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Kämpfer 26

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Feb 28, 2012 23:58 | Go to Kämpfer

-> RTS Page for Kämpfer 26

Reserved for 13th Hour Scans

PM me if you have any questions regarding the translation.

Kämpfer Chapter 26

Page 01

It's alive.

Page 02+03

Chapter 26

Page 04


Page 05

Page 06

Page 07

Page 08

Alive... You mean a messenger like you!?
Well, yeah... It might have fallen asleep midway though.
Because he's like a gramps that passed his 80s.
*breathe out*
It's a deep breath. // Guess he's confused because he gets to talk after a long while.

Page 09

Ah... Ah... Eh... // Ah....
Ah... Where am I...?
You are...
Skip the details.
Do you know who I am?
Red Kämpfer...
Well done.
Guess you weren't sleeping just because you weren't speaking.
Okay, tell us. Are you a Moderator?
Then what? The fist messenger?
Something like that.

Page 10

I won't let you get away with telling us you don't know for what purpose
you're having us transform.
To let you fight...
Why do we have to fight? For what purpose? // It's not an imminent invasion of the world, is it?
I wonder how it feels to get your head or torso removed.
I'll talk. // I'll talk!

Page 11

If you don't fight, the moderator will be in trouble. I think.
What role have that moderator?
To let the Kämpfers fight.
....Ehm, I get what you're after. // About why they fight, right
(Calm down)
The moderator... how should I say...
isn't a humans from this world.
This is about a different world far, far away---

Page 12

---There two powers are fighting a never ending battle.
Both sides were mourning about the great losses.
Thus a neutral existence, the moderator was created.
The moderator then proposed a way for their twist to be settled---
And that was the duel between representatives.
The rules are simple. The one who wins the duel, also will be declared the winner of that world. // And to ensure fairness, it was decided that the representatives are not of that world.
That's why the moderator looked for inhabitants of a different world--- namely high schoolers of the earth. Splitting them up into red and blue, he lets them fight by having them transform.

Page 13

What the.
Basically, we're fighting out a twist for someone else?
That's right.
Just doing things as he pleases. // Aren't we totally unrelated?
(Ouch...) Not quite. Only those chosen by the moderator can become Kämpfer.
(Factors like age and other...)
It's quite troubling that he's going on his own. // Actually, because of that I ended up with a female appearance.
About that. You see, in their world it was the women's job to fight. The men just protect the house.
What the...

Page 14

....He fell asleep.
Let's leave it at that for now.
You haven't eaten yet, right Senou-kun.
Yeah, I'm quite hungry.
I'll borrow your kitchen.

Page 15

Okay, it's done.
The curry Mikoto made turned into Udon...!
----Friggin good!
...Hey, Senou-kun.
(So good~)

Page 16

What do you think about that story earlier?
We can't... really brush it aside as a joke. // Guess it's the truth?
I don't think so... // Kaede didn't have a part in it.
She must be involved. Burnt Alive Lion is hers after all.
Whenever we transform into Kämpfer, the entrails animals are always by our side.
Hey, hey. Don't tell me you're saying Sakura-san is a Kämpfer.
More like she's the moderator.
There's no doubt that Kaede is involved. // Unexpectedly a story thought up in the past might have taken shape.

Page 17

I mean, Kaede might be the origin of our fighting.
Wha-- // There's no way that THE righteous Sakura-san would be that...!!
Take some other girl for your imagination, not Kaede.
Stop your jokes.
I feel sorry for Mishima-san or Kondou-san...
And me too...

Page 18

NA TSU RU // you're here, right.
I'll just come in when you're not saying anything!
...Why is the President in your house!!
(How did she get in this time?)
That's what I should be saying!!
I'm your childhood friend, so it's okay! That's common sense!
I came to make seafood curry for you!

Page 19

Y- // Yes!!
Huh? You let me in when you already had the President here. // Is that harassment?
You just let in yourself...!
You too, Prez. What's your goal?
Why don't you sit down?
...This is the reason I came here.
....An Entrails Animal?

Page 20

...That's the reason why we are fighting?
Seems so. Though I think it's not the whole truth...
Mhm, no change.
By the way, Natsuru, // Did you ask the Prez about Ueda-chan?
(Ah, not yet...)
Ueda Makie---- The girl in the miss contest, right.
Mikoto said she was looking similar to the Kämpfer who attacked us at Sakura-san's house...
(Yep // Yep)
And the library girl, Nakao Sayaka too...
They're Kämpfer.
(Eh? I didn't hear anything about that!!)

Page 21

I don't know how many there are in total, but they started showing their faces.
A Kämpfer draws out another Kämpfer. Isn't that the reason?
It's a bit too fast for that. There ought to be a different reason...
I'll go play with Ueda-chan tomorrow.
Oh, you're cunning.
I plan to get a lot of info.
Because Natsuru is useless.
How reliable.
Hey, Natsuru. Why don't you see Ueda-chan tomorrow too?
Why even me... Isn't that too unnatural?

Page 22

....Maybe I should go.
Y- You will?
I'm not cooperating. It would just surprise Ueda-san, so I'll just watch from the shadows.
You don't really need to...
Then can I came to his house tomorrow to make food in your stead?
No way.
Go with me, Prez!

Page 23

Ah, did you wait long?
No. Not that long...
It's.. our first time alone together.. so I'm uneasy..
But... Let's give our best together...!
O- Okay... ? ?

Page 24

Let's go to the second floor.
What are we here for again?
Let's see. // They're refilling the asset of our school library.
(Ehm, the dictionary row was...)
For that we'll sort out and order stuff.
I wonder if I'll get anything to do...

Page 25

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. // Are you hurt?
No, it was nothing.
It would be a disaster if by chance anything had happened to you.
You, Senou Natsuru-san are famous after all.

Page 26

Ah, I haven't told you my name yet. // I'm Yamakawa Ryouka.
A second-year at Seitesu Academy.
I'm also a Kämpfer.

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