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Tonari no Kashiwagi-san 24

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Mar 30, 2012 20:59 | Go to Tonari no Kashiwagi-san

-> RTS Page for Tonari no Kashiwagi-san 24

Reserved for U-Prod

Tonari no Kashiwagi-san Chapter 24

Page 01

Chapter 24

Page 02

I still couldn't bring myself to eat // the cookies I received on Christmas.
(By the way // I thought about offering them at our house altar)
(but my family would just eat them, so I refrained from it)
Hey, Yuuto // isn't it time you tell me?

Page 03

Why // we had to go out of our way // to ride the train to get to a different shrine than usual for our first shrine visit in the year?
...... // Th- // Thanks for pointing that out, Kazuki.
The reasons is... // actually, it's going to be long.
It's because Kashiwagi-san is here!
Long my ass.

Page 04

So, // what?
You promised to meet? // Then should I be really here?
Ah--- // Well, // it's not like promised anything...
The mail // she send me said, she was coming here today. // So I thought it might be fancy to meet here.
...... // Just invite her normally.
(You're a stalker...)
But you don't really need me here.
(No!) I'm too scared alone!!
W- // Well, // Fukuda-san // is coming too....
(She'll tease me for sure...)

Page 05

..... // So, // at what time?
You asked them // when they'll come here, right?
Fuh.... // Fufu.
It's obvious that I did... // not ask!
(te- tehee)
Then we might have to wait for hours.
Or opposite, they might have went home already.
Kazuki... // Is it fun seeing me in pain?
Not really.
(I'm just surprised)

Page 06

Well, // it's not definite yet that we missed them, // so why don't we go say a prayer while we're here?
Uhh // what a blunder.
I thought a chance had finally come // when I got the mail about the shrine visit,
(From: Kashiwagi Kotoko // Sub: Re: First Shrine Visit // I'll go with Sayaka to XX Shrine on the 3rd. We go there every year. They have some stands there. >Speaking of, where do you go for the shrine Visit, Kashiwagi-san?)
(After that I looked it up)
but to think I would forget asking her about the time. // I'm such an idiot!!
Please let me meet Kashiwagi-san. please!!

Page 07

They have some stalls here. // Let's eat something.
(I'm a bit hungry)
Ah--- // Yeah.
Aw, geez. // Don't be so depressed forever. // I'll treat you, so cheer up.
Excuse me, // two cups please.
(Wait a moment~)

Page 08

Yo, // fancy meeting.
Ah, // Happy new year.
H- // Happy new year.
Thanks, dear lord!!
...... // Happy new year.
H- // Happy new year....
(This atmosphere...)

Page 09

What nice timing. // Fukuda-san, // do you have a moment?
Sorry, Kashiwagi-san, // I'll be borrowing her for a bit.
Hey... // You can't tell me here?
Well, you know, // it's about "that". // Okay?
*push* x2
(Geez, don't push me.)
(Sorry, sorry)
What's "that"...?
Who knows...

Page 10

Could it be, he...
was being considerate to me...!?
(Thanks, my friend!)
(HAHAHA, no problem)
Ah, // It's mine, sorry.
Hello? // What?

Page 11

F- // For now, // I'll take a bite...
*nom* x2
Yeah, // Yeah, I understand. // Bye.

Page 12

Sorry. // It was from my sister...
Ah // N- // No. // It's okay!
? // What?
Eh // Ehm // Well
Just thinking // you attached the strap...
Ah, // yeah.
I like it since it's so cute.

Page 13

Thanks for it.
Y- // You're welcome.
(Bull's-eye in the heart)
And yours? // Were the cookies good?
A- // Actually,
I haven't eaten them yet...
Eh // really?
I mean, it's a present from you... so // it would be a waste...

Page 14

----... // ... // I
I... // see.
Ah, // but please be careful about the expire date.
Y- // Yes, Sir!!
I wonder what they're talking about...
Ahaha // Are you worried?

Page 15

.... // I'm sorry.
what do you need from me?
Eh? // Ah // Mhm---- // What was it again.... // Well,
want to trade mail addresses?
(Of our cellphones)
No thanks.
(Instant rejection...)
That's all you wanted?

Page 16

I'm going back.
Wah // Wait, wait!
Sorry, // Th- // There's more, // okay?
Geez.... // What is it? // To begin with, is there a reason why we're separating? // You even lied for it.
(Let me go)
Eh? // I mean
when I'm there, // Kashiwagi-san will just be nervous.

Page 17

You know, // from us four, I'm the only one she // doesn't talk freely to.
Well.... // that's true.
Well, // at first I thought she // was just scary beauty. // But // when she's with you or Yuuto, // she doesn't look scary at all. // Rather it's the opposite: An anxious and clumsy girl.
That a girl like her has to try so much, // makes me feel a bit sorry for her.
----... // .... I

Page 18

thought of you // as a frivolous guy that likes to show off at first. To be honest, I had my troubles dealing with you.
(What's this out of the blue!?)
But // after talking with you, you more like a puppy, unexpectedly.
.... // And
that you're actually a guy that properly
looks after // other people.
I changed my impression of you.

Page 19

Th.... // Thanks.
I wonder what they're talking about?
(They're taking quite a while...)
Mhm, // are Sayaka and Kusano-kun // that close?
Eh? // D- // Don't know... I wonder.

Page 20

Would be great // if they are.
They look good together.
Eh // R- // Really?
Well, // true, when they stand side-by-side
it really looks good... // I think?
Then how does Kashiwagi-san
(All done)
and me look like?

Page 21

My // specs...
Face // ??? (Can't judge by himself)
Grades // Lower average // Feature // Light Otaku KY
Hair // Hand-brushed
Clothes // A sale from the department store
Figure // Normal
A- // And Kashiwagi-san....
Face // Cute
Clothes // Cute
Figure // () Big Breasts
Grades // Top // Feature // Hidden Otaku, Artist.
Hair // Soft
(That was delicious)
Could it be // from other's point of view // me and // Kashiwagi-san

Page 22

don't look good together. // ... Is that it!?
Ah, // they're coming back.
Koto-chan, // sorry to make you wait.
No, no.
Now then, // we're
going to say our prayer now.
Ah... // S-
See you // later.

Page 23

(He didn't do anything funny to you?)
(Eh? Funny?)
Mhm, // so cute.
Eh, // what's up, Yuuto? // You're kinda gloomy.
(Something happened with Kashiwagi-san?)
What // do you think of me....?
Look, // like my face! // Or my aura! // How do I appear?
Eh---...? // Aw...

Page 24

Mhm---... // Well, average? // Not bad.... // ..... // I guess?
(Your pause worries me, but oh well!)
Then, do I match with Kashiwagi-san!?
...... // Eh?
----... // That settles it.
I // will change!!
Time for an image change---!!

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