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Countrouble 30

+ posted by PROzess as translation on May 2, 2012 15:22 | Go to Countrouble

-> RTS Page for Countrouble 30

Reserved for Simple-Scans

Countrouble Chapter 30

Page 01

(Love is war!)
Chapter 30: No longer a little girl.

Page 02

What a froward body....

Page 03

It's full of magic power.
Quite charming if I may say so...
Hey, Kouta. What's with the irritated face?
It's because of you!!
Breakfast of the Matsushiro Family this morning

Page 04

You're not eating, Kouta?
Eh!? Well, I'm not really hungry...
Eat your breakfast properly. Learn from your big sister Sasara.
B- Big sister!?
She always finishes up her plate cleanly.
Wait, wait. Isn't this strange!?
Huh? What is?
Do you have a fever, Kouta?
(Poor boy...)
What a troublesome kid.

Page 05

Don't go changing the memories of family as you like!!
I won't pass as a little girl with this body anymore...
Don't worry. My growth is only temporarily. I'll turn back after a day.
Is that so?
It's like a level-up sound. An easy to understand system to let you know you have grown.
Tomorrow I'm back to the usual lovely Sasara. (Rest assured)
It pisses me off, how you're talking down to me.

Page 06

How about your big sis teaches you some nice stuff before I turn back?
Hey, wait...!!
How cold...
You can do whatever you want with my body...!!

Page 07

I- Idiot!!
Give it a rest already!!
Hahaha. You're really flustered, you little kid!!
But it would be a waste to let this day end with just teasing you.
Aw, isn't there anything productive I can do...?
I got it!!
I'll show Kukuru and Kikiri their place!!
Payback for their doings!!
Your brain didn't grow at all!!

Page 08

Keep it to a limit.
That I can't promise, my little brother!!
*ding dong*
Mh? Who's that?
Yo, Kouta!

Page 09

I heard it.
That you started dating Akino.
...So, why didn't you report it to me?
Uh... Sorry. Because of some troubles...
Hee... I bet you were too happy that you forgot.
Th- That too.
Good that you're honest!!
I wasn't going to lecture you.
Congratulations, Kouta.
I'm glad for you.

Page 10

And... thanks.
You really helped me a lot.
W- Why bring that up now!!
It's embarrassing, so stop it.
We're friends!!
Y- Yeah. sorry!!
We can
just stay friends...
Huh? You said something?
I told you to go easy on me.

Page 11

But still, I can't believe it.
(Take... this!!)
Who had though that Akino and you would date!
After all, she's the school's number one cool beauty.
Until just recently, nobody could even talk with her.

Page 12

And now she's heads over hells for this useless guy?
...I'm the one who can't believe it the most.
Annoying, but it's reality.
I can't think of any reasons.
Just what are my good points?
Kouta, you...
(Ah, damn. So close...)
are an idiot after all.
It's not about good or bad sides.
(Good, I won)
It just has to be you.

Page 13

Before she was scary, but lately she's smiling a lot.
Well, it's not like she was a scary person. Rather she was being awkward.
And you, Kouta, changed her.
Changed Akino... and those around her!
Have some confidence.
You have your good points alright!!
Aw, I lost again!!
I give up!!

Page 14

If I have time to play games, I better go find a new love.
"New"... when did you fail on one?
Who knows!
I hope the love expert Kouta-sensei can give me advices next time.
W- What are you saying? (Who's an expert?)
Mh? What's up?
I feel a bit restless.

Page 15

It's like I forgot something important about you...
Any ideas?
....You haven't, idiot.
I said you haven't.
I'm through with you if you should remember.
.... (That's contradicting)
Well... whatever!!
Up I go!!

Page 16

Mm!! Okay, time we head out!!
Where to?
Of course to buy a christmas present!!
You couldn't have thought I came to play games?
It's you after all, so I bet you haven't prepared anything yet.
Hah, right. It's christmas soon!!
Sorry, Meiko. Please help me.
Leave it to me!!

Page 17

Im... Impossible...
To think Onee-sama would...
Don't be so scared by my growth, Kukuru!!
What's up? Huh? Come teasing me like always!!

Page 18

Kuh...!! Slowpoke Onee-sama couldn't...
Wah, pleasch let me go!!
Ah, this feels great!!

Page 19

Weak!! So weak!!
You're so damn weak, Kukuru...!!
My, my.... Revenge is so unsubstantial....
Okay, onto the next one!!
Today I'll release all pent-up grudges!!

Page 20

Ah, isn't this cute?
...That's just your liking.
Aw... You knew?
Enough jokes. I think this colour matches Akino's clothes.
Hoho. I see...
...Oh my?
Kouta-kun and Meiko-chan?

Page 21

Are we interrupting your date?
You're sharp, senpai~
...Hey, Meiko.
By the way, the girl behind you is...?
Ah! Let me introduce her.
My girlfriend.
Cute isn't she!?

Page 22

Onee-same, they are..? [Onee-sama is also used in lesbian relationships when the girl is older]
My cute juniors!
Not handing her over. Not handing her over.
Don't worry. You're the only one I love!!

Page 23

You know...
I gave up on being on the defence!!
There might be trouble ahead, but I'll live honest to myself!!
So give me your blessing!!
(I'll spoil you tonight again <3)
(Onee-sama, I can't wait anymore~)
W- Wow.
S... So mature.
Mh? Reminds me,
is Kikiri still with Senpai?
Senpai looks so happy, so I guess Kikiri failed....
And that means, right now, Sasara can win against her...

Page 24

I'm... I'm sorry~~
Good, well said.

Page 25

I can't match her, even with my growth... How horrifying she is!!
But.. I want to win!! No matter what!!
With my power right now, I can use magic with ignoring the 10er count...
No turning back now---!!
Mm, that was fun!!
What's the point in you having fun...
You had fun too, right?
And you found a good present!!
Guess so...

Page 26

Eh... Kouta!?
What was that...
Eh, uwa!!
Why am I naked!?

Page 27

where am I?
What a weird room.
Uwa!! The bath is fully visible!!
Glass-walls, how embarrassing!! That's stupid!!
The light got a weird colour too. All in all, this room got a pretty bad interior.
What was the creator thinking!?

Page 28

Where am I...?
(Naked to naked in a love hotel.)
Do it

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