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Pajama na Kanojo 11

+ posted by PROzess as translation on May 10, 2012 15:02 | Go to Pajama na Kanojo

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Pajama na Kanojo Chapter 11

Page 01

(Yuki-chan is dressing up to match your colour!!)
Vol. 11 It's nothing

Page 02

I love you...
(Overflowing emotions... Suddenly a "confession"!!)

Page 03

Love....E- Eh...!?
L- Loves me...!?
That Shirai-senpai is...
in love with me....!!!
K- Keisuke-kun...
you hear what... I just said?
Ah... // Y- Yeah, I did...
No.. Wait.. I have to reply now....!?

Page 04

Senpai is so damn cute...!!!
What should I do now...
I have to say something, but what...?
Of course I'm happy about...
But how should I answer...
She's so cute, I can't think straight!!!!

Page 05

Just what should I do----!!!
Huh? Is it fine to be up already, Keisuke?
!!! // Mobuichi!!
Sorry, I fell asleep... // What time is it now...?
Sleeping together...!!?
N- No!!

Page 06

S- Sorry, I was interrupting....
I... I'll go back to sleep...
He's needlessly being considerate!!!
S- Surprised me...
don't really need to say anything...

Page 07

Just let me... hold your hand like this for a while...?
I feel like I would just remember it when I sleep alone...
If I hadn't....
left her alone back then, all that wouldn't have happened...
I'm glad she's alright.... but she still was mentally hurt.....
I'm so pathetic.... Just what am I

Page 08

Hey, you alive?
Maybe he still got a fever?
In the end... I couldn't get any sleep after that...
I thought about so much things...
Hey, can you manage alone?

Page 09

Wh- Where are you going?
Ah... Well... To... the toilet...
Ah, I see.
Keisuke-kun... when you're back... I cooked this.. for you.
So eat it... okay?
Her... home-cooking...!!?
Yes!! // I'll be back real quick.
I'll be waiting.

Page 10

UWAAA!!? What's this!? So embarrassing...
I can't look her straight in the face....!!!
Actually... where do we stand now...? I didn't gave her an answer, but how does she feel about that....?
She said I don't need to answer back then, but what did she mean!?
She didn't really ask me to go out with her....
To begin with, I have no proof that her "love you" was meant in a romantic way...
It may just be a "love" in the broad meaning of a friend...
So in the case I would ask her to go out with me....
Eh...? Umm... I didn't mean it like that...
I'm sorry that you misunderstood....

Page 11

Uwaaa----- I don't know what's going on anymore!!!
I'm sure you have trouble eating since your dominate arm is injured.
If you don't mind... I can feed you...
Eh...? Well... I wonder...
Don't be reserved.
Oh!! Breakfast!? // Where's ours?
Home-made by Yuki!? Yaay!! // Yuki, where's mine!?
There's a pot in the kitchen, Karina. Get a portion for everyone.
You're not going to give me mine....!?
Okay, here I go. Say "Ahh"...

Page 12

...Is it good?
Is it to your liking?
G- Good. It's really good.
Really? I'm glad...
(Th- This...)
H- Hey... Hajime...
What's going on? Why are these two suddenly so close?
M- My Yuki is...
She isn't really yours. Yuki-senpai is...
Ah, hot!!
Ah, sorry.
Did you burn your tongue?
No, it's okay!!

Page 13

Where did Makura go...? I wonder where she slept last night...?
I know, Keisuke-kun! // Come here.
You... // wanted to see this, right?
The girl from the photo we found in the researches of my grandfather...
From... that letter...!!
It says she was a patient of my great grandfather.
...A patient?

Page 14

I asked my grandma earlier, but she wouldn't tell me anything more...
What should we do.
Can I go ask your grandmother?
Eh? But // I already was pretty insistent, but she wouldn't tell me.
? Eh? What's up?
Well... The building in the photo... I have seen it before...
I think it's the hospital's care home that my great grandfather ran in the past...
A short trip with the boat from here there's a small island. // My grandfather took me there once as a child... // He went to organize some documents or so... It's been 10 years since then, but it was already out of order back then...
You seem pretty interested in that person, Keisuke-kun,
so should we go take a look? Though it will get us in trouble....

Page 15

I finally found you! // Where have you been! Here, some food.
Your wound...
Mh? It's nothing serious.
They're just exaggerating, even bandaging it...
More importantly, we might have a hint to help you! // Finish eating and come with me!!

Page 16

It seems in the past, Shirai-senpai's // great grandfather had a patient with the same symptoms as you.
We're going to the care home, where she was admitted to, now. // We might get some information from the neighbours.
We had no clues at all,
but now there's a small raw of hope, right?
We might find out something.
You'll die.
...Huh? Why aren't you happy? // Just staying quiet.
I... I'm happy!! Really happy, you know!?
I... I was just surprised.

Page 17

I'm really happy that you're happy!
You... // don't look happy at all.
Hey, Keisuke.
The time it takes for the mark to cycle your finger is the promised time...
Do you remember the vow with me?
If you don't fulfil the vow until then...
You'll die...
wished for it, didn't you...

Page 18

find a way.
...Huh? What?
Go on?
It's nothing!!

Page 19

Let's go.
Senpai is waiting, right?
Th- That's...
If I told Keisuke everything now...
I'm sure, because he's kind
C'mon, hurry up eating. // We're going once you're done.
He would blame himself for it...
What's wrong?
... No, nothing.
I can't say it...
(Keeping her feelings to herself)
(Vol. 11 / End. Next time with center colour page!!)

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