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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Hajimete No Aku 134

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Feb 11, 2012 16:00 | Go to Hajimete No Aku

-> RTS Page for Hajimete No Aku 134

Seems they found a permanent one.
So this is the last from me.
Was a short run :)
Reserved for Whale-chan

PM me if you have any questions regarding the translation.

Hajimete no Aku Chapter 134

Page 01

High School Girl (3rd Year)
Member of the Drama Club
Actually a girl from a rich family
Likes Cosplay
An unexpectedly bold personality
Likes to talk about other's love
Has the habit to sexually harass
But doesn't like it when it's done to her...!?
Shinonome Yusaji alias Yuki. Her true feelings---!?
Chapter 134: Sports Festival (2nd Part)

Page 02

What has happened so far:
During the Club Relay race Midoritani tripped and ripped Yuki's costume. Unexpectedly (!?) Yuki started to cry. That's the situation.
(He made her cry~ Cry~)
A bit of trouble has appeared, but the race continues.
The 2nd race are the PC, Literature, Geography----
Wow--- To think we get to see a costume slip.
Well done, Art Club!!
(Midoritani in a big pinch!!)
Uhh... She hasn't said a single word since then...
It's my first time seeing her like this...
U- Umm, I'm sorry, Shinonome-san...!
Ehm... I was in thought and stepped on your dress...

Page 03

It wasn't on purpose....
Forget it, Midoritani-kun.
I don't want to hear anything from you for now.
So can you stop talking to me?
Hana-chan, I scrapped my leg, so I'm going to the infirmary.
S- Senpai!?
H- Hey... Yuki!!
Ah, Midoritani! Yuki is just a bit angry right now. // D- Don't worry about it too much!
Yuki, wait!

Page 04

Hey, Yuki. You didn't have to say that much.
Midoritani-kun was apologizing!
My Juniors made this costume.
Saying it was for my last stage.
She might have someone else she likes!
I was just stating the truth. To think he would get back at me...
I didn't think you were like this, Midoritani-kun!!
Aw, she's super angry.
Guess the damage was quite high after all.
He's depressed again.
It even was such a lucky event. Strange guy.

Page 05

I made her angry... How could I...
She hates me now... It's over...
Don't be all gloomy here, Midoritani.
Go apologize already.
It's no use... Today's the worst day ever...
I got too excited....
I can't face her now. I'm too much of an idiot..
That's serious.
And it seems Shinonome-san has someone she likes...
I better stop doing unnecessary stuff...
Well, if you want to be depressed, just be.
I have no time to take care of you.

Page 06

is that all your feelings for Shinonome amounted to? // She's hurt and you're sitting here depressed.
If that's all it was, just stay there depressed forever.
H- Hey, Akuno?
Jirou-kun is right... I'm---
W- Well, don't let it get to you. Not like it was on purpose, right?
I'm sure, she'll----
Uhyooo!! That's the girl from earlier!?
It shows all! Send it to me!!
Nice shot, dude!!
Wait, wait. Not in public. Let's go elsewhere.

Page 07

I'll transfer you the pic then.
Geh! These are some bad 2nd-years.
They got a shot of Shinonome naked? So envio-- I mean, how dare they...!
M Midoritani!?
Right! Now's not the time to be depressed...!
Shinonome-san is the one who got hurt by it---!
What I have to do now is---

Page 08

Hey, hey, Midoritani!?
What are you---
Mhm? Who are you?
We have an important meeting here.
Scram already.

Page 09

....Could you delete that?
It's not right...
I'm taking this!!
Ohh, the white team representative is impressive! She's blazing through!!
That's what you call overwhelming power! The white team is taking the horse-riding event too!?
Kuh, is she even trying to hide her identity!?

Page 10

Fufufu! Victory is as good as settled!
Nice, Kurozawa-san!
I won't let you!
Red Team's Lethal Weapon: Oogami-chan here!!
I was sleeping because it's too annoying, but---
I got a banana now, so I'll work hard.
Sure! Try me!!
Go! Make a turn-around!!
Midoritani isn't returning...
Did he really go to apologize...?
Geez, I can't really get into cheering now...!
Hey! Akuno!!
(No fair!)

Page 11

Huh!? Who do you think you are!
Actually, aren't you the one who stripped her? // Like you're one to tell us.
Haha. I see now...
Then, how about we do it like this?
Give and take! Introduce us some girls. Her friends are fine. // You're friends with her, right?
Ah, nice idea!
You guys are famous, so I know there are some cute chicks. // Actually, if you don't introduce us any, I'll spread this photo.
Hyaha! You're evil!
Like you can see!
Hoo. They piss me off.
No choice. I'll give them a little nap----
Because of me, you got to take that photo...
I know I'm in no position to tell you anything...

Page 12

But it's not about give and tank.
She might have someone else she likes.
This is just my selfishness. // Shinonome-san might hate me, but---
I still love her!!
So I'll have you delete it no matter what!!
Page 13

Bastard, know your place!!
T- These guys...!!
!? Akuno!
Let's leave it to him.
S- Sorry...!
But I'll definitely have it deleted...
Damn. Shut up!!
Die, you freak!!

Page 14

You did it! // They gave in and deleted it!
Yeah... Ouch... Somehow I managed it..
You got beaten pretty bad.
Ahaha... It was scary... My hand is still shaking...
But I'm sure Shinonome will forgive you now!
I'll put in a good word for you---

Page 15

Could you stay quiet about this to Shinonome-san?
It's all my fault to begin with. // I doubt she would like it when she knows others took photos of her.
Y- Yeah?
Then, I'm going to apologize to her now.
I won't back down until she forgives me.
What a modest guy. It was such a good chance.
That's just like him.
But who had thought he's into Shinonome!! When he's in the Watari Fan Club!
I doubt he would like to hear that from you.

Page 16

I put the costume away.... Senpai?
Oww...It stings... // I wonder where Shinonome-san went to---
She wasn't at the infirmary... Maybe the club room? // Mh?

Page 17

Uwa... Ehm... I'm sorry!!
About before.. Ehm... I feel really sorry about it!!
To repent, I'll do anything....
...Today's really the worst day...
My important costume was ripped. // I was stripped before a big crowd.
I... I also said some bad things to you.... // So let's say we are even...
Y- You know. How I said that the girl you liked might have someone else. // T- That was just my misunderstanding... Just forget it.
Eh..? I don't quite follow you there...

Page 18

L- Like I said! We're even now!!
I.. I'm forgiving you!!
(She forgives, case closed!! They got closer too <3)
No, but... I can't really accept that...
Gah!! I'm telling it's fine!!
T- Then just help in fixing the costume. That enough!?
Y- Yeah! But...?
Every cloud has a silver lining.
Even the smallest one.
Brother! Yuki-senpai! I'm so glad you made up!
By the way, the white team won the sports festival.
It's speculated that the reason was because Jirou switched the cheering with Yuki, resulting in unpopularity.
(A monster!?)

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