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Morning Glory and Kase-san 1

+ posted by PROzess as translation on May 8, 2012 20:07 | Go to Morning Glory and Kase-san

-> RTS Page for Morning Glory and Kase-san 1

Yuri <3
Free for Scanlation

Asagao to Kase-san Chapter 01

Page 01

It was right before summer break.

Page 02


Page 03

Oh, you came to water the plants, // Yamada?
(She called me so casually...)
Y... // Yeah.
It's my duty as plant appointee.
After morning practice I pass by here... // so I have been watering from time to time..
But I wonder who planted them. // A morning glory surely brings back the old days.
Yeah.... Yo... // You're right...
It's like we're back in elementary school. (Ahahaha)
I planted them...

Page 04

Kase-san is from the class next door. // She's pretty,
a member of the track and field club
and somewhat boyish. // Actually, she's way cooler than any of the boys...
She's a girly side too.
Watering the plants I mean...
(With a bucket though)
She's a girl aft------

Page 05


Page 06

That was---- // great----
Want one too, Yamada?
It was only that.

Page 07

But since then, my school life changed.
A complete 180° turn.

Page 08

Morning, Yamada!
How are you, Yamada!!
Geez! Mikawacchi! // Don't shout my name so loudly!
But it's your name.
I have a complex about my name... // Sounds like a potato.
Feels like I'm dumb as one...
(Field on a mountain...)
You can't do anything about being dumb. (You were born like that...) // More importantly, what were you looking at?
I.. I wasn't looking at anything!!
Let's go to the classroom, Mikawacchi!
my name will change if I marry.

Page 09

No way!
I mean, we're both girls...

Page 10

Kase-san is also a girl.
Today... // she didn't water them.
I guess // she's busy with her club?
Are you okay? // Can you really take the time? // You can use a stop-watch?

Page 11

(I don't like it)
Got it? // Don't space out!
(Who had thought.)
You're a bit slow, Yamada-san!
Geh, disgusting.
Let me switch with you, Yamada.
It's okay, Mikawacchi.
We're having a combined class with the class next door.

Page 12

S... // So fast...
(Didn't click...)
How fast was that, Kase-san!?

Page 13

Yamada-san, // what time does Kase-san have?
Hey, Yamada!
You timed her right, didn't you!?
12,8 seconds.

Page 14

It's not good, so let's erase it.
Geez, Kase-san--
Next time let me see it.
helped me...!
Female Changing Room

Page 15

A bra...
She's a girl after all....
What else.
I better hurry, since I'm so slow...

Page 16

Page 17

She was watching?

Page 18

Please let....
Kase-san be in // love with me...!
But she's a girl....
What should I do?
A girl, you know...?

Page 19

I love her----
Lover her so much....!

Page 20

Tomorrow summer break starts----
Since then...
Kase-san hasn't come to water the plant even once...
Guess I
should come to water them during break too...
I wouldn't want them to wither..

Page 21

I might get to see...
Ka... // Kase-san.
Make sure you drop by during break.
I have to train for the interhigh, // so I might forget about it.

Page 22

You planted them, right?
These morning glory.
I knew it.
I was looking over from the grounds during practice.
You // were plucking the weeds around here. // And I thought what a hard-worker you are.

Page 23

Well, // we're in different class, so we haven't talked much....
But for some reason, I couldn't get you out of my head...
I mean, // isn't the name "Yamada"
pretty easy to remember?
I... // was hoping to see you during summer break---

Page 24

Why are you crying!?
I'll come during summer break
and on every other day.
To see the morning glory and Kase-san----

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