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Countrouble 27

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Feb 2, 2012 21:16 | Go to Countrouble

-> RTS Page for Countrouble 27

Reserved for Simple Scans

PM me if you have any questions regarding the translation.

Countrouble Chapter 27

Page 01

(Tankobon Volume 5 on Sale)
(Confession -> Date, they're both being lovey-dovey. But they're not dating yet! It's nerve-wrecking!)
Yoshizawa-san, about this problem...
Mh? Ah...
You just substitute in alpha here after you used this formula.
Ah, I see...
Geez... The tests are next week, you know?

Page 02

Looks like you need some extra lessons.
E- Extra lessons!?
We'll study at my place at six today!

Page 03

(You're coming to me room. Its somewhat mysterious, // embarrassing // and a bit--- joyful too.)
Chapter 27: Unknown of the game center

Page 04

---And that's how
it happened.
Kueh~~!! It might be for studying, but I'm still going over to her house!!
I'm getting fired up!!
Ah... I should be going now.
Guess you'll be lonely, but please look after the house!

Page 05

---Geh, why is it a doll!
Doesn't that make me look pathetic!?
That Sasara, she's going out too often lately!!
Listen to my feelings, damnit!!
Reminds me, she's coming home late these days...
I'm a bit worried... Go pick her up.
Eh!? No, I don't have time...
When Sasara-chan doesn't come home you get no allowance next month.

Page 06

Because I have to search for Sasara now, my promise with Yoshizawa-san will---!!
First I'll give the game center in front of the station a try---
There she is...
(Enemy from behind)
(Enemy hit)

Page 07

What are you doing! Let's go home already!!
N- No!! At least let me finish the level!!
Y- You're helpless.
But we're leaving once that's done.
Looks interesting.
It's quite popular nowadays, isn't it.
Oh! If that isn't Sasaracchi!
You're here today too!!

Page 08

Ohh! Yocchan!!
Y- Yocchan?
You brought a rather dumb fellow with you, Sasaracchi.
He's called Kouta... Well, he's like that.
Hey!? Don't skip my introduction! Do it properly!!
So, who's she?

Page 09

She's Jocchan.
I met her on the net. We hit it off pretty well as our hobbies were the same. She's in 9th grade.
Now that I look closer, she's pretty cute...
It was Jocchan who told me about this game center, right?
So she's the reason why Sasara comes home late...
Ehm... Jocchan was it?
I would love you to stop pulling Sasara onto the path of evil!!

Page 10

Same to you Sasara.
Hey, what's he saying?
No clue.
Don't hang out with her!!
You're in 9th grade, right?
You know that kids under 16 aren't allowed into game centers, do you?
I'm sure your parents are worried.
So hurry and get home.
To begin with, a girl all alone at a game center is danger---

Page 11

I don't need your lecture.
I just came to hand that to Sasaracchi.
What's with her.
She's a good girl, despite that attitude.
No! You can't hang out with such a bad girl!!
It's already past 6!!
We're going, Sasara!!
No! Just a bit more!!
You played plenty already!!
Don't screw with me!!

Page 12

You just used a pinch move, right!? [Something like a move only available when on low HP]
This character doesn't got a pinch move.
And I wouldn't use it against a noob like you.

Page 13

Don't fuck with me!!
You damn bitch!!
I told her before.
Don't stare into the air!!
Say you're sorry!!
You're noisy.
You damn----
Damn... I'm a man too!!
Go, go, Kouta!!

Page 14

E- Excuse me...
I think it would be better if you refrain from violence...
Ehm, well...
What I want to say...
What's with you? You with the bitch?
No, I'm just a stranger! Never seen her before!!

Page 15

shut up, will ya?
This isn't good.
My magic stick!!
Make yourself like 10 times bigger to the hostile opponent!!
Go, Giant Kouta!

Page 16

Violence is just no good...
(*To him Kouta looks like that)
Oh, I forgot! I still had class!
I'll get scolded when I'll be late!!

Page 17

All fine now...
That's why I told you.
If you aren't careful, you'll end up like that.
Sasara might not look like it, but she's pretty much a kid.
I got worried, so don't drag here around so late.

Page 18

...Brother-in-law. [The term for Brother-in-law is also used for people who worry about all the trivial things and give advices or lectures]
Huh!? What you mean brother-in-law!!
That term is used for the siblings of your married partner!!
When and who did you married? And when did I become the brother of that guy!?
Picky boys aren't liked.
Y- You might say that,
but I got a date lined up right now!!
You have?

Page 19

Ah!! You just snorted!! You snorted, right!!
I bet she's from a game. (Just 2D)
She's not from a game!! She's real!!
I- I got a perfectly real girlfriend!!

Page 20

We... We already kissed, you know?
And even more... Doing that, you know? We're doing it non-stop!!
W- What!?
Just what's with her...
I'm completely late!!

Page 21

This is...
This is Yoshizawa-san's room!!
A nice fragrance...
(Is this heaven?)

Page 22

But there isn't going to happen anything by just being here---
For a while now, we really have only been studying---
Studying is no fun!
Ah! These cookies are good...
Eh... Really!?
I'm glad...
I made them because you were coming over...

Page 23

For my sake, she baked...
self-made cookies....!?
Now that's what I'm talking about!!
Studying together rocks!!
A- Are you okay, Matsushiro-kun?
Y- Yes! Sorry..

Page 24


Page 25

I'm home!
Sis, we got a guest?
Y- Yes.
Sorry, Matsushiro-kun, seems my little sister is back!
I screwed up!! Wait, little sister!?
Let me introduce her, Matsuhiro-kun...

Page 26

This is my little sister, Hisano.

Page 27

This is Matsuhiro-kun. He helps me a lot at school.
E- Ehm..
Nice to make your acquaintance!!
Eh... Huh?
Nice to make your acquaintance!!
Sorry, Yoshizawa-san, can I get a towel?
Y- Yeah, I'll get one.
Acquaintance, you....

Page 28

I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry. All my talk earlier was a lie.
We haven't done anything. We aren't even dating.
But I want to treasure this love.
So please, I beg you, keep before a secret---

Page 29

That's your idea of kneeling down?
I'm back!
I got you a towel.
Why are you massaging Hisano's shoulder...? (When did you get along so well...)

Page 30

Well, Matsushiro-san, that was his name right, suddenly said he wanted to give me a massage...
Hey, what are you saying---
Kissing non-stop...
Aww! I just love giving massages!!
You're going already? But our studying...
S- Sorry, but it'll be fine!!
But to think she was Yoshizawa-san's sister...
I have to retreat before the cat is out of the bag...
(Mh? // A mail?)

Page 31

(The little sister, Hisano here // Look.jpg // I got your mail-address from Sasaracchi. Sorry for being to rude to you today, Matsushiro-senpai. As her sister, I want my Big Sis to get along with you. So I'll give you a hand!! P.S. As an apology I took)
There it is...
Does she plan to have me drop my guard with that....?
I won't be deceived----
Mh? It still goes on...
(P.S As an apology I took a picture of my sister's panties and send it to you! // If you move down, you'll see it <3)
F- For real!?
No way! Sorry for doubting you!! I'll look!

Page 32

(see it <3 ->->-> Idiot!!)
I'll go home
and study...
(Well....It's his fault for getting tricked by this.)

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