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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Kangoku Gakuen 34

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Mar 26, 2012 17:21 | Go to Kangoku Gakuen

-> RTS Page for Kangoku Gakuen 34

Reserved for Lazy Ass Scans

Prison School Chapter 34

Page 01

Chapter 34: Operation
(I have seen this silhouette before)

Page 02

9th May (Monday) 7:30 AM

Page 03

[Poster Top] Kingdom of Wei
[Poster Right] Kingdom of Wu
[Poster Left] Kingdom of Shu
still seems to have only interest in the three kingdoms.

Page 04

is obsessed with his ant farm...
(My Slave Dairy)
is hiding a dairy under his bed...mh?
(26th April Thurs-- // Today I go-- // 3 hits from the wh-- // It seems tomorrow I'll get // 4 hits. // 27th April // The Vice-Prez's // dirtied // lick)
This... is a... dairy?
Well, whatever.

Page 05

doesn't clean up his cell.
He's irritated that his sentenced got prolonged...

Page 06

In 645 Prince Naka no Ooe and Nakatimi no Kamatari assassinated Soga no Iruka...
The following reforms became known as the Taika Reforms...
An eraser piece...?

Page 07

*giggle* // *giggle*

Page 08

Who's doing this... Stop it.
*giggle* // *giggle*
*giggle* // *giggle*

Page 09

Today's workload // is straightening up the gym's storeroom and cleaning the toilet besides the sport ground.
A toilet's door is broken, so fix that too.
So split into two groups and get to work.
Andre, John, we're taking the gym's storeroom.
The tennis club's room is close to that, so we'll get a nice view.
So we're going to clean the toilets.

Page 10

Oh, Gakuto.
You come with us too.
No, but... Having me clean it all alone... There is the door to fix too... Haha..
You coming, Gakuto?

Page 11

(Tool Lock Bay)

Page 12

I'm totally...
being excluded...
Well, I reap what I sow, but it's still hard...
Just a little while ago, I hadn't to suffer like this...
But! The way I am now, I'll be fine...

Page 13

Chiyo-chan's breasts were great... So damn soft!!
Now that I know the softness of her breasts and spirit,
I can overcome any kind of situation! No, I'll surely overcome it!
(In Use)
Argh... Someone's in there.

Page 14

The examination of the prisoners is progressing well.
Good job.
Please continue it.
We're going to find their weakness.
For the sake of "Operation Boy's Expulsion".

Page 15

Codename: "Plan OBE"!! [I know the raws have the letters DTO, but those refer to the first letters of the Japanese words for "Operation Boy's Expulsion", so I adjusted it to the English version]
Plan OBE...Actually the "O" already stands for operation, so adding "Plan" to it is just a double draw.
Should I point out that... to her...
Whoops... Operation and plan are overlapping. How careless of me...

Page 16

Let me rephrase: Codename "OBE"!!
Y- Yes!!
That's my President! She instantly realized her own mistake and corrected it without hesitation!! I respect the greatness of her caliber!!
But I must say...
She sure is taking her time. Normally she would be here by now.
Hah x2
Hah x2

Page 17

What are you doing here?
I'm not doing anything suspicious. I came here to clean the toilets.
You were in the middle of using it, so I waited outside.
Hmp. Such a fitting job for you.

Page 18

[Right Side] The toilet suits you after all, Hana-chan! The underground student council's violent girl makes her grand comeback!
[Bottom] Next time, Hana-chan is back, so colour pages!!

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