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The Simple Job of Having Your Blood Sucked by Kiryuin Kaya 3


-> RTS Page for The Simple Job of Having Your Blood Sucked by Kiryuin Kaya 3

Reserved for Japanzai and Vortex Scans

Kaya Chapter 03

Page 01


Page 02

(The wicked vampire girl will do XX to him!? Chapter 3 of the popular bloody love comedy!)

Page 03

Fuh... // How careless of me...
My heart is in disorder... huh?
The church didn't expect that incident...
They won't be coming with the same trick again.
I can't be careless anymore---
I was supposed to have made my resolve by approaching Tadayoshi....

Page 04

I didn't want to reunite with him like this.
I would... have liked... a more romantic one...
What am I thinking...
What are you in heat for so early in the morning!
Don't tell me you were thinking about the food-boy....

Page 05

I... I wasn't! W- Well, I was...
But I thought about the future with him...
The future?
Ah, // reminds me, you're going to do
"that" today, right?
The arrangements are all set.
Eh... // A welcome party?

Page 06

You're eating at the same table as us now.
So a greeting is in place.
Everyone wants to get to know about you.
Well... guess so.
With these strict old men, huh....
Makes me somewhat nervous.
There's nothing to worry about.
It won't be anything extravagant.
Just be relaxed!
O- Okay.

Page 07

Right... Relaxed....
Thanks for your assemblage here today.
I raise my voice to the here assembled.

Page 08

We will now hold the oath cup ceremony.

Page 09

...Now, I turn to you, Kiryuuin Kaya-dono, who'll become the master.
Please take the ritual fluid from Hazuka Tadayoshi-dono, who'll become the servant.
What's this? I haven't heard anything about it!

Page 10


Page 11

Now--- // I'll turn to you, Hazuka Tadayoshi-dono, who'll become the servant.
At the same time you drink that cup
you will pledge yourself to Kiryuuin Kaya-dono.
The world of chivalry is strict on laws.
If you made your resolve to become a splendid man by training hard for the sake of the family and your lord,
then please drink the cup in three takes // and accept it deeply into your chest.

Page 12

....You understand, don't you?
Either way, I
can't return
to the church...

Page 13

At the same time
Lately, Hazuka-kun has been acting strange...!
I saw an incredible place....
But... Since then, we couldn't talk properly...
I was worried, so I followed him after school...
and then he went inside here with the transfer student...!
I'm sure Kiryuuin was the Yakuza group even famous at Sakuraminato...
Image of 893
Don't tell me... he got involved in some kind of trouble...!?

Page 14

Who's that...?
We're going to drink all night today!!
Get the karaoke box out.
(Fuyumi-chan has it)
Drunken~~ Minato~~
You're one of us now // Drink up---!!
S- So noisy... We did plenty of rounds already...
S- Sorry, need the toilet.
...Geez... How much do they want to make minor drink?
Oh, // boy.

Page 15

Nabeshima... huh....
My apologies...
The cups must have troubled you.
But our Missy is serious.
After our boss... her father passed away, our world
got messed up a bit...
The soldiers are attacking humans, fight each other and betray... // Even our allies... everything he protected got turned upside down.
During that
rebuilding the order of the night that was lost... all while resisting against the church.

Page 16

That heavy burden // has been put on our Miss.
We all // a family bound by these cups.
She's at the age where she could be our daughter, but to us she's the Miss we're serving.
To protect our family, we put our lives on the line.
That's what chivalry is.
Family... huh...

Page 17

What are you two doing!?
There's still more to drink~
You're the star tonight.
We need to empty everything.
I'm really glad you joined.
Seriously, to get you into the contract, our missy
even used her SEXUAL CHARMS!
W- // What do you mean!!

Page 18

That Nabeshima.
He spits on me and even gives me a lecture...
If you pull anything weird with the Missy...
I won't!!
Forgive me.

Page 19

You... what are you here for?
I was going to wash your back as compensation...
No... // But...
Y- // You don't want it?
It's... not like.. I don't want it...

Page 20

I was wondering what an honest girl was doing here
but you're friends with our food-boy, huh.
Umm... why // are you on top of me...
Ah, sorry, sorry. (I messed up my landing)
Hey say--- you know what kind of place this is?
I'm sorry... but...
You were that worried about him? // .. You in love?
Huh!! No way!! I'm just a classmate...
What's that!!
H- He's just a food reserve, but gets such juicy stuff...!?
I know.

Page 21

Actually, food-boy... got captured by scary Yakuza.
Ehh!? I thought so...
At this rate... it'll be quite dire.
W- What should we do...
You see---
... // I know I was being forceful.
Sorry for keeping quiet about the cups.
Ah, yeah...
But.. // even by that, you....
I know.

Page 22

I have.. no real parents anymore. // I'll do anything to protect the kids at Kinder.
To me they're family.
Same applies for you, right?
though I don't know anything about succeeding a great father or the pressure...
But, Tadayoshi...

Page 23

I'm coming in!
I'll do anything in my capabilities. // Therefore, Hazuka-kun...
Huh? What are you on about...
The girl at the gate told me the only way to save you was to get naked... (So, I...)
Itsuki.. that idiot.
You were... tricked.
But... I'm glad...
That you're safe.

Page 24

A- Also, sorry for being so cold to you lately.
Ah, no, it was my fault.
I know! I'll wash your back as compensation!
W- Why?
Y- You don't need to...
R- Right, Harusaka... I'm washing his back already. // Can you pull out?
No! It's fine, isn't it? It's just his back...
Shut up! // This is my bath!
No fair. That's just no fair, Transfer Student!
W- What
is this situation...!!

Page 25

At this rate, my nosebleed will again...!
S- Stop it you two.

Page 26

W- What are you doing, Tadayoshi!
Was.. is that stimulating?
No.. it's different... (It's true too though)
Geez.. I'll stop it...
That sound just now... // from the hall?

Page 27

You're finally here.

Page 28

You done with your bath now?

Page 29

Miss... her sword is...
Blood.. is coming out...!?
Already useless, huh...
I'll be taking you.

Page 30

This looks // quite strong.
No wonder...
he came at me as the first.

Page 31

I don't need this anymore, so you can have it back.

Page 32

You're so hot-headed
and enraged.
But you still call yourself the boss here?
I'll pull back for today.
Next time,
give me a better show please.
(Kaya, dumbfounded)

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