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Countrouble 28

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Mar 19, 2012 21:11 | Go to Countrouble

-> RTS Page for Countrouble 28

Forgot to add it last month oO

Reserved for Simple Scans

Countrouble Chapter 28

Page 01

That's when she was small...
This too---
And this too!!
This is too angelic....
(A quite one-family house, where our heroine was raised into a composed and mysterious mind. Actually why are these pictures...?)

Page 02

How long do you want to skip your work and look at these....?
No, you see...
Hurry and connect the computer!! I'm troubled here!!
Wha!? Is that an attitude to ask a favor!?
That's how you're going to play, huh.
So you don't mind if I tell my sister how you lied about the kiss and all?
No, it was a lie! Just a joke! Please let me to this!!

Page 03

Chapter 28: Love me - I love you
I was often told we "look alike"... That made me happy.

Page 04

You know...
I like my Darjeeling tea a bit stronger.
Brew me a new on!!
Yes, ma'am!!
She's a devil....
Satan itself...
Said something?
No, nothing!! I said nothing!!
How can their personalities be so different when they're sisters!?

Page 05

Actually, the tea reminded me...
how my sis really liked Assam tea when she was small.
And speaking of old times, she was also obsessed with Power Rangers and Magical Girls.
Saying stuff like "I'll become a magical girl and marry Ranger Red"!!
You know,
when I grow up, I'll become a magical girl and marry Ranger Red.
Hey!! Stop day-dreaming and get me my tea already!!
Y- Yes!!
Next day---
Okay, time's up. (Put your pencils down)

Page 06

Pass your answer sheet to the person in front of you.
Aw, one more day of exams. (Finally)
How was your test?
Super!! Thanks to your help I got more answers, I think!!
Then shall we study at my house today again?
Eh, really? You sure?

Page 07

(Yoshizawa Hisano // Matsuhiro-senpai // Come to the game center, where we met before at once. // ...You know what'll happen if you don't come, right?)
Sorry, I have a bit of business...
T- Then it can't be helped.
And here I thought I could have another go at extra lessons... Damn Little Yoshizawa!!
But I might get some info on Yoshizawa-san again like before...

Page 08

I'm out of coins, so go exchange some for me.
....Come again?
E- Ehm...
Exchange... you mean over there?
Yeah. So what?
I came all the way here from school to...
Like said, so what?
The kiss----
No, it's nothing!! Actually I love exchanging money!!

Page 09

Hey, hey, Matsuhiro-kun. Mogami-san told me about a nice shop before.
Want to go there together?
Yeah, I'll come!!
G- Go ahead?

Page 10

(Yoshizawa Hisano // Come to my house at once.)
Sorry, I have business again..
Ah, okay...
Nothing I can do about.
Then I'll ask Mogami-san.
Y- Yeah and sorry!!
No, don't worry about it!
Damnnn!! Just when she asked me out on a date!!
It was such a rare chance!!

Page 11

My room is a total mess, so help me clean it up.
It's time for the end-of-year cleaning anyway.

Page 12

Why do I have to turn down Yoshizawa-san's invitation to do this...
Killing my chance for a date...
Okay, now that it has come this, let's do it!!
The type who gets really fired up once he decided on something.
I'll make it perfectly clean!!
What's this?
Hey, Little Sis, what's this?

Page 13

It's nothing special!
You sure? There's other stuff just like this...
If you don't want me to throw it out, tell me where....
That... doesn't matter right now!!
It does. Tell me where to put it and I'll do it.
I told you it doesn't matter!!
Somehow, this is pretty soft...
What's it used for? Tell me.
"Pa" what? I didn't hear it clearly---

Page 14

That's a pad.
A bra-pad!!
You put them into the bra to make them look bigger!!
My bad for having small breasts!!
It's my one and only special weapon against my sister, who I can't win against in anything!!
That's what you found there!!

Page 15

T- That's what it was!!
(What a rare found...)
(Don't inspect it.)
If it's that important, tell me already where to put it!!
Ah, maybe I should roll it into a newspaper!?
I didn't say that!!
I can do that myself!
Forget it. Just give it to me.
No!! I properly need to finish my job---
Look at this. I found it at the shop today...

Page 16

M- Matsuhiro-kun!? Why are you...
Didn't you go to the shop!?

Page 17

You said you had business to attend to...
And why are you in Hisano's room...
W- Well, that's...
because of various circumstances...
That's... a bra-pad?
Why are you holding something like that...?
Eh, Ah... That's because!!

Page 18

T- That's...
a present for you!!
Well, I mean, aren't you lacking a bit compared to your little sister?
(I wanted to make it a surprise...)
Ah, I don't mean personality-wise, but physical-wise. What was it called.... volume? (I can't say where though)

Page 19

I... see....
You were looking at me like that...
I don't need such a thing!!
Hey, Sis!!
What were you saying--

Page 20

Fuh... Somewhat tricked her.
Are you stupid!?
What!? When I just saved the situation with my nice decision!?
No, no.. It's not nice, but a total failure..
Eh!? No way...!?
What did you expect... You should have just told her the truth...
No, but you said it was your special weapon!?
You can't have her find out about it, can you...
Aww!! But now she's angry at me!!

Page 21

Mhm, mhm...
I see...
According to the little sister, she's pretty angry.
It's good that you protect Yocchan's all so important secret, but what's the point in hurting your crush for that? Idiot.
I have nothing to say back...
Geez... What do you plan to do now?
Well... For now, I thought about going to apologize...
Heh!! You think she'll welcome you with open arms...?
That's... Mh?

Page 22

(Yoshizawa Hisano // To the stupid Matsuhiro-senpai // Right now, I'm taking my angered Sis forcedly out on a walk. // might happen //come to the Chuuou Park? )
Right now, I'm taking my angered Sis forcedly out on a walk.
Something good might happen if you come to the Chuuou Park?
Could it be, she....
Yeah... With that it's possible to meet up with her.
But what'll you do? I doubt just meeting and apologizing will fix this.
Please help me!

Page 23

Geez... How long do you plan to stay angry.
I don't think Matsuhiro-senpai had any bad intentions...?
Y- You know, he has some good points despite his looks...
I don't know!!
Geez... Sis...
Hey, look. It's your favourite PyonPyon Doggy!!
And in life-size!! Go shake hands with him!
Ah... Hey!?
PyonPyon Doggy!!

Page 24

Page 25

....Okay, it's do or die!!
With Sasara's magic I got "A full equipment of Yoshizawa-san favourite things"!!
The info I received from Hisano-chan up till now became useful!!
Now I can apologize in all honesty!!
Yoshizawa-san! I'm really sorry for the rude things I said before!!
But because I love you---

Page 26+27

I'll apologize as often as it takes for you to forgive me...
I want us to be on good terms from now on again!! Please!!

Page 28

That's no good....
What are you thinking...!!
What's with this getup!? It doesn't make you look serious at all!!
Eh... Ehh!?
Do you really love my sister!? (It looks somewhat suspicious...)
N- No, these are all the favourite things of Yoshizawa-san that you told me about----

Page 29

That one on your head... That's the Red Ranger I loved as a child...
And that stick is from the magical girl I also loved back then...
Still now I love rabbit tails... And I love PyonPyon Doggy because his looks similar to one.
And in your hand, that's tea? Assam tea.... I loved that too.
Everything on you is what I loved in the past...

Page 30+31

What I love the most is
the boy behind it...

Page 32

Page 33

love you, Kouta-kun...
(The moment he dreamed about!! ....Who would have thought he would face it like this!!)

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