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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Tonari no Kashiwagi-san 26

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Mar 25, 2012 17:02 | Go to Tonari no Kashiwagi-san

-> RTS Page for Tonari no Kashiwagi-san 26

Actually, what kind of name is Kashiwagi....
Reserved for U-Prod

Tonari no Kashiwagi-san Chapter 26

Page 01

Chapter 26

Page 02

-----Don't look.
don't look at me.
I beg you----...
That's impossible.
Or actually...

Page 03

you stand out even more with that. // What's up with that?
(You came to school like that...)
Eh, // is it strange!?
Rather than strange, // it's totally suspicious.
Actually, why are you hiding your head anyway? // I think I didn't do such a bad job on it...
How should I say... It's embarrassing...
And you think this getup isn't? // Have you looked in a mirror?

Page 04

A mirror? // I looked in one when I washed my face.
(No) I meant, // after you put on that muffler... (Go take a look)
Oh my, // I was wondering who it is, but it's Sakurabo-kun.

Page 05

I mistook you for a monster for a second there.
How mean.
I'm just wearing a muffler!!
Normally, you don't wear a muffler like that.
Fukuda-san says so too, // so take if off already.
Hey, // wait...
Not waiting.

Page 06

Don't take it off so suddenly, Kazuki!
(Uh, the hair is all crumpled)
It's fine. // The result is the same.
Th- // That might be true, but...
(I needed to be mentally prepared)
(Uwa...) They're staring at me.

Page 07

Oh my, // now that's what I call a short-cut.
(That's Sakurabo?)
(Oh, he cut it)
Uh // Eh // Ehm...
Did you have a failed love?
(Oh my)
(Ahaha) Somehow // he wanted to chance his image. // So, // don't you think it's a success, // you two?
Hey, // what are you asking them, Kazuki.

Page 08

Mhm, // he's like a middle schooler now.
I told you, you cut it too short, // stupid Kazuki!! (Uwaaa)
(Well,) I think it's quite the improvement to the catastrophe before.
(Oh my) You cut it for him, Kusano-kun?
Don't you think I deserve praise for this?
(This is how it looked at first)
(That's horrible...)

Page 09

*ding dong*
Oh, // the bell.
I'm going back to my class. (See you later)
(Still alive---?)
(Shut up)
They didn't have to tell me. // I somewhat noticed it.

Page 10

That my image change // was a failure----...
(Ah) Umm, // Saku--
Take your seats.
My head and heart are so cold----...
(And it's overall cold. It's just still January after all.)

Page 11

? // What's this...
(A memo?)
(Your new hair-style suits you! Don't worry about it!!)

Page 12

She said
it suits me....!!
....Oh // Oh god.
(Oh, you got dumped, Sakurabo?)
(I was not)
(Thanks, Kazuki!)
Oh god!!
The image change was a success!!

Page 13

Oh my, // you cut it really short.
Yeah, // it really suits you.
Thank you.
Feels // like you're back to being young!! (Yeah!)
Eh, // is that a praise? (Sounds strange for my generation....)
It's a praise! // Be happy if the shop owner tells you that you're young! // Even if it's just mannerism!!
No, I'm sure you mean it.

Page 14

(Ehehe) Thanks. // You were being nice, // so you can finish up once you put that away, even though it's a bit early.
Thank you.
you seem specially happy today. // Something good happened?
Oh my. // Is it so obvious?

Page 15

Tomorrow// you know,
my husband, who's on a business trip in Oosaka, will come back.
That's... // good for you.
Right, she was married.... (You wouldn't reckon it)
She // seems on good terms with her husband...
(Or rather, deeply in love)
So nice. // Same day, I also...

Page 16

with Kashiwagi-san...
Fantasy Start
Welcome home, // Sakurabo-kun.
(Newly weds)
Hey // It's not Sakurabo-kun, right?
I- // I'm sorry. // A habit...
Eh // Ehm...

Page 17

E-- // Even asking me if I would like food, a bath or h-e-r!
Rationally thinking, it can only be the third!
(What's with him?)
(Better not to get close)
Ah, // Hello, Kazuki? // About the stuff from earlier.
Calm down, me!!

Page 18

To begin with, we aren't
officially dating or anything...

Page 19

Page 20

Hey, you!!
Eh... // Huh?
You have been standing still her for a while now. // Are you feeling bag? // Can you walk?
I'm okay. // I'm really okay! Excuse me.
Yeah? // Then it's alright.

Page 21

(Be // careful // okay)
Who was that...
just now....

Page 22

Welcome home, Taku-chan. // And here I am.
I'm back, Kotori-san. // And welcome to my arms!!
(Geez!) I didn't hear anything about you coming home a day earlier. // I was so surprised.
(Ahaha) Then it was a success. // I didn't say anything to surprise you.
Close as ever...

Page 23

Impressive you could tell that I'm here at my parent's house.
(I didn't tell you)
(I was planning to go back tomorrow)
I met Kotoko-chan on my way. // And she told me.
(Thanks to that I don't need to be alone at home.)
(They're off in their own world...)
Thanks, Kotoko-chan.
No problem, // Takuya-san.
Hey, // Kotoko. // that name calling.
(An old habit...)
Ehm, // then once again

Page 24

good work on your business trip, // Brother-in-law Takuya.
(Ah, she told him good work before me)
W- // Was it her brother // or so? // But they don't look alike at all.
(close enough)
And doesn't she just have an older sister... // I should just ask, but my courageeeee

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