about me?
Like how you invited me to your class when we just met.
Umm... And even that promise...

Page 19

M- Mizushima-san...?
Hey.. Mizushima-san... // Are you asleep?
She's... // weak to alcohol, huh.

Page 20

Actually, what do I // do now...
(Will Keiichi nibble on taboo!?)
When "swimming" is 100%, // then "washing your face with water" is around 10%....?
That would mean everything is out of the question...
But a bit of tasting should be okay....

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