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Anima Chal Lives 6

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 8, 2012 16:40 | Go to Anima Chal Lives

-> RTS Page for Anima Chal Lives 6

Reserved for A-Team

Anima Cal Lives Chapter 06

Page 01

Chapter 06: Pulse
Just what is going on!?

Page 02

The predication didn't say anything about trouble during the transport of Seilym...
Well, sit back and watch.
"Anvil's" prediction is revealing itself now...

Page 03

"Anvil's" prediction has the highest discrepancy ever...!?
What a thing to happen...
It seems
an abnormality, effecting the variable factors, appeared....!!

Page 04

Chapter 06: Pulse

Page 05

My... room?
So it was... a dream.
It was a somewhat real dream...
Maybe me sleeping naked caused such a dream...
Haa~ // Guess I'll eat breakfast.


What should I make...
The night is longer over. What's that talk about breakfast!

Page 07

T- Then, // that wasn't a dream after all...?
Yes. Everything up to now is reality. I understand your confusion.
the things about to happen will include you if you want it or not.
W- What are you speaking of...
You don't remember!?

Page 08

Are you okay!?
That damn "Red Buckler"....

Page 09

Please don't give me that glare. // I just want to help you two.
How shameless... From the reaction of that black dressed woman, I could guess.
You're part of these black wearing bunch, right!?

Page 10

And now you want to help us.... You make me laugh.
You're half correct. // While the other half is incorrect.
I belong to "Red Buckler", an organisation which opposes "Anvil".
It's the obvious thing for us to do to receive you, one of the "7 great sword" from them.

Page 11

I also found myself deeply interested in you....
What do you mean?
Normally, Anichals can change their structure to appear either in human or sword form.
But you "guys" were different. [the 7 great swords]
You're interested in our ability to possess humans?

Page 12

Not at all.
Besides, you couldn't fully reveal that power earlier, could you?
Rather, I...
have an interest why the lady, who was dying moments ago, is now recovered so well.
And why you are only in your half-awakened state.

Page 13

My strong interest into that
made me take actions against the will of the organisation.
So, what do you plan to do with us?
First please take a good rest.
And tomorrow...
you'll surely come to know about everything naturally.

Page 14

After that... // he took us, who were fast asleep due to the tremens,
to your house and vanished somewhere....
Oh no, I'll be late again~~

Page 15

Don't you have any sense of tension!?
I know that I tried to save her... but that she would recover that much....
And why did come my possession undone back then!?

Page 16

*ding dong*
*ding dong*
Yes~~ // Coming~~
Who is...
Sorry for intruding.
Mm... // Such a dump... I'm disappointed.

Page 17

You came for payback for yesterday?
No way! I'm here as a mediator... // I won't be swayed by my emotions and dirty the name of "Anvil".
I came to tell you something as a mediator. I'm sure the man from last night coaxed the sponsors.
The "Sword fighting Tournament" is our authority, but the sponsors too have a special warrant.
A... joker?

Page 18

Normally, the tournament is limited to 52 participants...
but in case of a special request by the sponsor another participants is allowed.
That "joker" is proof that you're allowed to participate.
Ehm... Those...
allowed to participate you speak of...
In short, it's you guys.
Upon accepting that card, you become an official participant of the "Sword Fighting Tournament".

Page 19

N- N- No way~~ // To me to participate in that!!
I see... So that's what the man meant yesterday...
You cannot pull out.
B- But // I never said I want to participate...
Various media in Solomon City already have began spreading news about you two!

Page 20

Page 21

Not good!!
"Anvil's" tuning waves are raising!!
By Seilym's approaching, the prediction's probability sinks even farther!!
But it was "Anvil" who desired Seilym!!
There's.. no mistake.
"Anvil" has a real strong

Page 22

desire for Seilym!!
(Impossible, I say~)
(Let me go!)
I see.
There it was, huh...

Page 23

We'll participate in the "Sword fighting Tournament".

Page 24

(Leave it to me!!)
How carefree.
Actually, the warning I gave you yesterday
wasn't just for you.
In the past 100 years, along with science advances, the Anchals also made a great growth.
Specially in the current "Sword Fighter Tournament" there are new, dreadful Anchals, which you can call a real masterpiece.

Page 25

Didn't you feel the newest presences
in the contest yesterday...
It wasn't quite official, // but you defeated the Rank No. 29, "Heart of Queens"....
You can't judge the whole tournament by her level.
The Heart Class, you fought, ranges from rank 27 to 39... // Below that follow the Ranks 40-52 of the Club Class, but these low classes shouldn't concern you.
The upper class Diamond Class with the rankings 14-26 of course,
but specially the Spade Class with the rankings 1-13 are fearful opponents, even I can't hold a candle! [wtf? didn't she say in the earlier chapters as a mediator she had to be stronger than anyone else!? ...-.-]

Page 26

to have you carry responsibility for hurting my cute Swanny,
I won't forgive you when you lose even once!
It's up to you now.

Page 27

Now that the course of action is set, time for some food.
You were just mocking me about wanting breakfast?
T- That' was because I had..
Don't tell me you eat the same stuff as a human, despite being a sword...
Idiot! Of course we need energy for our actions!!
Or are you saying you won't offer food to your life-saver!?
Fueeeh // I understand.
But... that man
(Uhh~ How did it come to this~)
what is he planning by having us participate in the "Sword Fighting Tournament"...!?

Page 28

Mister Zero!!
Are you serious!?
To let Seilym, which we should destroy, participate in the tournament!!

Page 29

My, my.
Calm down for once.
Like hell I can stay calm in this situation!!
By the way,
who was it again that planned the attack on the transport plane that triggered Seilym's awakening?
On top, the assassination squad got pathetically wiped out entirely....
Wouldn't it be logically that the person in charge for that takes responsibility before making a fuss...?
S- // Sorry. I just..!!

Page 30

Haha. I was just joking.
Rest assured. I already issued orders. The blame should be kept to a minimum.
Thank you! // Please forgive me rudeness!!
I didn't know my place...!!

Page 31

Right now, the trump
is in your hand.
The outcome of the game...
depends upon your skills....
You didn't become Seilym's Fencer by chance....

Page 32

Your fate as the fencer who is able to awake Seilym, guided you!!

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