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Tonari no Kashiwagi-san 25

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Mar 23, 2012 18:19 | Go to Tonari no Kashiwagi-san

-> RTS Page for Tonari no Kashiwagi-san 25

Reserved for U-Prod

Tonari no Kashiwagi-san Chapter 25

Page 01

Chapter 25

Page 02

To balance things out // when I stand besides Kashiwagi-san
I need to raise // my parameters like charm and figure.
What should I do?

Page 03

In old SLG // the command icon was to strike a pose in front of the mirror... [SLG, simulation game]
Why aren't they raising...
....... /// Yuuto, // what are you doing...
... // M--

Page 04

MOOOM! // I always tell you // to knock when you come to my roooom. (G- Ge- Get ouuuuuuut)
Yuuto, you just don't have the looks. (Don't be a narcissist)
(Don't run away from reality! [Mom])
I- // I know...
That's why // I want to change...
At least
so much as to not look // totally out of place besides Kashiwagi-san.

Page 05

... // ---...
(My hair...)

Page 06

Thanks for the food.
It was a pleasure to cook.
Was it good?
Yeah, really! // I finished it so quick.
Your husband must be really fortunate // to get to eat such good food.
(Ahaha) He's away on business trips a lot though.

Page 07

Huh? // He's away one a business trip again?
Yeah. // This time to Oosaka.
(Ah, can I wash the empty plate?)
Umm, // aren't you lonely?
A bit. // But I understand he's busy with work.
(It can't be helped)
Well, he calls and mails me every day. // Besides // I have work too.

Page 08

I don't have the time to feel lonely. // Owning a shop keeps one busy.
(Today I'll go back to the shop at evening)
Kotori-oneechan, // you...
It- // It's nothing! // Ah.
R- // Reminds me!
Can you teach me the recipe of the pilaf // I got to eat last time?
(Slow at eating)
(Oh my) Sure thing.

Page 09

Mh? // You're making it at home?
Yes. // My mom loves pilaf. // And yours is very good. // So I thought she would be happy if I make it.
(Mother love...)
You should learn too, Kotoko. // Geez. // You can't cook at all.
So I say, // but I'm also at fault for spoiling her. // I'm worried about her marrying off at this rate.
(Ahaha) No worries. // These days there are a lot of households with a houseman.

Page 10

if need be, I'll // be her kitchen maid!
(Leave it to me!)
Oh my, // thanks.
But // you'll make a fine bride, Saya-chan. // You have to prioritize your husband.
Ahaha // It's fine.
I // have no interest in marrying.
And probably... // won't ever be.

Page 11

...Well, // let's leave marriage for later! // How's it with love?
You're young! You have to live up to it! // Is there someone nice around?
(Totally interested)
There is no one...
What about Kusano-kun?

Page 12

Wh- // Why would you bring up Kusano-kun here...?
Eh? // I mean, aren't you two close?
You often talk at school. // And you were so close on the first shrine visit.
We were just talking! // Not close at all!!
(Oh my) x4
What, what? // Who's Kusano-kun?
(Tell me, tell me.)
Ehm, // He's a friend of Sakurabo-kun.
You don't need to tell her.
---... // Reminds me.
(The last bite)

Page 13

What do you think of Kusano-kun, // Koto-chan?
(I never asked you.)
(Open ears)
Eh? // As Sakurabo-kun's friend. (Like that)
Sakurabo-kun is a guideline...
Don't you think he's scary?
Eh... (Scary...?)
(Thanks for the food)
Mh // Mhmm // To be honest // until just recently // he was difficult to deal with.

Page 14

But I can tell that he's pretty close with Sakurabo-kun... // Besides
when he's close with Sayaka // I thought he can only be a good person. // right.

Page 15

L- // Like I said! We aren't close! // I too though think he's a good person...
I got a bit confused there..
Are you okay?
But // it's true.
You looked really close. // You deny it so hard, // but you don't dislike him, do you?

Page 16

----... // Mh.
.....That's // true.
(I don't dislike him)
Enough about me! // What about you? // Nothing with Sakurabo-kun after that?
(Really, really)

Page 17

Mhm // So nice to be young.
(Nothing really happened?)
(I'm pleased--)

Page 18

(From Yuuto // Sub No title // Help)
What's with this SOS mail?
(Damn, I got it this morning)
Help with what... // Oh
(Incoming Call // Yuuto)

Page 19

(*beep*) Hello?
....... // Why won't you reply!?
I was sleeping. // Let me laze around on my last day of winter vacation at least.
(I had my cell on vibration mode)
So? // Help with what?
(so sleepy...)
? // Yuuto?
....Actually, // I'm
in front of your house // right now...

Page 20

Huh? // Right now?
My house?
*tap* x3
Wait a sec. // I'm coming.

Page 21

Eh!? Yuuto!? // I thought you were an alien!! // W- // What happened?

Page 22

.... // Pft

Page 23

(Laughing outburst)
(so lame!!)
D- // Don't laugh!!
Nah, normally you laugh at that. // Mh? // Did you do it yourself? (Go to a barber)
Uh // I- // I wanted to change my image...
(I have no money)
Th- // That's why
I said to help me...
(By lending you money?)
(No, it's my principle not to borrow any money)
Do // something about this.

Page 24

Why ask me for that!?
(Go to a barber!)
(I told you I have no money. Uhh---)
But you surely can do it better than me!!
---... // Aw // ...Geez. // Don't blame me for anything later.
Opening ceremony is // tomorrow.
I'm in your hands, my friend.

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