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Shooting Star 4

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Mar 15, 2012 12:21 | Go to Shooting Star

-> RTS Page for Shooting Star 4

It's my honey's birthday!
Let the presents roll~~
Reserved for Simple Scans

Shooting Star Chapter 04

Page 01

Shooting Star #4

Page 02

Close. // But you're late by 1:44min.
Calls for a punishment.
Here, // 100 swings with the bat.
No--- This little should be fine!

Page 03

You can't go against Ken-chan, Ageha-chan.
He made our 100 sit-ups into 300.
1) Training for the band every day
(I want an ice...)
2) A meeting time you barely meet or not.
(When you're done, let's go onto practice. Hurry and stand up already.)
3) Punishment if you're late
All decided by him.
Right, he's a

Page 04

What does he think a band is. (It's just harassment)
So tired~~
I can finally rest.
(Hah, nice~)
*Ding dong*
Who's that~
Ah... right. // My home tutor is coming today.

Page 05

Long time no see.
Ah-- // Been well?
Sorry for // coming all of the sudden.

Page 06

No way. // You been well!? // Ehm--- What's up?
Uwa // Didn't expect that reaction.
(Come in)
Then what reaction did you except.
Hey, // it's a kinda urgent issue...
Mh, what?
I have a favour to ask.

Page 07

Next Sunday // we're playing a live.
And I want to you play too.
I'm // still having a band.
But about three days ago, // I lost contact with our drummer.
You're the only one I can ask...
Eh... // But...

Page 08

I have practice on sunday...
Just one day is fine.
We plan to play songs we already did // when you were still with us.
What would // he say...
I... // I'll think about it..
You changed your // cell number, right.
I'll give you my number, // so when you have decided, ring me up.

Page 09

See ya..
Daichi is one year older than me
and the one who taught me the drums.
*ding dong*
*ding dong*
I fell asleep.
*ding dong*
Now it's the home tutor.
Yeah, // coming~
*tap* x3

Page 10

You were sleeping, weren't you.

Page 11

Your parents gone?
Why is the devil here!!??
Let's get this over with. // Sit down already.
Why!? // Why are you here? // What for!?
Home tutoring of course.
Why!? // Where's my usual teacher!?
Shut up. // Stop your questions.

Page 12

Open page 106.
*hic* x2
He told me to shut up---
Really, // who does he think he is!!
Here // you do this.
He's so good at studying.
He's a right-hander
but wears his clock on the right arm...
Not that I really care...
But he's full of mysteries...

Page 13

Hey, // give that // back.
A guy?

Page 14

Hey!! What are you doing!!
(It's searing!)
Because you're lying.
Okay, okay. // It was a lie. // It's a guy from a group I played in previously---
Could he be jealous?
(just kidding)
He asked you to play drums for them?

Page 15

A guy from your previous band // hands you this piece of paper.
You were asked to stand in, // weren't you.
can he tell..?
You were // going out with him, right.

Page 16

You were going out while being bandmembers.
But something happened between you two // and you split up.
And at the same time, you quit the band too.
..Am I wrong?
You are.
Nothing was true.
Give it back now.
Is it really not true?
Give it back!

Page 17

I wasn't // wrong.
Why are you hiding it.
Most of people // have an increased heart-beat when lying.

Page 18

If you grasp their wrist // you can tell if they're lying // or not.
Why did I hide it?
Why? Why...
can he read me like a book?
Since you're not studying, // let's practice drums.
But // why
I'm totally against
of you being in two bands.

Page 19

can't I
read him at all....?
Why are you lazying around? // Weren't you going to music practice today?
Changed my mind.
I don't want to see him.
(Ah, my phone...)

Page 20

(Incoming Call // Kenji-kun)
Uwa~~ It's the devil. // It's gotta be about practice.
H- // Hello?
You're not coming to practice?
Knew it...
I don't want to today...
I... // I'll come tomorrow.
You don't need to come anymore.
You're just going to drag down the band by being busy with a guy. // So just quit. // Pig.

Page 21

*beep* x4
What's with him!?
Pisses me off~~
I'll quit for real.
I'm not staying in a band with him!!
Aw, see if I care!!
*beep* // Send.
(To: Kenji-kun // Title: No title // Okay, I quit. Farewell.)
(To: Daichi // Title: My answer // I'll play for you. Let's work hard)

Page 22

I'll find a new band
and work hard.
Why won't // he reply.
If you want to blame anyone
then blame Kenji-kun

Page 23

Hey // cut the electric here.
(Guss, bring the neon lamp here)
Thanks. // No need to take it too seriously.
Ahaha, really? // That helps.
We're about next, // right?
Umm... // if possible...
I want you to play for us // permanently and not just for today.

Page 24

cut my ties with my parents.
And I
still love you.
Back then
Daichi's parents were really strict.
Be it being in a band, // or going out with me.

Page 25

They were against both.
I was suffering from that
and separated from him.
Even though I really loved him.
...Is it no good?
It's not no good...
Give me a bit... // more time.
But // I'm really happy.
Right now

Page 26

I wonder what everyone is doing.
Uwa // Are you okay!?
What happened!?
The neon lamp fell // and broke.
You cut yourself!?
Eh // Is he a player?
Yeah. // Our bass...
You better go to the hospital with that.
This doesn't look good.
No, // I'm alright...

Page 27

No way...
Is there // someone you can take his place?
His place...
Everyone here today // isn't that good yet to play just by looking at the score...
I see...
Then... // the live is impossible...
No way...
The bass...
But // there's no way he would do it.
Just when I
finally get to play with Daichi again...

Page 28

Help me.

Page 29

No way... Why...
What are you doing, // Ageha.
Ageha-chan // you're not coming to practice?
You haven't been coming for ages.
Ken-chan said to create a song together.
So when the five of us are together // let's create a song together, he said.
Kanji-kun did...?
But... // you're

Page 30

quitting the band already?
You're up now. // You're going or not?
Gimme the bass.
You need a bassist, right?
Hurry up.

Page 31

You'll play?
In exchange for that
come back to us.
Because you're
still part of the band.

Page 32

Like hell I would quit. // Was a lie.
(Fooled you)
Tell me, // idiot.
With the swings I took // every day
my arms build up muscles
and I was told my drums sound stronger now.
From the beginning // it was all part of his plan. Once I realized that
on the one hand
I was still pissed at him...
but somehow

Page 33

I also
fell really
hard in love with him.
Sorry, // I can't play with you after all..
Nah... // It's fine.
Never imaged you were in the same band as Kenji.
You know Kenji-kun?
His my cousin.

Page 34

Why didn't you tell me.
You knew everything, right!? // About Daichi and me.
Eh // You only noticed now?
You're the worst.
Sure, sure.
For saying to quit.
You're.. serious?
(No lie?)
...Who knows?

Page 35

Why don't you find out by yourself?
It's fine.
I wouldn't know // even by grasping your wrist.
Oh, // impressive insight.
slowly but steady
I'm beginning to understand him.
That "sorry"
I won't ever be able to forget.

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