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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Soukai no Eve 6

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 18, 2012 20:38 | Go to Soukai no Eve

-> RTS Page for Soukai no Eve 6

Reserved for Death Toll

Soukai no Eve Chapter 06

Page 01

6th Night: Great confusion
(Needed for survival is // wisdom, activity and... luck!?)

Page 02

A mail! // I got a mail.
(Are you okay? Anyway, I'm glad you're safe. Where are you right now? You're not hurt? - Ryou)
Oh my...!

Page 03

I'm so glad.
The signal contacted. // Now help will...
Ayu, welcome back.
I'm back... // U- Umm, sis...
We got an answer to Shiina-san's mail! // Now we can safely----
Eh-- For real!!?
What, what??
We can call for help?? Yaay <3

Page 04

Ah, // Kyouka-chan... why are you....
What's with the face, // Izumi.
Is there any problem with Ayu and // me getting along?
! N- No!! // That's not---
You know, Ayu-chan is
really cute <3
I want her as my lil sis <3
Ah, eh.
Yes! // She's the little sister I'm so proud of!!
S- Sis...
...You can't have your beloved sister know about the "exposure", right?
Don't worry, I'll keep it a secret <3

Page 05

I'm really crazy about secrets <3 (*giggle* x2)
So? // When's help coming?
That we still don't know... // Seems we just connected by chance this time.
But, due to the fact that a mail arrived means that we're still somewhere near the present Japan.
Well, that's obvious, Anna-senpai. // Did you think we're in some parallel world or something?
It's just impossible
that we would be in a different world...

Page 06

Hey, Shiina.
I have been thinking for a while now... // Shouldn't we change our "location" a bit?
Eh, why? // Why not wait here until help comes.
We might get attacked by "them" again if we stay here.
Before, // we could see the sea from the cliff, right?
We might get a better reception on the open beach line, instead of this thick forest.

Page 07

What's wrong, Yuki?
Looks like the bus is still able to move for now. // But there's a dent on the side and bottom like it was hit by something. // So we don't know when it'll stop moving...
So, while it still moves // and the sun is out, we should get away from here as fast as possible----

Page 08

I saw a girl
in the forest.
A girl...?
A little girl--- Maybe middle schooler...
She was alone?
Yeah, probably...
All alone in this dangerous forest? // Kyouka, you were with her.
Yeah--- I haven't seen anything.
I was captured by something else <3

Page 09

But... // It's true...
Rather than searching for a girl, that actually might not exists, in this forest, which is too dangerous
to spend the night in outside the bus, // we need to move to a more safer place right now.
Even more reason to...
if it's so dangerous...
Hey, hey, // Izucchi!
Eh, // Ah, // Y- Yes?

Page 10

Minister environmental affairs, Ms. Izucchi, // what do you think?
Eh // M- Minister...
Yes! // Minister
We don't know if there'll be food and water if we proceed.
....Ah, yes... // right now, we have food and water here, but elsewhere...
So you wouldn't recommend an immediate departure?
If possible, I would want to collect food and water for 2-3 days...
I see. You think we can manage in 2 days?
Y- Yeah. // With at least that much...
...What do you want to say...?

Page 11

We can't move on right now. // So waiting 2-3 days wouldn't hurt, right?
We need a map to move on, don't we?
While we prepare for our departure, // we could have Ayu-chan make a map. // There were rivers and little mountains on our way to the sea.
She'll run around here and there // and take a look from some high spots.
And you might find the girl while you do that.
(We can't leave her alone!)

Page 12

(I get it)
But we'll depart early morning in 2 days.
Roger that, ehm, Minister of transport!
(Yet another random title...)
I'm transport, huh...
(Actually, isn't transport covered by the ministry of infrastructure...?)
I'll help with the map!
(Not sticking around if that noisy girl is there.)
Eh, // T- Thank you!
Wanna come too, Jessica? // You know a lot, so you would be helpful!

Page 13

Your bow will be useless in an emergency. // Take it and be back in around 15 hours.
Ah, // okay.
(When did she...)
You're being rather cautious.
We're fine while it's still bright... right?

Page 14

You can never be too cautious....
Thank you, Shiina-san!
You made up the map... // because you believed me on the girl
and wanted to create time to search for her, right?

Page 15

It's fine. It's fine. // We're better off with a map after all.
Usually Yuki isn't that forceful. // She must be worried.
By the way, are you good with drawing, Ayu-chan? // I totally suck at it..
Ah I*... ehm, // I'm not good either. [Note: *The first I uses the male version]

Page 16

W- Wh- // What's that!!
Surprised me.. // It's really huge!!
...A meganeura.
Eh, what's that. I don't know it.
Protodonata = Meganeuradae = Meganeura
Hee... A new kind of dragonfly?
Actually, the opposite.
Eh. // You mean...

Page 17

Somehow // there's this.. really weird smell...
Uwa // Really....!
.... // This smell is..
(Uwa) Ghost flowers...!! (So big...)
...Amorphophallus titanum // Rafflesia arnoldii....

Page 18

What a horrible smell!
I wonder what that was...!!
The feature of these two "flowers" are to release a rotting smell // to lure in insect to spread their pollen.
Thus they spawn.
I never saw a that flower at the flower store.
(Let's take a little break)
If they had, the customers would flee.
But you sure know your stuff, Jessica.
Where did you learn that stuff? // As a hobby? Because you like it?
I have a friend with the same interest...
...You're right. // Because I liked it...

Page 19

I also had a friend.
That person taught me all that...
Hee. So there are others like him!
*sniff* *sniff*
He's my childhood friend and------
Ah, right. The mail earlier also was... // !

Page 20


Page 21

Your arm...!!
No worries. Just my cloth.
Why...? // Aren't they nocturne.
But it's still noon...

Page 22

...The smell.
Nocturne animals have bad eye-sight at noon, but in exchange their other sense are increased...

Page 23

Also, dogs have a really good nose. // They're chasing the smell, they once sniffed, anywhere.
might have made me his target...!

Page 24

(Peeping from the shadows is the girl in question...!?)

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