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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Namiiro 3

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Mar 7, 2012 18:00 | Go to Namiiro

-> RTS Page for Namiiro 3


Namiiro Chapter 03

Page 01

This is how I spent my
peaceful summers so far.
But this year // for some reasons
(Something might happen this summer...!)

Page 02

Thanks for wait.

Page 03

have come to the beach // with the four girls.

Page 04

Huh~? Was the stimulation so big // that you're at a loss for words?
Your face // is frozen.
Actually, are you sure it's okay for me to be here? // Weren't you getting together from the committee today?

Page 05

Akina-san insisted really bad, // so I came.
We often went to the pool in the past, but...
(Well, whatever.)
She's grown so well without me noticing.
Anyway, Wakana! // How long do you plan to wear that parker!?

Page 06

We went through all the trouble of getting you such a cute swimsuit!
S- St- Stop it, Natsuki-san~
Eh? // I should forget about the invitation to the after party?
I.. didn't know the true meaning of the after party.
I just wanted to get closer to....Ah,

Page 07

Umm, // I was envious how close friends // you are with Natsuki-san.
So, I would be really happy... // if you could stay friendly with me from now on too.
O- // Of course.
Thank you!
My first ever confession from a girl turned out // to be misunderstanding.
I did think it was...
strange from the beginning though.
For having a girl to confess to me...
Something on your mind?

Page 08

Actually quite the opposite. It was taken off my mind
and I should be relieved now.
...You mean
the after party?
Wait, // how do you...

Page 09

Senpai, that's no good---
We're at the beach, so making such a face is
Okay? // Smile~
Akina-san is always so bright...
Okay, // then let's play.

Page 10

Ehm... I'll build a sandcastle...
So you guys go ahead!
We're here together....
Don't tell me you're scared of the water?
(AH) Something like that!
I have a floating ring with me. // So no worries.
Okay... // then just for a bit!

Page 11

it feels weird to be dragging her in a floating ring.
Usually she's the energetic type.
By the way, Senpai. // Have you already decided who to dance with?
Rather then decide with who... // my actual participation is still written in the stars...
You're really dense, Senpai~~

Page 12

Takumi! You're finally here.
Hee // When did you become a swimming coach?
Don't look at me.
Hey, Senpai, // continuing from just now,
are you // waiting for a girl to invite you // to the after party?
I can't... deny that.
That... won't... do.... // Be.... cause...

Page 13

Eh!? // A- // Akina-san!?
What are // you suddenly...
!? // Akina-san!?
What's wrong!?
!? // What happened!?

Page 14

Better keep lying!
We're at a beach house.
I asked the owner.

Page 15

You collapsed in the sea.
The others are off to buy some drinks..
Sorry! // It's because I kinda forced you to join us!
! // No, no, it's not your fault, Senpai!
Could it be, you were...
feeling bad today?
That's why you didn't want to go into the sea?
....// It's not just today.

Page 16

To be honest, // I have a weak body!
Actually I have this serious illness,
which keeps me from doing excessive exercises~
And my doctor even told me not to go today.
But! // I wanted to go to the beach with you no matter what.
And then... // I got a bit too excited!

Page 17

To be honest, // I was stunned.
An illness.
That's // something that doesn't really fit
the always so energetic and bright Akina-san.
Because she was smiling and energetic
at any time....
...I'm sorry.
I don't like to have my friends being considerate towards me // because of my illness.
That's why I kept silent about it // to you and the others.

Page 18

Because of that... // I only caused you trouble in the end.
I'm... sorry for that.
That's not true!!
M- My summer // has always been just lazying at home.
But today, // because you invited me...
Even I was excited...

Page 19

"I don't like being considerate towards me"
Aw-- I can't say it well.
Umm... // Basically...
Your swimsuit is super cute!!

Page 20

H- // Huh?
What's with that! That was so lame!!
Hey, Senpai, did you know? // Time is limited to everyone.

Page 21

That's why // it's my motto to always have fun!
You too, please have fun every day // as to not regret anything.
You can't
run away <3
W- // What you mean...

Page 22

You're too close.
Akina-san! Are you alright now?
We bought some stuff like sport drinks.
Everyone... Sorry to have made you worry.
Senpai, your clumsy kindness // was conveyed to me.

Page 23

I understand the feelings of a girl falling in love
with you now.
If I invite you to the after party, would you consider it?
Ehm, that's---
Takudiot! I told you, you're being too close.
Now // that I think back---

Page 24

She // was always giving her best in the meetings.
She was treasuring every day by living it
to the fullest.
I simply let my days pass.
I never say it that way.
T- // Takumi-kun,
you did well today... // When you were carrying Akina-san from the sea,
Y- // You looked really cool!!

Page 25

Well~~ // Akina-san was pretty light.
Senpai, that's the point where you confess.
To forget // about the confession.

Page 26

It was quite the shock // when she told me that.
But // it's true that deep down I was also relieved.
Just one more month until // the cultural festival.
In the end,
what is it that I want to do...
(A summer where something clearly has started to change--- Next time, great progress!?)

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