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+ posted by PROzess as translation on Feb 5, 2012 01:19 | Go to LOVE SO LIFE

-> RTS Page for LOVE SO LIFE 33

Last public release for now.
Staff only from here on.
Reserved for Japanzai

Love so Life Chapter 33

Page 01

Chapter 33

Page 02

Page 03

Now listen here,
aren't you coming home too late lately?

Page 04

He helped me... Ehm... // studying...
STUDYING!!? // What are you there for?
I- I told Sensei about it. // I even called...
Nobody cares if you called!!
He's a man for god's sake! Don't you think you should be more wary!?
I'll be careful.

Page 05

Strange... Usually she would
(Geez, what are you saying, Nao-kun)
(Matsunaga-san isn't like that)
carefree answer like that.
Don't tell me, they already....!?
Something... happened!?
Eh!? // N- Nothing happened...!!
From tomorrow I'll be careful not to be late. // Night!!
Wait! We're not done yet...

Page 06

"Something", huh.
That doesn't
really count as "something", does it...
I just tripped
and in my fall

Page 07

our bodies
just had a bit of contact---
That's all it was.
That's all.
....That's all....

Page 08

Good, they're getting along well today.

Page 09

Ao-kun, gimme half.
My car.

Page 10

Akane wants too.
(Trying to endure....)
(Was no good after all)

Page 11

Ao-kun slapped me----!!
Ah (On the cheek)
Ao-kun bad.
What happened?
(There, there)
Ao-kun not bad.
Car no tire, won't go broom, broom. // So... can't broom around. Yah.
Akane want tire too and broom!!

Page 12

So they don't have enough tires...
Aoi-kun, could you share them.... // Akane-chan wants to build a car too.
(This set only has 4 tires.)
We want to play happily with you two...
When you two are fighting... maybe we should go to a different house...
EH!? Block-san, you're leaving!?
We love Aoi-kun and Akane-chan, but we have no choice...

Page 13

One for you.
I wonder how long this trick will work...
Aoi-kun! You were a good boy to share with Akane-chan, // so you can apologize for slapping her too, right?
Good boy!
As a reward, finally some fly~ fly~ again.
(Ah, Akane too)
Okay, then you next, Akane-chan.

Page 14

There's a difference in their weight!?
Eat snacks <3

Page 15

----No- // No worries! They're still just 2....
As long as I properly portion their food...
more <3
That's all for today. Tomorrow, okay.
Then~~~ // One moa <3

Page 16

Akane-chan... If you eat any more, you... Ehm... // You'll turn into a pig..!
I will.
No good!!
[Book:] Healthy Menu
Huh? // You're dieting, Shiharu?

Page 17

Ah... // No. It's not like that. // Ehm...
Shiharu is dieting!?
No...I said---
Just what don't you like n your body!?
(What's wrong?)
Are you picking a fight, huh?
(One easy to gain weight)
Calm down, Rio-chan...! // Don't they say that girls adore the model figure, but men like the plump type.
My clothes won't fit when I'm fat!!

Page 18

Right... // Specially with T-shirts I feel that having not much of a chest looks better...
Yes, yes! Or you can't raise your panties over your thighs.
Then you just need to wear a one-piece all year.
All year~~? Lame.
It'll be still a while until Akane-chan watches over her weight on her own...
After all I need to step in....!
So with that...

Page 19

I think it's only natural that there's a weight difference between them, // but I thought about cutting back a bit on the snacks...
I see. // I'll be careful not to give them any too.
Yes! // Please!
We're talking normally to each other.
Nakamura-san is
Guess "that"
wasn't good after all...

Page 20

(He's playing with it...)
You're already done, Aoi-kun?
He ate so few...
Aoi-kun, // when you're stomach is already full, I won't force you.
But if you don't eat your vegetables you won't grow big like Cosmo Ranger.

Page 21

Ideal Form
I'll eat.
Ah // wow!
*munch* *munch*
Grosch bischer?
Yeah, yeah! // You did.

Page 22

Tada, a scale!
With that we can clearly see if you had gotten bigger!
Okay! Stand on it.
If this moves a lot, then you growing bigger!
Really! Yay!
Akane too!
How many kilo will you have, I wonder? // Huh---!? Isn't that a bit too much!?
Eh---!? (Kyahaha)

Page 23

----I'm glad
She's acting like usual towards the twins...

Page 24

Then... today we start from here...
The problem is
when it's just us two...
Uhm... Matsunaga-san...
About my studies... // It seems
I can't really concentrate when I'm being watched...
I appreciate your offer.... but I think it's better if I study // on my own.


.... // I see.

Page 26

Ah, // Nakamura-san,
Uhm, // that boy, Hayami-kun from yesterday...
What about Nao-kun...?
You know what will happen
if you lay hands on Shiharu, right!
How long do you live together with him?
What's your relationship?
What do you think of him?

Page 27

What's the point in asking that!!
Nakamura-san is my babysitter!!
There's no need to ask about her privacy!!
It's nothing.
Right... It's about next Saturday...

Page 28

I'm... taking the twins out for a bit, // so you can take off the day.
(Ah) Okay. // Saturday, right. I understand.
Saturday, huh.
Got nothing to do then now...
(Ah) But when I don't work, // I need to study...
I need to give me best
for the twins too...!

Page 29

*knock* *knock*

Page 30

Sorry for having you come when you're busy. // Come in---
Sei-tan, where's Shiharu-tan?
Ssh! I told you to be quiet here!

Page 31

No Shiharu-tan...
They're more obedient than before now, // so I thought it would be okay to bring them along...

Page 32

You have grown so big. // Come closer and let me see you...

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