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Tonari no Kashiwagi-san 27

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 6, 2012 20:42 | Go to Tonari no Kashiwagi-san

-> RTS Page for Tonari no Kashiwagi-san 27

Reserved for U-Prod

Tonari no Kashiwagi-san Chapter 27

Page 01

Chapter 27

Page 02

Hee-- // Your sister's husband came home, huh.
That's nice.

Page 03

Thanks to that, my sister was in really high tension yesterday. // Well, my brother-in-law was too.
(They were too excited...)
Kotori-onee-chan was?
I can't really picture that.
That's because she puts a the big sister-act in front of you.
How should I say, // she gets relieved and lets herself get spoiled.
She only gets like that // in front of Takuya-oniichan.
(Guess it's because he's her husband)

Page 04

---... // How wonder // if all married couples are like that...
Umm, // Saya--

Page 05

(Auuuh) Damn, I let my voice slip out....!!
So // "AH"?
AH, // as in what? // Ah // and // then?
Eh // Ehh... // Ehm. // Ah.. // Ah....

Page 06

Ah la la la~
Mornin'~ [lame joke that translated hard-.- Can't come up with anything better]
(What was that)
I want to die..
Let's go, Koto-chan.
Y- // Yeah.

Page 07

U- // Umm!
? // What?
Eh. // Ah.
W- // Well,
Y- // Yesterday
who was that man with you?
As if

Page 08

did you see Gadget Maid?
I could ask that---!!!
.... // H- // Huh?
Let's go, // Sayaka.
Eh? // Eh?
(Did I say something bad?)

Page 09

(From: Kashiwagi Kotoko // Sub: No title // Leave such stuff for mails or for after school!! >.<)
AH (Oops)
Beginner's mistake
(Sorry, I was careless)
I- // I'm no good...
It bothers me // and the more I think about it
the more I recall her smiling face // from yesterday.

Page 10

Aww, geez----!!
Somehow // I'm more tired than usual...
In the end, I
couldn't talk to her properly...
I need to concentrate on my work...
(there it goes)

Page 11

Do you work here? // Sorry, but is the owner in...
Are you okay?
I'm okay...
Why is he here...!!
E- // Ehm... (The owner...)

Page 12

It's Taku-chan----!!
How rare for you to come to the store. // What's up? You need something?
Yeah, a bit. // But before that.
W- // What's going on.....?
(About him)
Eh? // Ah.
(Oh my)

Page 13

I- // I'm sorry. // I showed you something strange.
Ah, // I'll introduce him.
He's my husband.
I'm Abekawa Takuya. // Nice to meet you.
Ah, // yes.
Nice to meet you too.

Page 14

Q: // Who's the man with Kashiwagi-san?
A: // The owner's husband.
That's not that answer I was after...!!
Actually it got more confusing now...!!

Page 15

Why was the owner's husband with Kashiwagi-san? // How do they connect?
Just what is the connection between those two!?
Hey, Kazuki! // I have a question!
When a high school girl and an adult are together, // what kind of relationship is that?
Eh. // I don't get the point of that question. // Actually, that's way too less info.
I mean, an adult differentiates into gender and age. // What about that?
Ah, // sorry.

Page 16

It's a man. // He's probably in his 20s. He just got back from a business trip in Oosaka. // He's married to a jailbait. // His face is average, admits a friendly and fresh aura and wears glasses.
Suddenly such detail.
(Actually, jailbait?)
What was the situation with these two? (Like the place)
Eh // On a normal street // talking?
About what?
I don't know. (I couldn't hear them)
What about the high school girl? // How's she?
Cute, pretty, kind, honest and nice!!
(It's easy to tell who it is...)

Page 17

So? // What do you think? // Let me know for reference.
Well... // I... // I don't want to believe it, but an affair.... // But she's not someone to do that. Maybe she's getting threatened into it.
You're too negative.
Think more simple.

Page 18

For example: // Neighbour, Cram School Teacher, Friend of a friend. // Or just some stranger asking for directions.
That's what you normally think of.
Thanks, Kazuki!!
Sure, sure.
I see!!

Page 19

Like an idiot I dwelled on negative thoughts, // but that's how it is!!
Kazuki's explanation is the most plausible!!
Actually, // my thoughts were pretty rude towards Kashiwagi-san. // Yeah. (I'm sorry.)
I better watch my actions....

Page 20

*tap* x4

Page 21

Eh, // Sakurabo-kun!?
You were // working at Kotori's store....
Y- // You

Page 22


Page 23

----Cheater? // Who is?
O- // Own---

Page 24


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