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Countrouble 29

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Mar 19, 2012 21:12 | Go to Countrouble

-> RTS Page for Countrouble 29

Me like!

Reserved for Simple Scans

Countrouble 29

Page 01

love you, Kouta-kun...
...I also love you, Yoshizawa-san!
T- That's why---
[Left Side] The world's lamest Confession -> the world's happiest ending. The real love story starts from here!!

Page 02+03

Please go out with me!!

Page 04

(Snow falls from the clear sky)
(You think, "It's like magic")
(and your cute smile is like a miracle.)
Chapter 29: Naive growth

Page 05

Okay, Yoshizawa-san, come in, come in.
It's a bit messy but have a seat.
To think you're in my room again...
It makes me all nervous.
Me too.
Because I wanted to come here again.
Y- Yoshizawa-san!!
Can I...
kiss you?

Page 06

Okay, Cuuut!!!
Well done, well done!!
Now the real deal should go without any problems too!!
But, well, isn't it too early for a kiss?
So naive...

Page 07

You're so naive, idiot!!!
Damn! You're on cloud nine just because you have started dating!!
Why am I getting scolded even though all is going fine!!
Besides aren't you done here now that I have a girlfriend? Why are you still here?
Of course I stay, idiot!! Otherwise the manga would be over!!
To being with...
my object is to "Prevent the declining birth-rate which results through the increase of losers at love" like you.
So until you and Yoshizawa Akino reach a stage that prevents the declining birth-rate, my job isn't done here.
Oh my...
(Doing this and that...)
The real show starts now!!
Your progress in love allows me to grow as an angel!!

Page 08

You're talking all big here, but---
U- Umm... They say... the start of a relationship is important...
What the fuck are you doing, bastard!!
To being with, you are--
Auh... Uhh...
Actually, I don't know where to go next...
it's finally a chance for me to grow!
Think of everything I have done for you, progress your relationship and let me grow!!

Page 09

So I said, but...
I'm already happy with just us two talking.
I do want to hold hands....
Good morning, Matsushiro-kun!!

Page 10

What's up? You look stunned....
I- It's nothing!! But how rare! Don't you usually go more earlier?
Y- Yeah...
Today I don't have morning practice, so---
I thought...
we could go to school together...
To think dating could make you this happy!!

Page 11

Good. No students from our school around!!
Now's the time to hold her hand!!
just casually...

Page 12

Hey, are you listening?
Y- Yeah, I am...
Don't you think she's really selfish!?
It's the usual pattern after all...
R- Right, are you free tomorrow?
Y- Yeah. It's Saturday, so no problem...
I bought tickets for a movie I wanted to see.
Want to go watch it together?

Page 13

Somehow.... You seem really happy, Matsuhiro...
Eh? Really? You can tell?
I see. You can tell, huh!!
I thought so. The aura of a popular boy, huh. Guess that exists after all~~!!
Can I hit you?
Well, I'm glad for you.
You have always been in love with Yoshizawa, right...
So---- Pushed her down already?
(Listen, the start is the important thing.)
(As a man go as far as you can!!)

Page 14

Next Day
Did you wait long?
No, I just got here too.
Sasara and Ooeda told me all that...
but I'll be satisfied by holding her hand today!!

Page 15

Okay, let's go!!

Page 16

Yoshizawa's hand---
is really soft!!

Page 17

Thanks for waiting. Here are your two hamburger sets.
Take your time.
Ah, over there it's free.
Good think it's not crowded even though it's lunch time.
Really now.
That's how a date feels!!

Page 18

Mh? What?
No, nothing!!
The sitting besides style, limited to couples I even dreamed about!!
To think she was this forward!!
Ah... These new fries are really good...
Eh, really!? Damn, I should have taken them too.
Then, want one?
W- What's this...!!
Could it be the legendary "feeding".....
To think the progress would come to quick!!
(I'm glad to be alive!!)

Page 19

Ah... This is really cute!!
Y- Yeah, it is.
(Ah!! This one too!!)
I want to link arms too...
(But that's a bit..)
Look, look, Matsuhiro-kun!! They have a couch of PyonPyon!!

Page 20

Let's go!!
We're linking arms!!?

Page 21

W- What is....
going on here!?

Page 22

I'm so nervous
I can't concentrate on the movie!!
Isn't the pace too fast!?
Or is this considered normal between lovers!?

Page 23

Eh... Ehhh!?

Th- This can't be real!? Isn't she being too forward!?
I'm happy, but.. something is a miss...
At this rate...
W- Wah---!!

Page 24
I can't do it after all!!
Sorry!! It was impossible after all!
Eh, Ah, Yoshizawa-san!
I... I don't get it!!

Page 25

What's up with you...
The thing just now, but everything today was rather strange.
...I screwed up, didn't I?
Do you... hate me now?
Eh... What do you mean?
I mean, Hisano..

Page 26

You haven't even kissed!?
Y- Yeah...
All boys are like a bundle of desire, you know!?
Once you start to date, after 3 days at worst you hold hands!! And after 4 days you link arms!!
And when you haven't kissed within 5 days, you're bound to get dumped soon.
--She said that.
Oh god.
That's what it was!!
Yoshizawa-san... Hisano-chan tricked you!!
Eh, Ehh!?

Page 27

Now that was quite the surprise.
You suddenly become so bold....
T- Th- Tha- That was!!
No prob, no prob. I know!
Let's go at our pace, okay.

Page 28

That's all for today!

Page 29

I'm home.
A lot happened, but it was a fucking great day!!
Held hands, linked arms and a kiss on the cheek!
Great development in one day!!
What you say, Sasara!!
I did plenty for your growth today!!
Seems you worked hard.

Page 30

Thanks to that, I grew quite a lot.
Look! At my nice body!!
Your growth as an angel...
was just about body growth!?
[Right Side] Would she have become an old lady if he had worked even harder?

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