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Morning Glory and Kase-san 2

+ posted by PROzess as translation on May 9, 2012 14:51 | Go to Morning Glory and Kase-san

-> RTS Page for Morning Glory and Kase-san 2

Actually, there is a coherent story-line, but not under a mutual title. Each title is the chapter title and I have no clue under what name to combine these chapters under, so I will just go with the title from the first chapter. Now following with chapter 2.
Free for Scanlation

Jitensha to Kase-san

Page 01

I have a friend, who I go home with.

Page 02

(There we go)
Yamada, // that's enough.
Thanks to you, it looks so much better here.
(Ehehe) I'm a plant appointee after all!

Page 03

Let's go home---!
Oh, Kase! // I heard you made a new record at the last tournament?
(Not bad~~)
Of course! // With ease!
Kase-san is a member of the track and field club.

Page 04

She's in the class next door and a bit boyish.
During summer break we got closer.
She's my friend.
Let's go!
Midterms are around the corner.
Aww, I haven't studied at all~~
I commute by bus.

Page 05

So we're only together the short distance to the bus-stop.
But it's my most valued time.
Actually, I wish the bus wouldn't come...
Your tan is quite dark, Kase-san.
Eh? // ----Yeah
I'm training outside after all.

Page 06

Though you don't tan at all, even when you work outside as the plant appointee.
It's because I'm taking care of it.
it's quite different---

Page 07

the bus is there!

Page 08

See you,
Tomorrow then!
Just now.....?
(She's already gone...)
She's pretty fast on the bicycle.
Nothing less from a track and field member...

Page 09

How nice it would be
if Kase-san were in love with me too...
Just kidding.
I'm stupid----
She's a girl----

Page 10

Could it be, you're hitting it up pretty well with Kase-san?
Eh!? // How do you know, Mikawacchi?
Of course I do. Kase-san is popular and stands out. // So I heard from the other girls in the club.
Be careful, Yamada.
I mean, Kase-san is...
someone who dates girls.

Page 11

You didn't know? // She always has a rumour with a girl floating around. // I heard her ex is from the same club.
Well, it doesn't concern me who you date.
And you're slow, so probably not. // I mean, Kase-san has her standards.
(Ahahaha) x2
No way....

Page 12

"Her ex is from the same club----"

Page 13

What are you doing?
Somehow---- (Your friend is here---)
Kyaa--- // Kyaa---

Page 14

Hah x3
"I heard her ex is from the same club"
I wonder who it was...?
I didn't know....!
Kase-san's bicycle...

Page 15

I don't like it...
That someone sat on the back
and went home with her----
I'm an idiot!!
What am I thinking, Kase-san is a girl!!
I can't date a girl----

Page 16

When I walk alone
the distance to the bus-stop
seems longer than usual.

Page 17

I waited and waited.
but the bus isn't coming----
Until yesterday, it was so much fun walking here----

Page 18

And one week passed----
I'm in a bad mood because of the midterms....
or rather, I can't study at all....
It's really the worst...

Page 19

Why are you running away!
Wait! What's going on, Yamada!
What she asks----

Page 20

Track and field member
P.E Level 1
Why? // Yamada---
Wait, Yamada!

Page 21

I mean
I mean...
thought about----

Page 22

Her breasts....!
(Specially in a T-shirt...)
(Averting look....)
Ehm... // Say...
Because of me...
even though we're going home together, it's always like that...?
---Or rather, if we're going home together, let....

Page 23

Why don't you let me ride on the back!?

Page 24

That wasn't supposed to...
(Seems it was to after all)
Let's go!

Page 25

Hold on tight, Yamada!
Like this.

Page 26

Really, just...
what's with me----
Kase-san's bicycle // was swaying a lot,
but it was really fast.

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