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Translations: One Piece 920 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Kangoku Gakuen 27

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Mar 15, 2012 22:30 | Go to Kangoku Gakuen

-> RTS Page for Kangoku Gakuen 27

Reserved for Lazy Ass Scans

Prison School Chapter 27

Page 01

Chapter 27: Take me to Sumo, she said

Page 02

(National Student Sumo Tournament)

Page 03

One of them might be the next Yokozuna. // I'm so excited.
Yeah... It's... impressive....
Actually I have no interest in it at all...
But seeing Chiyo-chan getting all excited about the sumo match is the best!
Reminds me,
have you eaten yet?
Eh...!? I have....
I just stuffed myself with a lunchbox...

Page 04

I made a lunchbox...
I have yet to eat lunch! (I'm so hungry!)
I'm glad. I made a lot, so don't hold back.
Eh..? Just riceballs!?
Uwa~ Looks good. Can I help myself?
Of course! I also have tea.
No.... These are made by Chiyo-chan! I feel like I can eat any amount of it!!
I'm digging in. (I wonder what's the filling)

Page 05

Mm... Just made with salt. Riceballs are the best when kept simple after all!
Right! I love them that way the best too.
I'm so glad~ I made them all with just salt!
Eh!? Carbohydrates only!?

Page 06

(Luggage Assemblage)
Looks like Gakuto has an easy job... (He just has to sit there)
But I haven't seen Kiyoshi for a while now. Is he skipping somewhere?
I should have gone with the luggage team after all~
Kiyoshi's still on the toilet?
T- That's right...

Page 07

Even if he has haemorrhoids, he's neglecting his work too much.
Indeed! Earlier I already gave him a scolding, but I'll tell him your concern again.
No need. I'll tell him myself.

Page 08

Hey, Kiyoshi! Don't leave your work for too much!!
Keep the toilet visit to a minimum!!
Hey... Answer me, Kiyoshi.

Page 09

Why aren't you

Page 10

*fart* all over the panel
Kuh... Just answer me if you're there!
Damn, replying with farting, what a disgusting fellow.
Well~~ It takes him a while to take a shit with haemorrhoids.

Page 11

Shut up! Don't leave your workplace!!
Uggg... ggg...
Kuk... kukuku...
Somehow it went well.
Fufu... I didn't shit myself for nothing.
He's laughing after being hit... (Scary)
Fucking disgusting...

Page 12

Oh~ Everyone's so strong~
*munch* x4
Kiyoshi! Hold it.
Let me take a picture of that!

Page 13

There's a rice grain on your cheek...
My first time seeing it in reality! (So cute)
Let's take one together.
S- So close...!!

Page 14

Uwaaaa... We're just like a couple.
This what happiness must be.
Sorry, Chiyo-chan... I gotta go to the toilet...
Okay, go.
Damn... Right at the best spot my stomach had to.... Did I eat too much riceballs?
I got a good shot.

Page 15

Oh no~ I forgot to close it.
Now Kiyoshi's bag is all wet.

Page 16

! // I hope he doesn't have his cell phone in there.

Page 17


Page 18

(Kurihara Chiyo) [No clue if that's how her last name is read. Can't find a quick source on it, so oh well]
my... uniform...

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