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Namiiro 2

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Mar 6, 2012 20:22 | Go to Namiiro

-> RTS Page for Namiiro 2


Namiiro Chapter 02

Page 01

HUUH!? What do you mean!?
Hey, you're too loud!
Namihei outburst!
How the hell would it turn out in having Inami-san confess to you?
A dream? // Was it a dream?
You're just voicing what I'm thinking.
So.. what did you answer?
(Hu // H?)
Putting it off.

Page 02

Page 03

This morning // I was asked out by Inami-san to the after party.
In our school that's basically // the same as a love confession.
Why me?
I only got to know her
and her name just yesterday.
Don't tell me, she's always been in love with me
and has just been waiting for the right timing...
That's totally impossible.
Congratz on such a pompous delusion.

Page 04

Anyway, what you mean by // "Putting off"!?
Basically that means there is a possibility // that you two will start dating!?
E- Even I // don't know about that!
Besides.... Even our program for the cultural festival...
A few hours ago
So, your class is holding a play, Senpai?
Y- // Yes.

Page 05

When I said that I like writing novels,
Takumi-kun suggested I write down a script.
Eh~ // Could it be...
Takumi-senpai will be playing a princess!?
I won't!
The cultural festival would turn into a horror festival at once!
Eh~ // I think it would be quite popular with a few boys.

Page 06

By the way!
I'm doing deco art!
I'll give you one for free, so please drop by.
Guess that will be popular with the girls.
What is your class doing, Senpai?
holding a fair in the classroom.

Page 07

Is what happened.
It's not funny!
What part of flashback did she get angry about!?
Actually, why is she in such a bad mood anyway?
Hey say,
it doesn't concern you at all, // if Inami-san invites me or not.
And as for the play, you were all excited about your photo club duty anyway.
That's... true, but...
I didn't hear anything about // Inami-san writing the script.

Page 08

Mh? Sorry, I didn't hear you. // What was it?
Forget it.
you're going shopping with me! // No objections!
I could never go against her when she was angry. I wonder why...
Ehm.... // Well...

Page 09

I'm sorry
for tagging along...
No, no! The more the merrier!
Hey, Takudiot, what's going on?
Ow! It hurts, Namihei.
Explain it within 100 words!
Ehm--- You see,

Page 10

Sometime this week, Inami-san and me have to buy stuff for the committee. // But at the moment it's quite awkward with jus the two of us. // So I thought it would be great for us three to go together!
W- // What the~~?
Umm... Am I a bother after all?
Not at all! // Namihei doesn't have anything important to do anyway.
I- Is that so?

Page 11

Sure, // a promise with me
isn't worth anything.
Chuckling so happily...
like an idiot.
...Hey, look here!
I don't get what you're so angry about! // Think about the stuff you say, when Inami-san is right here.
Right back at you.

Page 12

You don't mind if I blabber out your // "Bed-wetting incident in fourth grade"?
(Don't look!)
Or how about the lightning incident in second grade?
That's exactly why
you aren't cute!
Let's go, Inami-san!
Be happy forever!
Eh // Eh

Page 13

Damn!! // Thanks to stupid Namihei, I'm all alone // with Inami-san anyway.
Umm... // Shouldn't we go look for Namihira-san?
It's fine. Leave her be.
She's always been throwing long tantrums.
Is... that so?
M- // More importantly, found some reference material for your script?
Ah, // Yes!

Page 14

A psychological... and philosophic one?
You like that?
Getting to know about what people think // at certain times is fun.
Because you can't see into the soul.
I might have the desire to though.
H- // Hee~~
Like this

Page 15

Inami-san looks like a normal girl.
Could it be I'm the only one who's
overly conscious of the confession?
Umm, // Let's go look for Namihira-san after all.
I // think I somewhat get the reason
why she is angry.
I'm sure
she was lonely.

Page 16

I can't really image her like that...
Namihira-san is
a girl too!
Mm-- // But you know....
(New Kuruppo!)
I did... // it again...

Page 17

I haven't changed at all from the past.
That was a fight exactly like in the old times!
That's exactly why you aren't cute!
He's right.
can't I act cute.
If at least
I could behave like Inami-san
then Takumi----

Page 18

Kuruppo got a new merchandise?
It's a local character that we loved as kids.
(Ah,) But Namihei still loves it.
Since around middle school // my fights with Namihei always ended like this:
1) I get a Kuruppo doll.

Page 19

2) I give her the doll
My skills haven't rusted yet, // I'm glad.
and apologize.
I don't really like it, but
I'm sorry.
I'll properly stick with your shopping next time.
And 3)
I listen to her complains
I liked the other one better!!
and our fight is over.
Yeah, yeah

Page 20

Th- // Thanks... // I'll treasure it.
Huh!? // Wait, wait. // That's not like her at all!
Her usual self would say...
What a stupid face.

Page 21

Let's go home!
Namihira Natsuki isn't like that at all.
Because she says some untypical stuff like "Thanks"
end up thinking
for just a tiny bit
that she's "cute".

Page 22

Eh. // Eh.
Your confession towards Takumi
was a misunderstanding!?
Y- // Yes~~
My sister told me about the after party.
But I understood it as proof of deepening // your friendship when you dance together.
So I asked him out.

Page 23

Then, you just want to be friends with Takumi...?
I didn't know the after party had such a meaning~~
A fearful airhead...
Just call me "Natsuki", // Wakana.
N- Natsuki-san...?
H- // Huh~? When did you two become that close?
Heh // Don't butt into a girls bonding!

Page 24

I need to clarify Takumi-kun // about the misunderstanding.
Inami-san! // The meeting is starting soon.
Ah, yes! // I'm coming.
The three's relationship begins to turn---?

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